RAW (8/15/16)

The Man Vs. The Demon


Seth Rollins is back at it again! Taunting Finn Bálor and his “demon” seems to be the way to go just 6 days before SummerSlam. Rollins seems lax. He has that smirk on his face and he’s ready to cause some trouble. He looks right in the camera and tells us that he’ll be calling out The Demon King tonight on RAW.

A Hostile Takeover


Rusev and Lana commandeer the ring. Because of the actions of Roman Reigns last week, they refuse to let the show start until Reigns apologizes. Rusev has officially called out Reigns.


Mick Foley is having none of this. He comes out immediately and addresses Rusev without even having a mic. Rusev demands respect and still refuses to leave. He claims that Reigns gets opportunity after opportunity and does nothing to deserve it. That actually may be true, but Rusev still needs to leave. He disregards Foley and calls for Stephanie to come out.


Stephanie arrives and she has no time for any of this. She gets in Rusev’s face and let’s him have it. Disrespecting a legend like Foley will not be tolerated. Rusev isn’t backing down. He threatens to call Daniel Bryan and take his title to SmackDown LIVE. He needs respect and he demands it now!


Roman Reigns comes out and offers a sarcastic apology. He gets in the ring and offers to throw down now. Foley steps between the two of them and declares that there will be a match tonight so that Rusev can defend the honor of his bride. The match for SummerSlam is still on and for now, cool heads have prevailed.


Sheamus Pre-Match Interview


Sheamus is asked about his actions at the end of RAW last week. He feels that he made his point, got his way, and he’s ready to move on. He has Sami Zayn in his sights now and he’s ready to unleash. He has no respect for what Zayn has accomplished so far but he’s been watching. He wants to teach Zayn a lesson. All of this over a tweet.

Sheamus Vs. Sami Zayn


Cesaro is here to help call the match! He praises Sami Zayn and throws some shade on Sheamus as the match goes on.


Zayn is flipping and Sheamus is slamming. Pretty much what you would expect from the two. Sheamus has the upper hand until Cesaro decides to pay him a visit. Cesaro climbs the steps and distracts Sheamus enough that he becomes unaware of his surroundings. He’s in a corner. Sami knows what to do when his opponent is standing in a corner.


Sami Zayn wins and Cesaro smiles. Revenge.


JERI-KO Interview


Kevin Owens will be facing Big Cass tonight. They feel that it won’t be a one on one match because Y2J has Owen’s back. Forever a tandem. Owens calls Enzo & Cass a cancer to the locker room that can’t spell soft. Jericho tells Tom Phillips to watch ‘it’. Owens clarifies that ‘it’ is him beating Cass tonight and then he and Jericho winning at SummerSlam. Will ‘it’ actually happen?

A True Scrum


Cesaro and Sheamus are verbally going at it in the back. Officials are on hand but emotions are high. Foley jumps in before things get physical. He admires the passion of both competitors after calling them both out two weeks ago. Foley doesn’t approve of these two interrupting matches and flexing on each other. He calls for a Best of 7 series. The first match will take place at SummerSlam.

The Dudley Boyz Vs. New Day


The Dudleyz wait in the ring as Kofi and Xavier make their way to the ring. Once everyone is ready, Gallows and Anderson appear on the Titantron.


Back at it again as ‘doctors’ I see. Still trying to get under the skin of New Day by any means necessary. Apparently, they’re trying to find a cure for Ringpostitis. They take one of the eggs that represent Big E’s….situation, and put it in a microwave. The match starts.


In a quick one, Devon runs into Bubba and Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise. New Day win. The Titantron lights up again.


The egg has exploded in the microwave! Gallows and Anderson claim that they need more test subjects. They place two jars on top of the microwave next to Big E’s. The jars have the names of the remaining New Day members. Kofi and Xavier take exception to these antics. With or without E, they are ready to use the power of positivity to come out on top this Sunday.


The Demon King Hideth


Seth Rollins is still on the hunt for the Demon King. He finds Neville instead. Neville tells him to watch himself. One may think they’re ready for the Demon, but they’d be wrong.

Nia Jax Vs. Rachel Levy


Rachel is nervous but inspired. She’s been watching the Olympics and she feels that maybe she too can overcome insurmountable odds.


Well after taking a crazy spill, she suffers a predictable defeat. Jax rolls on.


Heyman No Hustle


We see Paul Heyman walking with his chest puffed and his head held high. He enters The Beasts Lair. There will be a Lesnar sighting.

Suplex City


Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman enter the ring. Just before Heyman can get a word out, music hits.


Heath Slater has crashed the party. Heyman calls him crazy. Slater for some crazy reason wants a One on One match with Brock Lesnar. Slater feels that going face to face with Lesnar may get him a contract on RAW. Paul tries to spare him after a few laughs.


Lesnar gets on the mic and asks Slater a few questions. He brings up Slater’s kids and then says he doesn’t give a care in the world about them. He gives Slater two options. He can walk away now, or stand there and inevitably be dismantled. It appears that Slater chooses to walk but he tries to attack Lesnar. Lesnar sees it coming and destroys him. After a couple German Suplexes and an F-5 Slater is outta here.


Heyman re-enters the ring and speaks his piece on Randy Orton as planned. Beast and Boss, out.


Kevin Owens (w/Chris Jericho) Vs. Big Cass (w/Enzo)


Of course Enzo and Cass speak their piece on why they are the better team. They have every intention on winning in their own back yard and they have more of a tag team history on their side.


Cass has yet to fight a match he wasn’t ready for. Owens is bringing it to him, but Cass is giving it right back. Everyone ends up outside the ring and Jericho takes out Enzo from behind. When Cass runs down Owens, Jericho attack him as well. Cass wins via DQ. JERI-KO beat Cass down and bring him into the ring. Owens hits him with a Super Kick and Y2J hits him with a Codebreaker. JERI-KO lost the battle but they’re winning the war.


Roman Reigns Interview


Reigns is ready to fight and apparently so is Rusev! During an interview, Rusev assaults Reigns from behind. More heat heading into SummerSlam.


The Primetime Players (w/Coach Backlund) Vs. The Shining Stars


Reunion? Apparently during the RAW Pre-Show Titus apologized for his actions. He wanted a one week reunion match and Coach Backlund agreed! The Primetime Players music hits and the fighters (plus coach) walk out. The match starts and Young is in the ring. Coach Backlund and Titus are having a conversation. Darren bounces off the ropes and bumps into Titus knocking him off the apron.


Titus gets up and in a rage, attacks Young, planted him with Clash of the Titus. Titus walks away visibly upset. The Shining Stars look at each other before going for a pin. They win another match without having to try hard. Coach Backlund is befuddled. It wasn’t but five minutes ago that he, Darren, and Titus were all dancing!

The Cruiserweights Are Coming!


Just another reminder. Head over to the network and watch the CWC if you haven’t already.

Jinder Mahal Vs. Neville


Jinder Mahal is back! He’s a really tall guy and he looks even taller in the ring with Neville. During the Pre-Show, Mahal told Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas that he would do something they never could: win. He almost did just that when he kicked Neville the same way he kicked Heath in order to get his contract.


The kick wouldn’t be enough and Neville would go on to win the match. What’s next for Jinder Mahal? Is he destined to be somewhere at or near the bottom of the card? Or is this the beginning of a new Jinder?


The Search Continues


Seth Rollins’ search for the Demon King brings him to the Commish and the GM. We hear the end of a conversation between the two and it sounds like Jon Stewart will be back at SummerSlam this year. Rollins asks for the night off and Stephanie thinks it’s okay. Foley thinks that Rollins should go to the ring and call out the Demon King. He’s searched everywhere but the most obvious place. He calls down for the tech guys to hit Rollins music.


Rollins gets in the ring and does exactly what he says he would do. He calls out the Demon King. No one and shows, and nothing happens. Rollins claims that Bálor or the Demon King or whomever he claims to be is scared.


The lights start to flicker and weird sounds are heard. Seth stops talking and we see red lights and smoke. It’s starting to sound like a live beating heart. The Demon King is here!


Rollins and the Demon King stand face to face, toe to toe. Rollins says a few words and attacks the Demon. The Demon strikes back! He gets the better of Rollins and almost hits a Coup de Grace! Rollins rolls out of the ring and the Demon flies. He takes out Rollins and slides back in the ring. Rollins flees in fear. He has finally met The Demon King. Ask and you shall receive.


GoldenTruth Vs. Gallows & Anderson


Always nice to see R-Truth and Goldust. The good news for tonight is that they, like Mahal, were competitive! They didn’t just come out and fall flat like the Dudleyz. The Club would eventually win via Magic Killer, but a good showing goes a long way.


After the match, Gallows and Anderson share a laugh before being attacked from behind. The New Day want to show that they mean business. Gallows is knocked out of the ring and Anderson is left in a compromising situation. Woods grabs Francesca II and looks to avenge his fallen brother. Gallows saves his partner.


Dana, Dana, Dana…


Dana Brooke apologizes to Charlotte for not coming through last week against Sasha Banks. Charlotte knows that Dana doesn’t want to lose the spotlight she provides. She blatantly disrespects Dana and tells her to kick rocks in flip flops. It seems that Charlotte may have an opening for coattail rider. What is Dana to do? No longer a protege with no healthy friends to boot.

Charlotte Vs. Alicia Fox


Sasha joins the guys at the desk for this match. She wants to shut Charlotte up once and for all. Charlotte hasn’t given her the respect she deserves and she plans on making that happen.


Meanwhile in the ring, Alicia gets flipped, kicked, and pinned after being hit by Natural Selection. The match was over before it even started. Charlotte calls Sasha down to the ring. Sasha is not one to back down so she obliges.


Sasha approaches Charlotte but is attacked by Dana Brooke. It was all a farce! Sasha fends off Brooke but Charlotte attacks her at the knee. She locks in the Figure 8 and Dana taunts and kicks Sasha. Charlotte won’t break the hold and officials don’t quite know what to do. Charlotte finally releases the hold and the damage is done. This attack will more than likely factor in come Sunday.


Braun Strowman Spot


The Jobber Crusher! The Destroyer of all things Local! Braun Strowman. No match tonight but the guys in the truck put together a nice video package of him. Name one person he beat in the New Era. Go ahead!

Rusev (w/Lana) Vs. Roman Reigns


Reigns waste little to no time jumping on Rusev. He wants revenge after being attacked from behind. Rusev is still a very angry man and he has a motive; hurt Reigns before their match on Sunday.


Rusev would work on Roman’s arm for the majority of the match and after several kicks, lock in the Accolade. He’s got it in deep and Reigns is straining. Where most men would tap or pass out, somehow Roman Reigns reaches the ropes!


Rusev has done all he can do and he’s losing it. He bounces off the ropes and catches a Spear. Roman Reigns wins. Will this be the fate of the US champ atSummerSlam?



RAW 8/8/16

Bada Boom


Enzo & Cass start us off tonight and Y2J is the topic of discussion. Enzo is a bit salty about the sneaky Codebreaker he received after the mixed tag match, as well as all the blockage coming from Jericho when he was trying to holla at Sasha Banks. Jericho comes out with his new buddy and it’s his turn to speak.


Y2J has an axe to grind as well. He feels that Enzo does a lot of talking but when it comes down to it, Cass does all the dirty work. He knows he can’t beat these guys on his own so he’s formed an alliance with Kevin Owens.At some point we may see a tag match but for now we’ll be seeing Enzo Vs. Jericho. Owens and Cass will stay at ringside for support.


Chris Jericho (w/Kevin Owens) Vs. Enzo Amore (w/Big Cass)


Jericho and Enzo square off. The blood is starting to smell questionable but I wouldn’t call it bad just yet. Enzo has some fight in him but Jericho has more. After fighting out of The Walls, Enzo is making a comeback. Things are looking up for Mr. Amore until Owens grabs his leg from outside.


That’s just enough of a distraction for Jericho to land a Codebreaker. Before things start looking lopsided, Cass interjects. He nails Jericho with a Big Boot giving Jericho the win via DQ. Jeri-KO summon their inner Bo Dallas as they celebrate ‘their’ victory. Cass wants some action. He challenges Jeri-KO to a tag team match at SummerSlam and they accept.


Boss Problems


Sasha Banks has had enough of Dana Brooke interfering in her matches with Charlotte. She finds Mick Foley and asks for a handicap match. Foley does her one better. He sets up a one on one match, Banks Vs. Brooke. If Sasha wins, Dana Brooke will be banned from ringside at SummerSlam. If Sasha loses, her match at SummerSlam becomes a Handicap match. Sasha accepts with a smile on her face.

Braun Strowman Vs. Jorel Nelson


Byron Saxton is having a lot of fun asking these local competitors what’s going through their mind every week before they face Braun Strowman. This week, the guy is so scared that he has absolutely nothing to say! He takes his beating like a man and Strowman even drags him a bit. It looked like that Hulk/Loki scene from The Avengers. Ouch.

Puff in the House


Diddy makes his first appearance of the night and so do New Day! Minus Big E of course. Diddy invites Foley to the Bad Boy Reunion Tour and gives him tickets. The New Day come in and Diddy asks about the status of Big E. The four pass around a box of Booty Os while Kofi raps about how bald The Club is. Kofi and Xavier ask for Puff’s assistance and he obliges.

Titus O’Neil Vs. Darren Young (w/Coach Backlund)


The match starts with a show of disrespect from both men, a slap battle. That old Primetime Players rivalry is brewing again. Titus is just a physical specimen. Darren shouldn’t stand a chance. It’s looking like it’s gonna be a repeat of last week when Darren rolls Titus up and pulls his tights returning the favor! Of course Coach Backlund was conveniently looking away while all of this was happening. Young steals a victory.

Rollins Speaks


Seth Rollins truly feels some type of way about Finn Bálor. He doesn’t like his ‘arrogance’ and his blatant lack of respect for all of Rollins accomplishments. Rollins even goes as far as breaking down the name Finn Bálor and explaining what it means. Finn means Famous Warrior and Bálor, Demon King. Last week, Bálor accused Rollins of being privileged and having his title opportunity handed to him. Rollins believes that everything he’s done in the past and the way he returned from injury are reason enough to be in the match. Everything that Finn has impressed the WWE Universe with, Rollns has done first and done it better. Rollins claims that at SummerSlam he’ll just be adding to his already stacked legacy.

Sheamus Vs. Cesaro


It’s revealed that Mick Foley wants this match to happen again. He wants more physicality and a dominant victory. After the brawl that occurred last week, we should hopefully be in for a good one.


Cesaro/Sheamus II of the New Era is a classic! True strong style with a modern twist. Cesaro tries a Neutralizer using the same counter from last week but Sheamus wouldn’t let that happen two weeks in a row. Sheamus goes for a Brogue that Cesaro is able to duck and slide under for a roll up which Sheamus kicks out of.


Things get wacky after Cesaro Irish Whips Sheamus into the corner. The ref is caught in the middle of the two and takes an awkward shot to the eyes when Sheamus reaches over him. A stiff elbow catches Cesaro and Sheamus rolls him up for a pin. The ref is still getting his eyes sorted out and is unable to count for Sheamus. Upset, Sheamus starts yelling at the ref, providing Cesaro with an opportunity for a roll up. This time, the ref is okay enough to count and Cesaro comes away with a victory.


Orton/Lesnar Origins


Just so we’re clear here, these guys aren’t friends nor do they have much respect for each other. It may have been kayfabe but it definitely came off like a shoot. Both sides are ready and have points to prove. This is shaping together nicely.

The Dudley Boyz Vs. Neville & Sin Cara


Two high flyers team up to take on a couple of brothers from Dudleyville! The Dudleyz just haven’t been the same since facing Enzo and Cass. Actually, most Superstars representing the New Era have had their way with The Dudleyz. Today wouldn’t be much different. Neville has a gift for Devon. It rhymes with Fed Sparrow.

Rusev & Lana Wedding Celebration


The ring is all decked out with cake and a red carpet and frilly curtain drapey things. Lana and Rusev are dressed very nicely and they brag about their love that no one is interested in. They show a slideshow of their weekend wedding. The Universe is not really into this. Neither is someone in the back.


Roman Reigns crashes the party and the WWE Universe isn’t sure if they should boo him as usual, or cheer for saving the day. Reigns has good intentions. He was in the back watching the video clips like everyone else and saw that Rusev didn’t have a best man. He took it upon himself to fill that role. Really, it was all just a ploy to ask for a title shot. Rusev denied the request and Reigns decided to roast the newlyweds. RuRu didn’t take kindly to this and put a hurting on Reigns. Reigns was able to retaliate and push Rusev backwards. Rusev bumped into Lana and Lana into the cake! Frosting everywhere, Reigns out. Lana is pink and upset, Rusev is chest hair and anger.


Foley is G..M


Rusev and Lana find GM Foley in the back and demand he do something about Roman Reigns’ interruption and the hot pink mess that is Lana. Foley first tells Rusev to take responsibility for his actions (bumping into Lana) and then tells him that he can have his revenge by

Sasha Banks Vs. Dana Brooke (w/Charlotte)


Charlotte accompanies her protege for this one. Dana has taken so many Ls against Sasha that she should be worried. Charlotte is feeling the pressure of being the challenger and probably regrets exiling her father. Dana is her support system. Dana is her security blanket. Dana is actually looking good in this match. She’s more than holding her own and taking control of this match.


Heels are gonna Heel so it was only a matter of time before Charlotte decided to get in the mix. Dana’s been coached very well and to thank her mentor, she brings Sasha to the ropes so that Charlotte can score a cheap shot. Sasha is able to duck it and Charlotte would strike Dana instead. Before Charlotte can react, Sasha catches her with a kick. Dana tries a shoulder thrust but misses. She gets hung up on the ropes and Banks is able to score a victory thanks to a pair of knees to the midsection. The Boss makes a statement without using the Bank Statement.


Bálor: The Demon King


Finn Bálor gives us a deeper look into his history, his culture, and the origin of his name. He speaks deeply about legendary Irish warriors and demons. A very well spoken and passionate telling. He’s not arrogant, he’s confident. He’s by no means a fluke. Seth Rollins has gotten under his skin enough that Bálor believes it’s time for him to introduce Seth Rollins to the Demon. The Demon King will be at SummerSlam.



Gallows and Anderson are back at it again. Have you ever seen a tag team so goofy and dangerous? Kofi had better watch out. Word on the street is that he will be the next person to suffer from Ringpost-itis.

Luke Gallows (w/Karl Anderson) Vs. Kofi Kingston (w/Xavier Woods)


Kofi Kingston has a bunch of spunk but Fake Kane is a force. A couple of flips and kicks may have shaken up the big man, but Gallows squashes Kingston  like a bug. Luke ends the match with a Flapjack of all moves.


Just as advertised, there’s more action to be had! Gallows and Anderson look to make sure that Kofi suffers the same fate that Big E has. Where ya at Woods? The Club line up Kingston for the fatal blow but Woods comes flying in with a chair, the great equalizer. New Day, the titles, and all of their body parts are safe….for now.


Golden Truth, Where Are You?


Goldust runs into Scooby Doo and the Mystery Machine! R-Truth hops out of the Mystery Machine shouting some mumbo jumbo about flies. Truth is shocked to see Goldust with Scooby and it makes him a little jealous. Truth tries to fight Scooby but Goldust breaks it up. Somehow Goldust gets everyone to play nice and bond over some Scooby Snacks.

From GM to GM


Daniel Bryan is here. Yes? The goal is to create a tradition of brotherhood and put an end to all these Lesnar/Orton cross-brand shenanigans. It’s supposed to be a battle on paper, not one by mouth or interruption. The GMs claim to be on the same page but they can’t stop taking digs at each other. Foley calls Bryan out for being phony and making fun of the name for RAW’s new heavyweight title. Apparently, someone on the RAW roster agrees.


Rusev comes out (in ring attire for some reason) to defend his brand and his GM. Daniel Bryan thinks he’s sucking up to Foley to get out f his match with Roman Reigns. Rusev doesn’t take these words lightly. He threatens to crush Daniel Bryan. Luckily for DB, he’s saved by the siren.


Cesaro takes this moment to interject. He feels that based on what Mick said last week, he deserves a title shot soon. Daniel Bryan takes a moment to add his two cents on how RAW has (or hasn’t) been using Cesaro. Foley doesn’t want these problems so he grants Cesaro a title match, here and now.

Cesaro Vs. Rusev – United States Championship Match


Cesaro comes out quick, trying to put Rusev away immediately. They go back and forth until Cesaro eventually gets Rusev swinging. He locks in a Sharpshooter and it appears that Rusev might just tap.


Sheamus runs down the ramp looking to interfere. Cesaro thwarts that attempt but takes a kick to the head from the United States champ. Rusev covers, two count.


Rusev goes for The Accolade but Cesaro counters, pushing him into the referee and Sheamus. Cesaro hits a Dutch Neutralizer but the ref isn’t there to count. By the time the ref gets up, it’s only a two count.


Rusev pokes Cesaro in the eye and he falls almost out of the ring. Sheamus kicks Cesaro from outside and Cesaro is again met with a kick but from the inside. Rusev wins.


After turning what seemed like a bad night into a victory, Rusev is on top of the world.


And then the Big Dog comes and ruins it for him. No heel turn necessary.



RAW (8/1/16)

After one of the more memorable and eventful nights in RAW history, Stephanie and Mick look to pick up where they left off. Is that possible after such a huge week?

Opening Statement


We start the show with our brand new  WWE Woman’s Champion, Sasha Banks. She’s finally realized her dreams and become the champ? What’s next for The Legit Boss? She’ll be defending her title against Charlotte in a rematch at SummerSlam. For now, she has a few statements for her naysayers and some rights to brag about.


The excitement doesn’t last for long as Charlotte comes out to crash the party. The WWE Universe has three words for the former champion and they’re not nice: “You tapped out!” Charlotte blames a fly for her aggressive slapping of her chin and the mat, and calls Sasha a one night stand. Banks fires back by referencing Charlotte’s father.

“You’re the daughter of Ric Flair. If it wasn’t for a one night stand you probably wouldn’t be standing here.” – Sasha Banks


Before things get physical, a voice of reasoning emerges. Chris Jericho comes to the ring and the entire walk down all he has to say is, “Shut up.” He steps inside the squared circle and immediately comes to the defense of the former champ, Charlotte. Sasha is taken aback but it wouldn’t be long before someone would come to her aide as well.


Enzo Amore is here! He’s not with the big guy and his focus seems a bit off. He’s more concerned with the champ and, “how she’s doin’,”than anything else. He kisses her hand and spits some game in her direction. She seems to be buying what Enzo is selling. Things seem to be getting hot and heavy and since this is PG television programming, SOMEONE had to interrupt. Both Charlotte and Jericho had a few jokes to crack.


“I’m a G, you’re a Boss, you’re more like a b-a-u-c-e BAUCE. And let me be frank, I got that hot sauce.” – Enzo Amore to Sasha Banks

“Rumor has it, when it comes to Enzo and his love life, there’s only one word to describe it…” – Charlotte


Enzo and Jericho get into a verbal spat and Jericho has some odd words for him.

“Listen here you hip hop hobbit, I’m gonna tell you this one time. You better watch it.” – Chris Jericho


General Manager Mick Foley comes out to get things in order. He clearly has some favoritism towards Sasha and Enzo but he’s a fair boss. One might even say he’s a legit boss! The odds look to be about even so Foley calls for a mixed tag team match. That match will be next.

Chris Jericho & Charlotte Vs. Enzo Amore & Sasha Banks – Mixed Tag Team Match


If you don’t know, despite what you may find on the WWE Network, the WWE does not allow its men and women to compete against each other physically. So how does a mixed tag team match work? A tag for one side is treated as a tag for the other. Only competitors of the same gender are allowed to be in the ring at the same time. It’s almost like having two separate singles matches swapping in and out. Now that we’re caught up on how this works, let’s get into the first match of the night.


Kevin Owens is here! I don’t know why but with the way RAW is setup now, we know he won’t be interfering with the match. He IS here to put a headset on and speak his opinion on the match and the Superstars involved. Owens doesn’t seem to think much of Enzo or Sasha as they fight for their lives against a more than 20 year vet in Jericho and the daughter of a two time Hall of Famer in Charlotte.


Enzo finds himself in quite the predicament when Jericho grabs his legs and turns him over into The Walls of Jericho. Enzo is able to reach the ropes and get Jericho to break the hold. Banks is fired up and ready to get back in the ring. Enzo manages to dodge Jericho and tag in his partner.


Charlotte comes in and gets schooled. Sasha Banks would hit a Back Stabber but before she could transition into the Bank Statement, Dana Brooke makes her first appearance of the night. It looks like she’s trying to enter the ring and interfere with the match but Banks nails her with a forearm before she could think twice.


Charlotte tries to steal the W by rolling up Banks from behind. Sasha rolls through and slaps Jericho right across the face. Charlotte kicks Sasha in the back of the leg and delivers Natural Selection. Charlotte gets the three count.


The fun wouldn’t end there. Enzo comes in to check on his partner. He turns around right into a Code Breaker. Cass runs down to make sure that’s all that happens. Score one for the bad guys.

Braun Strowman Vs. Evan Anderholm


Another week, another jobber. At least the guy allegedly gets $1,000 out of it. Oh well.

Somebody’s Gonna Get They’re A– Kicked


Mark Henry must feel like it’s 1999 again. He’s feeling energetic and underutilized. He finds Stephanie and Foley and asks for a legit chance to make some noise. Stephanie informs him that he was drafted to provide leadership in the locker room more so than to have big time matches. Henry disagrees and maybe Foley does too. For some crazy reason, Foley grants Henry a US Title match set for later tonight. Stephanie rolls with it and Henry leaves rejuvenated with something to fight for.

R-Truth Has a Problem


Since Truth was introduced to Pokémon GO last week, he’s been obsessed with it! Goldust has been trying to ween him off of it but to no avail. Goldust promises R-Truth that he’ll help him catch all the Pokémon in the arena if they win their match tonight. I’m not so sure Truth is listening.

Golden Truth Vs. Shining Stars


The Shining Stars are waiting in the ring as Golden Truth arrive. Truth has yet to put his phone down or even put on his gear! Goldust is fighting this one alone. Meanwhile, Truth is still trying to catch Pokémon while standing on the apron. He sees his partner in need and tries to put his phone in his back pocket. He misses and his phone falls to the floor. After Goldust miraculously escapes both Shining Stars, he somehow manages to get to his corner. Well instead of tagging himself in, R-Truth decides to pick up his phone and keep catching Pokémon. In shock, Goldust gets pinned easy and the Shining Stars mock Goldy and his partner as they walk off. Truth doesn’t appear to be apologetic and is still stuck on the idea of catching them all. Goldust looks hopeless.

Finn Bálor Interview w/ Michael Cole


Michael Cole is in the ring and Finn Bálor arrives. After several minutes of theatrics, Finn finally has a mic in his hand. Cole is all geared up to ask his first question when Finn’s SumerSlam opponent’s music hits. Rollins comes down with a huge grin and tells Cole to take a hike. Seth Rollins will be conducting this interview.


There are so many questions that could’ve been asked and instead, Rollins uses this time to somehow talk about himself. To be fair, he made some good points and accurate comparisons. Both men are former NXT Champions (Seth was the first ever), both men were drafted high in the draft (Rollins was first overall), and both men have recent victories over Roman Reigns (Bálor’s win put him IN a championship match, while Seth’s win won one). Rollins is clearly trying to intimidate the upstart with big brother tactics and the shine of big lights. Finn may be new to the WWE Universe but he’s by no means a rookie. He’s got his work cut out for him at SummerSlam but he’s more than capable of coming out on top.


Rollins doesn’t appreciate the way he’s being talked to and resorts to heel shenanigans. He tries to sneak attack Bálor but catches a flurry and a Pele kick. Rollins retreats and the seeds have been planted for SummerSlam.


“The only thing you’re gonna have handed to you is your a–!” – Finn Bálor

Mark Henry Vs. Rusev (w/ Lana) – WWE US Championship Match


Mark Henry is not the spring chicken he once was and Rusev eats three whole chickens for breakfast. Henry showed that in spurts he can still put on a show but he’s no match for Super Rusev. Henry taps out to the Accolade.


After the match, Rusev grabs a microphone for his weekly USA slander. He speaks on the Olympics and his competition but he says one thing that causes a reaction. Rusev says that no one will ever beat him for his title. That caused the Runner Up for the big SummerSlam Universal title match to make an appearance.


Roman Reigns is probably looking for something to do on August 21 seeing as he won’t be competing for the WWE Universal Championship. Maybe he’s found himself a new challenge? We’ll have to wait and see.


Titus O’Neil Vs. Darren Young (w/Bob Backlund)


Before the match, we see a clip from earlier tonight. Apparently on the RAW Pre-show, Titus stirred the pot by asking Darren Young when he was ever great. He didn’t say it maliciously but that is a pretty tough comment from a former tag team partner.

The match starts and Titus is destroying Darren Young. No amount of coaching in the world can prepare you for a whooping like this. O’Neil tries to end it with a Clash of the Titus but Young somehow escapes. It wouldn’t matter because Titus would eventually roll up Young and pull his tights to secure the victory. Young was disappointed at not only his loss, but having a friend and former tag team partner stoop so low to win a match. Bob Backlund is turning red trying to explain to the ref what just happened.


Sheamus, Cesaro and a Tablet


Stephanie McMahon gifts Mick foley with a tablet. It has a nice big RAW sticker on the back. Mick has done a phenomenal job as GM so far and this is just an incentive to keep it going. Sheamus barges in upset about Mark Henry getting a title match when he’s been a non-factor for quite some time now. Cesaro isn’t too far behind him. The Swiss Superman doesn’t seem unhappy or anything but Stephanie lets him know that she heard what he had to say last week about wanting to be on SmackDown and she’s not happy about it. Foley of course has a solid idea. First, he has to let these two Superstars understand why they’re in the position they’re in. Sheamus hasn’t been a threat since he won Money in the Bank and Cesaro can’t seem to stay healthy. Foley puts them in a match tonight and declares that the winner will have a title opportunity in the future.


The Cruiserweights Are Coming


Just reminder that the Cruiserweight Division is coming to RAW and will be exclusive to Monday nights. So, why isn’t Kalisto on RAW again?

Millions of Feelings


Bob Backlund finds Titus O’Neil in the back and gives him a piece of his mind. He’s frustrated with O’Neil’s tactics and he’s trying to verbally teach him a lesson. Titus isn’t having it and it goes from 0 to 100 real quick. Titus threatens to put hands on the Hall of Famer and the two have a stare down. Out of nowhere, Darren young flies in and takes out the big guy. Backlund has to restrain his pupil. Young has clearly developed an anger issue, as he’s become pretty sensitive when it comes to his life coach.


Nia Jax Vs. Ariel Monroe


Nia Jax aka Brianna Strowoman aka Not Like Most Girls is still facing nobodies. I find it almost disrespectful. What other women were drafted to RAW? Summer Rae? Dana Brooke? She should be demolishing someone with a name. She has legit skill and she showed it with whatever her finishing move was tonight. It started off looking like a Samoan Drop, and then an AA, and then the World’s Strongest Slam. Either way, it put the “local competitor” out for good. I mean, Nia DID unnecessarily smash her opponent after the match during an interview but it’s all love! Sasha and Charlotte had better beware.

The Underdog From the Underground


Sami Zayn has a bone to pick with Seth Rollins. He heard what Rollins said earlier, that he would make an example out of Zayn to prove a point to Bálor. After finally putting his rivalry with Kevin Owens to bed, Zayn is free to move on to bigger and better things. Instead of BEING the statement Sami Zayn is looking to MAKE a statement. A win tonight against Rollins would be huge and Zayn is ready to go.

The Club Vs. The New Day


The Club have their sights set on Tag Team gold. They’ve crossed paths with New Day before but due to other arrangements they were forced to postpone their exploits. With AJ Styles on SmackDown, The Club are outnumbered against the New Day. Knowing this, they went to management and asked that one member of New Day be banned from ringside in their match tonight. Management obliged and New Day used fruit to decide who would sit out. Kofi and E both pulled oranges but Woods pulled a banana. It looks like Woods will be sitting out.


Woods makes his way to the back and the match starts. The Club are in control. Gallows knocks Kofi off the apron and Anderson knocks E silly with an  enziguri. Anderson takes a moment to look down at Big E then looks over at Gallows who’s standing outside. They link up with a little too sweet action and Big E rolls up Anderson for a quick pin! The match is over already? True, but the fight isn’t.


The Club is livid after losing the way they did. Gallows takes out Kofi, and both men beat down Big E. E actually catches two Boot of Dooms. Woods tried to come to the aide of his partners but with no luck. He was disposed of easily. The emphasis went back to Big E. The Club lined him up with a steel post and tried to split him in half by puling his legs from the outside. Too Sweet.


Cesaro Vs. Sheamus


This looks like an old episode of SmackDown doesn’t it? After seeing everything we have tonight and last week, this match seemed old, stale and unnecessary. That’s not to say these guys don’t have a place on RAW, they just shouldn’t be going through the motions with each other. This might have been a good match a year ago but today, for the umpteenth time, I decided to just use the restroom.


I managed to make it back in time to see Cesaro do some strong guy stuff and even catch Sheamus deliver some beats of his drum thing. Sheamus looked to be going for a back breaker of sorts when Cesaro flipped and twisted out of it to land a Dutch Neutralizer. Win for the Swiss Superman! Commercial break.




We return from the commercial break and Sheamus and Cesaro are still going at it. A new and familiar voice is heard over the speakers. It’s Heath Slater! He encourages the two men to keep the fight going. WWE officials are able to break everything up and get the two men to the back. Heath has a friend with him, it’s Jinder Mahal! How long has it been since we’ve seen Jinder? It’s good to see him still around.


Heath Slater calls this reunion 2MB. The third member of the band is off at TNA playing a big role over there. Heath wasn’t drafted and is still looking to be signed. Foley comes out to handle the situation. Slater wants to talk but Mick wants action. Foley sends out a referee and declares that Mahal and Slater will have a match. The winner will be signed to RAW. Slater doesn’t want to fight his friend but the feeling isn’t mutual.

Mahal plants Slater with a wicked kick and Mahal gets the pin and the contract. He walks up the ramp and shakes his new GM’s hand and is welcomed to RAW.


KO the Walls


Chris Jericho has a lot to say and Tom Phillips has a microphone. Jericho still has a bone to pick with Enzo and Cass. He’s upset that Cass interrupted his situation with Enzo earlier. Jericho claims that Enzo wouldn’t be so lucky if Cass wasn’t around to watch his back. He then claims to have backup as well. Tom asks him who his backup is and Jericho replies with the blatantly fabricated name, Jimmin Marvin Luder. He’s allegedly a Canadian super athlete. Sure.


Kevin Owens crashes the party. With a look of disappointment, he rats out his fellow Canadian. Owens isn’t here to start a war. In fact, he may be here to help. He encourages Chris to quit making things up, and he offers his services. Maybe this Canadian connection will become something?

Seth Rollins Vs. Sami Zayn

This isn’t the first time these two have faced off, and hopefully it won’t be the last.


With so much to prove and really nothing on the line, these two duke it out like it’s a title match. Counters, high risk maneuvers, and a constant desire to land their finisher. These guys are holding nothing back.


When you’re constantly swinging for the fences, you’ll either hit a home run or strike out swinging. Zayn set up and attempted a Helluva kick for maybe the fifth time and he missed. Rollins was able to capitalize and land the Pedigree on maybe HIS fifth try. Three count for the potential first ever WWE Universal Champion. Will this be the fate of Finn Bálor?


Bad Boy RAW


So Diddy will be on RAW next week! I have no idea how they plan to make that work. It doesn’t seem like a New Era kind of move.

The Viper Slayer


If you know Paul Heyman, you know he loves to talk. If you know Brock Lesnar, you know he’s not big on words. This spot goes exactly as it has for a while now. Heyman speaks on the exploits of his client and Brock Lesnar bounces around looking menacing.


Since Randy Orton is exclusive to SmackDown, there’s no hope for a face to face. Maybe that’s why Paul Heyman is making such brash declarations and animated facial expressions? He swears that Randy will NEVER get Brock in a position to deliver an RKO. Orton is a shifty dude. I mean, he has his own hashtag for crying out loud! If anybody can sneak up and land a move out of thin air we’re talking about him.


And just like that, Orton has crossed the RAW/SmackDown boundary and hit the Beast with an #RKOOuttaNowhere! Orton mocks Heyman and points at the back of his shirt before fleeing the scene. Mick and Stephanie run out with a ton of officials and Stephanie is yelling for security.



RAW 7/25/16

Welcome to the NEW ERA


The New Era is here and you can spot it from a mile away. A new intro with new music and a new set up. Even the announcers have a new viewing spot. No longer are they so close to ringside, they’ll be calling it from afar. For those of you who are unfamiliar, get acquainted to the voice of Corey Graves. He’s the tatted up new guy with Saxton & Cole. He’s the voice of NXT and also the best in the company at what he does. The trio send us to the ring where the Commissioner and the General Manager are prepared to make some announcements.


Mick Foley declares that the New Era begins tonight. He calls the RAW roster out to the stage. He promises to make each week of RAW the best week of RAW. He’ll be working hands on with all the talent to give the Universe what it wants.

Stephanie takes over and blames Roman Reigns for RAW’s lack of a top title. He DID get pinned last night, and Stephanie feels that Seth would’ve won if Roman wasn’t there. The fans boo Roman of course. Stephanie declares that RAW has always had a Heavyweight Champion and that tradition won’t change. She and Foley surprise everyone with some big news. Foley speaks. He informs us that he and Stephanie have decided to have two Fatal 4 Way matches tonight. The winners will face each other in the Main Event. The winner of that will go to Summer Slam and face Seth Rollins in a championship match for RAW’s NEW title, the WWE Universal Championship, named for the fans. The reveal the 8 Superstars. They are: Chris Jericho, Sheamus, Sami Zayn & Roman Reigns in one match, and Cesaro, Rusev, Kevin Owens and Finn Bálor in the other.


“You’re not a good guy, you’re not a bad guy, you’re just a LOSER.” – Stephanie McMahon

Foley also has some news for the WWE Woman’s Champion, Charlotte. Because she lost the tag team match at Battleground, she’ll be defending her title against Sasha Banks tonight on RAW! Exciting news for the New Era and the first Fatal 4 Way will be next!

Kevin Owens Vs. Cesaro Vs. Rusev Vs. Finn Bálor – Fatal 4 Way #1 Contender Semi-Finals Match


Wow. What a way to start RAW?! Who would’ve thought this would be the first match of the New Era?


This is a barn burner. It starts with KO and Rusev teaming up. They beat up on Balor and Cesaro for a while. When Owens goes for a pin, Rusev breaks it up and the Alliance is over.


After one of those Superplex/Powerbomb spots, Rusev is the last man standing. He charges Owens in the corner and is greeted by a boot. Owens is uppercutted by Cesaro who is kicked by Rusev who then attacks Bálor and gets floored with a Pele kick. I know, it’s a lot of action and it’s AMAZING!

Owens and Bálor are the only two men in the ring. Owens snuck up on Bálor and plants him with the same Neckbreaker he used to beat Cesaro a couple weeks ago on RAW. He goes for the pin and Cesaro breaks it up at two. He pulls Owens out of the ring and catches a Super Kick for his trouble. Owens scurries up to the top rope. Finn is still out of it. Owens lands a Frog Splash and covers Finn. This time Rusev breaks it up at 2. Owens tosses Rusev outside and nails him with a Super Kick. Finn charges Owens and gets hit with a Pop Up Powerbomb. Owens covers and Cesaro jumps in to break up the count. Owens was so close 3 times. He, Cesaro, and Rusev duke it out while Bálor tries to get his soul back into his body.

Eventually, Cesaro gets erased. It’s Rusev and Owens in the ring. They’re fighting in the corner and Bálor appears! He kicks Owens and hits him with a Slingblade. Owens is out of the picture. Finn kicks Rusev into the corner and climbs the top rope. Coup de Grace! Finn pins Rusev and wins his first match ever on RAW!



Nia Jax Vs. Britt Baker


This is just a chance to showcase one of RAW’s NXT draft picks. A top NXT contender going against a Breaking Ground hopeful? Yeah. Baker gets in zero offense and Jax somehow manages to win the match twice. She’s not like most girls.

Sasha Shoots Her Shot, Golden Truth Explore


Goldust and R-Truth are up to their usual shenanigans, just walking around minding their own. They’re playing Pokémon GO and they find a Pokémon! It happens to be on Sasha Banks and she doesn’t have time to play games. She DOES allow them to catch it before she answers a few questions and says a few words to the Universe. The Golden Truth runs off.  Sasha claims that Charlotte will be exposed tonight. This goes back to when she was 10 years old. She’s ready to fulfill her lifelong dream and prove all her doubters wrong. The Boss is ready.


Chris Jericho Vs. Sheamus Vs. Sami Zayn Vs. Roman Reigns – Fatal 4 Way #1 Contender Semi-Finals Match


As soon as the bell rings, Jericho and Sheamus go after Reigns. They beat him into a corner and Zayn just watches, unsure of what to do. Reigns starts to fight out of it and then Zayn jumps on him! It’s a 3-1 assault. Sheamus and Jericho take the fight to Reigns outside the ring and leave him on the floor. They focus their energy on Zayn.

Zayn manages to dump Jericho and Sheamus out the ring, and is attacked from behind by Reigns. The two go at it until Reigns gets dumped, and Sheamus comes back into the picture. Jericho takes out Sheamus and starts pounding on Zayn. Reigns clothesline both men to the floor and then takes flight jumping on everyone.

Reigns gets Brogue kicked, Sheamus gets Helluva kicked, and Sami goes for the pin. Jericho throws Zayn out to go for the cover himself. Zayn comes back to break it up. Reigns comes back and Superman punches everyone except Jericho. Jericho and Reigns are the last men standing. Jericho manages a Codebreaker but only gets a 2 count. He tries to disrespect Reigns by cornering up and going for a Spear. Reigns would get around it and counter with a Spear of his own. Ladies and gentlemen, Bálor Vs. Reigns is our Main Event!


New Day Championship Celebration


The ring is all decked out in pink, blue, and white balloons. There are even unicorn ones! The New Day come out and are pretty excited about their new record. They show a video compilation of all their exploits over the past year and announce the sale of their actual cereal. You can now preorder Booty O’s online at fye.com! The New Day want to pick someone in the crowd to be an honorary New Day member. They leave the ring and pick a guy. They bring him in the ring and Big E  asks, “What is your name, Sonny boy?” The main responds, “Sonny Boy!” There seems to be some miscommunication. They ask him about 7 different times, each a different way and every time he responds,”Sonny Boy!” They decide to roll with it. The crowd even starts chanting, “Son-Ny Boy! Son-Ny Boy!” The 4 men start dancing in celebration.



The dancing is cut short when the party is crashed by The Club. Gallows and Anderson wreck Woods and Kingston and hit Big E with a Magic Killer. Sonny Boy is able to get back to his seat during all the commotion. The Club find him. They had stripped Kofi and Xavier of their shirts. Anderson gets Gallows to rub his sweaty face into one of them and they throw it at Sonny Boy. Celebration canceled.


Curtis Axel Vs. Neville


The Social Outcasts are no more but Bo and Axel were both drafted to RAW. Slater didn’t get drafted at all and that’s another story. Axel was RAW’s last draft pick making him Mr. Irrelevant. He’s found yet another title to go by. He’s so quick! Well, not as quick as a returning Neville. In his first match back from injury, Neville doesn’t go through his full arsenal of assault. He does hit a Red Arrow and send Curtis Axel packing. Curtis Axel could be a great mid-carder if he wants to.

Missed It By THIS Much


The Golden Truth are at it again and this time they stumble upon Darren Young and Bob Backlund. Darren is still beating himself up about last night and Bob is coaching him through it. Goldust asks Bob to stand still because there is a Jigglypuff under his bowtie. Bob becomes unglued and Golden Truth flee. Young is left trying to calm down his life coach.

Being the Best


Charlotte is not pleased with Sasha’s remarks from earlier. She has some words for the challenger. There is no way her fantasy of becoming champ will happen on Charlotte’s time. Hard to argue that with Dana by her side and Bayley back at NXT. Charlotte fully expects to leave tonight the same way she has for almost a year now, champion.

Sasha Banks Vs. Charlotte (w/Dana Brooke) – WWE Woman’s Championship Match


The match starts and Sasha and Charlotte lock up. They’re feeling each other out and looking for an advantage. Dana would prove to be one of Charlotte’s advantages when she grabs Sasha’s leg. Dana boldly does this right in front of the ref! Instead of calling it a DQ or even ejecting Brooke, the ref just gives Dana a warning.


Charlotte failed to capitalize on the exploits of her protege and Banks gets her in a submission hold. Charlotte would escape and crawl out of the ring. Banks brought the fight right to her. After a boot from Charlotte, the Woman’s champ grabs her title and rubs it in the face of Banks, telling her she’ll never get it and other nasty things. Banks kicks it out of her hand and the two brawl again. Charlotte escapes by pushing off and climbing back in the ring. Sasha picks up the title and eyes Dana Brooke. While the ref is checking on Charlotte, Sasha throws the title up in the air to Dana. Dana catches it and Sasha cries wolf. The ref sees Dana with the title in her hand and Sasha cowering. He has no choice but to eject Dana Brooke from ringside. Sasha waves goodbye to Dana. An old trick from a true legend goes a long way. Viva La Raza!

We come back from a commercial break and Charlotte finally has things in her favor. Who would’ve known that it would HELP to lose your valet? A few cool things happen here.

Sasha almost kills herself with a dive.

Charlotte almost kills herself with a Moonsault.

Woman’s wrestling in 2016 people. Be grateful.


Charlotte is throwing everything at Sasha. She hits Natural Selection but Sasha was close enough to the ropes to grab them at 2. She gets a Figure 4 locked in and Sasha flips out of it, reversing the pressure. Charlotte crawls out of the ring with the hold still locked in and spins around. For a moment, Sasha was in some serious pain.


Charlotte gets back in the ring and walks right into a Bank Statement. Charlotte would manage to force a rope break. Both women are giving it their all. They both stand and Charlotte mouths the words, “You will never beat me, ever!” She charges Banks but Banks slides under and around and hits her with a Back Stabber and into the Bank Statement. This time it’s in the middle of the ring, and Charlotte taps out. New champion!

Saxton is in the ring to get a few words from the new champ. The Universe is chanting, “You deserve it,” and Sasha is fighting through tears and “YES” chants.


“I promise you, every single week, every time I step into this ring, I’m gonna show everyone why I am champion…..” – Sasha Banks 

Braun Strowman Vs. James Ellsworth


Saxton stayed in the ring to interview James Ellsworth. The guy looks like an Average Joe who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He has a bunch of heart and a lot of faith. Strowman slowly walks down the ramp and enters the ring. He walks straight to Ellsworth and Ellsworth crumbles in fear. The ref backs off the beast and calls for the bell. This does not end well for James Ellsworth.


Ellsworth DID manage to get two ineffective punches in. He hurt himself in the process.


After throwing his weight around, this repackaged Braun Strowman ends the match with a faceplanting reverse chokeslam. Lesnar match in his future?


Truth Has the Phone


Goldust takes a break from being a trainer and lets R-Truth give it a go. Truth leads them to a wall in the arena. He mistakes the wall art for a Pokémon. No Truth, the Pittsburgh Penguin is NOT a Pokémon. They keep it moving.


Enzo & Cass Vs. The Shining Stars


Enzo and Cass come out and do their whole spiel. Their happy to have been selected to RAW. So happy in fact, that Enzo sings some ODB and Cass begins to list all of the things he likes raw. Before Cass could approach explicit raw items, The Shining Stars interject. They talk about the raw beauty of Puerto Rico and invite everyone to visit the shining star of the Caribbean. The match starts.


Primo and Epico are doing pretty well, putting a hurting on Enzo. Everyone is in the ring and are taken out one by one. Primo is the last man standing. Golden Truth come through and get in the ring. They’re still chasing Pokémon and Truth has one in his sights. Primo is upset and distracted by this. He watches Goldust and R-Truth leave.


Primo turns around and catches a boot from Cass. 3 count. I think the Shining Stars will be looking forward to getting their hands on Golden Truth soon.


Luck Vs. Strength


Roman and Finn cross paths in the hallway before their match. Finn wishes Roman luck and Roman does the same. Finn says he doesn’t need it because he’s Irish and he invented luck. Reigns counters with, “I’m Samoan. Nuff said.” They’re ready to go!

Roman Reigns Vs. Finn Bálor – #1 Contender Match


The Big Dog takes on The Demon. Oh my. Foley wasted no time getting their #1 NXT pick out there. This is a big deal. If Bálor has already pinned the US champion tonight, what will stop him from pinning Roman Reigns? Or do we see Reigns Vs. Rollins again? We’ll know by night’s end.


Reigns has a significant size advantage and he shows that by literally tossing Finn around to start the match. It’s very much so Power Vs. Speed. Reigns has learned a thing or two since his suspension. Balor fights with a ton of kicks.


Things get interesting when Bálor lands a double stomp on the back of Reigns’ head and only gets a 2 count. After a slingblade, Bálor sets up for a dropkick. Reigns counters with a Superman punch and goes for a cover. 2 count. Bálor counters a Crucifix Powerbomb and rolls into a pin. Reigns kicks out at 2 and goes double powerbomb. Finn kicks out at 2. Reigns sets up for the Spear and Bálor counters with a slingblade! He gets up and hits Reigns with a dropkick. Reigns bounces off the turnbuckle and is in position for the Coup de Grace. Bálor climbs the top rope and goes for it. He connects! Bálor goes for the pin and gets the 3 count. Bálor will face Rollins at SummerSlam for the WWE Universal Championship.

Another Round?


After the match, Reigns was asked if he had any words. Here’s what he had to say:

“I hope Finn Bálor beats Seth Rollins for that WWE Universal Championship at SummerSlam. Because when he does, I want him again. I respect that dude.” 

What’s next for Roman Reigns? And what else does the New Era have in store? This might have been the best RAW in the past 5 years!



RAW (7/18/16)

The First 30 Minutes

This is the final RAW before the draft and I predict some fireworks. WWE brass has been pushing this draft as if there were never a draft before! The rules of the draft were released this past weekend on wwe.com and you can find them here.

The big news tonight will be the announcement of the Raw and SmackDown General Managers. Vince set tonight as the deadline and we saw on twitter earlier this week that Shane has his person. I’m sure Stephanie has hers too.


Live Feuding & Sibling Rivalry

Our show begins with the Billion Dollar Princess. She walks down the ramp with a smile on her face, ready to show up her brother. She mocks the crowd and gets everyone riled up. Of course Shane won’t let her have a moment seeing as this may be his last night on RAW for a while, his music hits and he enters the ring. After a few passive aggressive jabs, it’s time to get down to business.

Stephanie declares her confidence and full support behind her pick for General Manager. Seeing as Shane is quite the gentleman RAW is Stephanie’s show to run, Stephanie gets to announce her GM first. In the most pleasant of surprises, Stephanie announces her General Manager as….


Mick Foley! Mr. Have A Nice Day himself will have to lay off the twitter fingers and pick up his gavel again! He has a lot of GM experience having held this position before and he did a darn good job the first time.

Foley is handed a microphone and he shows the crowd that he’s still in touch and in tune with what’s been going on. The only difference now is that he’s a bit older and better on the mic than ever before. He cuts an epic promo and the crowd chants his name. I’m already excited for next week!

Shane is up next. He showed a lot of respect to Steph and Mick and let them have their moment. Shane has always considered himself an underdog and he likes to give the fans what they want. There will be some twists and turns and plots will be more drawn out. He needs someone equally in touch with today’s style of wrestling and how the WWE works behind the scenes. He’s already made his selection so the only thing left to do is bring them out…


YES! YES!! YES!!! It’s the recently retired and perpetual underdog, Daniel Bryan! The crowd goes crazy and Bryan receives the biggest pop and warmest welcome I can recall so far this year. Daniel has a few words for the crowd and he seems confident in his ability to aide Shane in making SmackDown great again.

The GMs have been announced and the gloves are coming off. No more pleasantries. The war that Mr. McMahon wanted has begun.

“A B+ player for a B+ show.” – Stephanie McMahon

“You will always be my little sister, and you had to marry a WWE Superstar to stay relevant.” – Shane McMahon

After some actual harsh words from sister to brother and vice versa, Daniel and Shane ‘Yes’ around Foley and Stephanie and we’re left waiting anxiously for the next big announcement.

Sami Zayn & Cesaro Vs. Chris Jericho & Kevin Owens


This may be the last time in a long time we see these competitors in a ring together. That’s a good thing! The constant shuffle of these 4 men and Dean Ambrose was becoming so stale! This match was anything but. Cesaro had the Uppercut train rocking and Jericho was his savvy charismatic self. Owens and Zayn went blow for blow and after many an ebb and flow, Zayn was able to roll up Jericho for the victory. Maybe Cesaro and Zayn end up on the same show and tag together?

The Yes Movement Is Still Moving


Daniel Bryan is still the man in the locker room and all his buddies are happy to see him. He gets stopped by the Golden Truth who want to teach him some new dance moves, and even Jack Swagger and Titus O’Neil stop and say hey. The only person not so pleased to see him is Stephanie McMahon. The two have a classic run in. A rivalry is igniting once again but in different roles. The Goat-Faced Assassin is back and ready to take on The Authority once again!

Alberto Del Rio Vs. Darren Young (w/ Bob Backlund)


This is the first time we get to see Darren Young in singles competition since he’s teamed up with legendary Hall of Famer, Bob Backlund. The Miz and Maryse are on commentary during and The Miz shows us that he’s been doing his homework. He’s got a copy of Backlund’s book and that’s a pretty smart move seeing as the Master of the CrossFace ChickenWing is teaching Darren Young all he knows.


In the ring, Darren is showing us a more technical style just like his life coach had. The focus is on technique and fundamentals. Miz does what all guest commentators do and decides to interfere with the match by climbing up on the apron. Darren takes a swing at him and Del Rio tries to sneak in a roll up. Young rolls out of it and holds on to Del Rio’s hips. Del Rio tries to grab the ropes to shake Young off and ends up pushing The Miz off the apron. Young is able to roll up and over Del Rio for the 3 count. Young wins but in unimpressive fashion. No ChickenWing?


12 Man Tag Match – John Cena, Enzo & Cass, & New Day Vs. The Wyatt Family & The Club


The music hits and The Face That Runs The Place AKA The 15-time Champ is HERE!!! He’s ready for his match tonight, he’s ready for Battleground, and he knows The Club is ready to #BeatUpJohnCena. He has full confidence because he has Enzo & Cass who take their cue and come down to the ring. The three take part in an entertaining segment where Enzo talks smack about each Club member and Cena doesn’t understand where Enzo is pulling these similes and metaphors from. Cass starts naming music groups and gets ready to do his shtick. Let’s spell ‘soft’ incorrectly guys!!


Remember the campaign the WWE ran when they got sued and had to go from ‘F’ to ‘E’? They made t-shirts and posters that read, “Get the F Out”.  Well that must’ve been how The Club felt when they were in the middle of being called, “SAWFT,” because that music hit so quickly after Cass shouted ‘W’ that it actually WAS funny! The Club came out, Karl Anderson talked about his hot Asian wife again, and they boasted chemistry will win over a hot & heavy new collaboration. The Club has traveled all over the world together and have been a team for quite some time. It’s true that they have the upper hand when it comes to teamwork and togetherness. They’re giddy about being able to take on Cena and crew, and even the New Day! Cue Big E.


Here come’s New Day and today they have some suggestive puns ON HAND if you know what I mean.

“They can’t see me because I’ve got the Certified Gs!” – John Cena

“AJ Styles, you got a haircut like a soccer mom. How ya doin?” – Enzo Amore

“The Club has spilled blood in sold out arenas all over the world.” – Luke Gallows

After verbally ripping into The Club, New Day attempts to explain to John Cena how the Enzo & Cass, “How Ya Doin'” concept works. They use Pokémon as an example. Woods says a Pokémon name and then the crowd says, “How You Doin’?” Before things get too happy and out of control, the last three members enter. They’re here.


Let’s get down to business. It’s on and poppin’ and the tags are fast and furious! Big E and Braun Strowman are the legal men. After E gets obliterated, he reaches to Cass for the tag. Enzo tags himself in instead and floats around the ring before taking a shot. It was courageous but borderline stupid. Cass tags in and the two giants go toe to toe.


Braun would hit Cena with a sucker punch and both teams would engulf the ring. Strowman and Cass clear the ring and face off yet again. Cass would get the better of Strowman and Kofi would tag himself in. That would prove to be a momentum killer as his flying attempt failed and ended in a Powerslam from Strowman. The tides turned and the Heels have taken advantage.

The match breaks down and The Wyatts fight the New Day and The Club fight Cena, Enzo, and Cass. The legal men are Enzo and AJ. AJ goes for Styles Clash but Cena breaks it up. Enzo tries a clothesline but AJ ducks and Enzo accidentally takes out Cena. AJ takes advantage of the moment and this time successfully lands Styles Clash on Enzo to seal the deal for his team.


Rollins Speaks


Seth Rollins entered the building early tonight. It an empty yet very well lit arena, he recalls his time in The Shield and how it felt when Ambrose cashed in on him at Money in the Bank. He walks down the stairs and nostalgia hits him. He remembers what it felt like to walk down steps every night with Reigns and Ambrose. He remembers wanting to push them in the back and establish his dominance as the number one guy. Real Heel heat happening here.

“As far as The Shield is concerned, I was always The Man.” – Seth Rollins

Foley Knows Best


The new GM of RAW is in the building and it’s all fun and games. Breezango is trying to teach him how to rock his hips but I don’t think they work that well after the career he’s had. Shane comes around with a message. He believes Stephanie chose him because she feels that she can manipulate him. Basically, Shane has invited himself into RAW’s kitchen and decided to stir the pot. Foley doesn’t like Shane’s tone and he tells him about himself. Foley is a legend and he knows how to handle himself. He thanks Shane for his concern and walks away. To show no hard feelings, Shane tells him to have a nice day. He shoots Foley the double guns and smirks. Not the same heat as Daniel and Stephanie and that’s probably a good thing.

Baron Corbin Vs. Sin Cara


This match was just filler while JBL, Cole, and Saxton filled us in on some more draft specifics. Here are a couple points to note:

  • The Lucha Dragons are no longer a team and will be drafted as individuals.
  • With the success of the CWC, Monday Night RAW will be the exclusive host of cruiserweight Superstars after the draft.

Corbin wins the match easy but wasn’t done fighting. He pounds away on Sin Cara until Kalisto comes to his rescue. Kalisto manages to chase Corbin out the ring but fails to keep an eye on him. Corbin reaches into the ring and snatches Kalisto out. He clubs him in the back of the head forcing him to fall flat on his face. Corbin may be the only man alive able to say he killed two dragons with one fist. Rock on Wolf!

Charlotte & Dana Vs. Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch


This may be the last encounter between Sasha and Charlotte & Dana before Battleground. Becky Lynch would make a great tag partner for Sasha you say? Well, maybe but Becky already has a match with Natalya at Battleground. Speaking of Nattie, she must’ve felt left out. As Sasha is taking care of Charlotte and Dana essentially on her own, Nattie sneaks up on Becky and destroys her yet again. It takes a while for the referee or any of the other women to notice but when they do, the ref calls for the bell. Sasha tries to run to the rescue of her partner but takes a wicked blow from Charlotte. Natalya and Charlotte exchange glares before Nattie dismisses herself. Charlotte and Dana get The Boss in the ring and wail on her. If you’re waiting on Sasha’s mystery partner to make an appearance, I’m sorry, it just doesn’t happen. Charlotte lands Natural Selection and stands over Sasha the reigning champion as Dana is being a Dana because that’s what Danas do.


Ambrose Goes Retro


Seth had his moment earlier, now it’s Dean’s turn. In very Shieldesque style, Ambrose holds a camera to his face. He asks us if it looks familiar. I like Ambrose because he keeps everything short and sweet. He sums up everything in a few sentences. He plans on defending his title tonight against Rollins and then again on Sunday. Too bad Reigns is suspended or maybe not actually. I don’t know what his little promo/vignette would be or how it would even be successful.

Sheamus & Rusev Vs. Dolph Ziggler & Zack Ryder


I want to like Zack Ryder so much but he’s honestly missing something. His move set is pretty bland and he doesn’t have a comeback combination. Once you get him down, he pretty much stays there. He got down in this match but he was able to tag in Ziggler who took a kick to the back of the head and tapped to the Accolade.

Orton Spot


Randy Orton is an amazing talent who has had an amazing career. WWE wants to remind us of this in hopes that we either forget or don’t learn about Lesnar’s dirty urine sample. All in all, it was a pretty good segment with decent soundbites from Orton and some RKO clips.

Managers Gon’ Manage


The Ascension (where have THEY been for the past year) have cornered Foley and they’re talking his ear off. Daniel Bryan stops by and asks for a moment, GM to GM. Bryan doesn’t want to have such a heated contest. He doesn’t want their competition to became a hatred, but more of a friendly rivalry. Foley agrees. They kid each other about how similar they look and how they feel their show will be better than the other’s. Things end up getting pretty heated and Foley hits Bryan with a very cliché, “May the best man win,” and Daniel just stares at him intensely. Well it wasn’t supposed to be there but it got there. Quick too.

The Main Event: Seth Rollins Vs. Dean Ambrose (WWE Championship Match)

Both Commissioners and GMs are at ringside for this one. It’s nice to see Foley on WWE TV again, but it’s weird seeing him sit there with Stephanie. The McMahons never had his best interest in mind. He looks excited to see this match so up close and personal.



Ambrose and Rollins go way back. They’ve put on many a great match against each other with Rollins typically coming out the victor. Who wins this one?


This match happened all over the place. Ambrose has grown so much these past two years. Stephanie can barely control herself at ringside. After a BuckleBomb, Ambrose counters with Dirty Deeds and we’re back at square one. This match is living up to expectations.


There was a whole attempted Spanish announce table spot that Rollins was able to get out of and Ambrose went for a high risk maneuver which Seth was able to counter with a Pedigree. The heart of a first time champion is strong. Ambrose kicks out. The two continue brawling as the powers that be look on. The ref ends up getting nailed as the two battle it out on the top rope. Rollins hits a Superplex and instead of rolling up and holding on as usual, one of the men go for a pin. The ref counts but we see all four shoulders on the mat. The ref counts three and calls for the bell. So much confusion. Who won? Stephanie of course is in favor of Seth and Shane just wants facts. Now everyone is in the ring.


Stephanie uses the confusion to run off and grab the title and a microphone. She announces Seth as the new champion and he runs off with the title while everyone else is left in the ring confused.


Draft tomorrow night.

RAW 7/11/16


Last week’s RAW was essentially a dud. So why not kick this one off right? No setup, no warning, just a gimmicky match! Ring full of guys so one might assume this will be a Battle Royal. Apollo Crews enters and from out of nowhere we hear the voice of our IC champion, The Miz. He’s standing on the announce table walking back and forth. He welcomes everyone to Day 98 of his IC World Tour and announces that the winner of this Battle Royal will be the #1 Contender and will face him at Battleground.


We can see Baron Corbin’s Andre the Giant trophy so he’s somewhere in that ring. Michael Cole informs us that Corbin wanted the trophy out there to intimidate and remind everyone what happened last time he was in one of these brawl for alls. The other news is that Bob Backlund is at ringside watching his protege compete for the first time on LIVE TV!! Darren Young is here! Is he great enough to win? Let’s see.

Battle Royal


All Social Outcasts and tag team partners have got to go. Guys without a gimmick and guys who haven’t been on LIVE TV (Darren Young is the exception here) are all tossed out. I’m sorry if I burst your bubble but that’s just how these things go. The Usos know this too. That’s probably why Jimmy tried a sneak attack to toss out Jey. After seeing a few rarely used Superstars, the Vaudeviallains, The Usos, The Dudleyz, the Social Outcasts and The GoldenTruth eliminated, we’re down to the final five: Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, Apollo Crews, Alberto Del Rio, and Darren Young. Crews eliminates Del Rio, Corbin tosses Ziggler out like a piece of litter, and we’re down to the last three. Young is still feeling the effects of a Deep Six from a bit earlier. Corbin is still staring at Ziggler. Crews runs up on him and tries to flip him over. They both end up going over the top and Darren Young wins without really eliminating anyone! I’m telling you, Darren Young can be a great IC champion and this is his first step. We get to see him on a big stage against a proven vet. I can’t wait.


The McMahon Siblings


It’s been a while since we’ve seen both Shane and Stephanie on RAW at the same time. Sibling rivalries never quell. They’re still playfully arguing over who should run SmackDown. It’s been reported that Vince will be here in person and no one knows what if or what he plans to address. Roman Reigns? Brock Lesnar? Or maybe SmackDown and who will be in control? Before things get heated, Seth Rollins intrudes. He says he has some news on Roman Reigns that they might be interested in. How Roman is disrespectful and doesn’t care about the WWE Universe. Shane and Stephanie both like the idea of letting Seth speak to the Universe. Shane offers the Ambrose Asylum as a forum. Neither Seth nor Stephanie are feeling that idea. Seth has his own idea. Why not allow HIM to have a show? If Ambrose can do it, how hard can it be? Stephanie likes it and Shane agrees. Tonight we will witness the first ever installment of The Rollins Report.

Lesnar Props


Quick recap of this past weekend’s win for the WWE, Brock Lesnar. Lesnar defeated Mark Hunt at UFC 200 by unanimous decision. It was also reported that Lesnar will be taking on ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton at SummerSlam. We haven’t seen either Superstar in action for a while now. It’s been rumored that Orton would be returning for months now and it seems we now officially have a date. Orton will be on the Battleground edition of The Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho. And now, we wait.


Looking For Trouble


Zack Ryder is crazy. I mean, he’s confident which is a good thing, but stepping to Rusev the way he did? Okay let’s rewind. We see Ryder walking down a hallway. He spots Rusev and approaches him. When he gets to him, he doesn’t just call Rusev’s name, he grabs his arm and makes him turn and face him. He repeats what he said on SmackDown and asks Rusev for a match. While he waits for a response, he’s blindsided by Sheamus. I guess the Celtic Warrior is still bitter about his loses to Ryder last week. He kneels over a wounded Ryder and tells him that the two of them have a match and it’s next. Ryder will have to wait to get a piece of the US champ.


Sheamus Vs. Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder came into the match with fire. A little banged up from having just been attacked, it didn’t matter. At one point, Sheamus had what looked like a genuine Ric Flair moment. He was on his knees telling Zack to calm down. Zack has a really taken a step closer to the spotlight in the past week. Maybe this ruthless aggression will be enough to catapult him into a bigger role in this New Era?

Sheamus was able to counter a Broski Boot once but not twice. When Ryder connects he climbs to the top turnbuckle in hopes of landing The EL-BRO drop like he did last week. Sheamus is able to get up and knock him down. Ryder crawls away in pain. When he stands up he catches a Brogue Kick that flips him upside down and inside out. Three count.


Rusev Matchka

After Sheamus scores the win, Rusev’s music hits. He storms down to the ring and Ryder immediately pounds away at him. A brave act that ended with him being Belly to Bellied and then becoming a victim to The Accolade. Rusev stretches waaay back like how he did to Kalisto and screams, “I ACCEPT! I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE!” So Rusev and the new and improved Zack Ryder will have a title match soon. Maybe at Battleground? We’ll see.


Breezango Vs. The Lucha Dragons


We see a clip from earlier today where The Lucha Dragons play a trick on Breezango, but more specifically Tyler Breeze. They get water all over his fur which he says is Mongolian Chinchilla and that leads to them having a match tonight.

Breezango is looking like they’re finally figuring things out as a tag team in the ring. They’re working over Sin Cara and not allowing him to make a tag. When Sin Cara finally makes a move and tags in Kalisto, Kalisto botches a flip off the second rope. Breeze picks him up and Kalisto goes for it again and connects. The initial FAIL may not have been planned but it was definitely a telling sign. Kalisto would find himself in a compromising position on the top rope facing away from the ring. Breeze would tuck his head under the turnbuckle and hit him with a Super Kick before pulling him down and rolling him up for the win.


The Rollins Report


In a seemingly predictable segment, Seth shows us his video editing skills. He recorded himself asking hard hitting questions and used augmented segments of previous Roman Reigns interviews to answer them. WWE Champion Dean Ambrose had seen enough. He comes down the ramp and tells Rollins to his face to shut up. Shut up about Roman Reigns, losing the title, and crying about there being a Triple Threat Match. Ambrose does some of the best mic work I’ve ever seen him do. It felt real and from the heart. He talked about everything he’s been through to make it to this spot and how not even God himself can take the belt from him. He issued a One on One challenge for the title right then and there. Rollins sounded like he was ready to go but backed out of the ring. He told Ambrose they would fight when HE says so and left.


It WILL Happen


Next week, Dean Ambrose will defend his title against Seth Rollins LIVE on RAW! The outcome doesn’t really affect the Main Event at Battleground so there’s no reason for this match not to happen. Next week guys!

Kevin Owens Stands His Ground


Sami Zayn comes out to do commentary for Kevin Owen’s match. He sits down, puts his headphones on, and says hi to the crowd. Kevin’s music hits but no Kevin Owens! Everyone is confused until we see footage from the back. Three referees are trying to get Kevin to come out to the ring. He refuses to come out until Sami Zayn leaves ringside. Stephanie steps in and demands that the refs do their job and remove Sami Zayn so that Owens can come to the ring and fight. They hustle out and surround Zayn. He tells everyone that Shane gave him the okay to be out there. He didn’t want to be any trouble so he left peacefully. As soon as he gets to the ramp, Owens music hits again. He comes down and grins at Zayn and that sets him off. The two brawl out on the ramp but the refs break it up. Owens runs to the ring and taunts Zayn some more. Zayn leaves.


Mr. McMahon Speaks


Mr. McMahon is here!! He steps out of his car and immediately into a microphone. He explains that he’s here to name the Commissioner of SmackDown. He says he’s not sure of his selection and might change his mind before he gathers everyone at the ring and makes the official announcement.

Kevin Owens Vs. Cesaro

You should expect nothing less than an excellent showing from these two. In fact, I’ll just post some pictures here and let you be the judge of how the match went. One thing I’ll say ahead of time is that the scuffle with Sami Zayn did not manifest itself as an injury heading into the match. All was good.


The best part of this match to me was the ending. Owens won it without using his finisher. This is what I’ve been craving. A little creativity. Some realism. Since when does a Superstar have to use his finisher to win every match? It weakens the move when you see it or it’s used all the time. Show me you can beat someone without it. Kudos to Owens and Cesaro for quite possibly putting on the match of the night.


After the match, KO bullies Byron and takes his headset. He begins to brag and boasts about how great he is until Sami Zayn flies from the crowd and takes him out. He starts pounding on him and Owens escapes to the ring. Well Cesaro is still around and he has some spare time on his hands. Time to swing! Sami loves it and gives him some dap while Owens tries to remember where he is.

The Club Interview


Renee Young is here to ask The Club questions, but The Club is here to act goofy and crack jokes. They pledge to teach Enzo & Cass a lesson and poke fun at John Cena for having to practice for his hosting gig at the ESPYs on Wednesday. A real humorous segment.

Heath Slater Vs. Titus O’Neil

The Social Outcasts come out and the man I believe is the leader, Heath Slater, is ready for some action with his old buddy Titus. I’m still waiting for a Titus/Ziggler matchup or maybe Titus/Del Rio. I want so badly for Titus and everyone on the roster to progress and contend. Until that happens, easy wins for Titus including tonight.


Sasha Banks Interview


Sasha is geared up and ready to rumble for her match with Dana Brooke tonight. It’s been almost 2 hours and we have yet to see a woman other than Renee and Stephanie. What happened to giving them a chance? Anywho, Sasha talked about watching Snoop on Celebrity Family Feud and getting her hair done on Saturday. The hairdressers told her to shut Dana’s mouth and she’s more than capable of doing just that. After the way Charlotte and Dana mocked her on SmackDown, she can’t wait to get in the ring and throw down. Boss Out.

Views From the Compound


We see New Day in the woods and they have flashlights. It’s late so it’s dark. A little girl with a sheep mask holding a lantern appears, then disappears. They look around. Lights all around them. Headlights! Are there a million Wyatts or is this an illusion? The three Wyatts we were all expecting come out of a car with weapons in hand. New Day drop their flashlights and pick up weapons too. The two crews run at each other. The Wyatts get the better of Kofi and Big E but Xavier manages to escape. He’s in hiding until Bray strays away himself and finds him. They are a little ways off from the battlefield. He pummels Woods, throwing him into trees and water.


Back at the battleground, New Day has made a comeback. Kofi flings water in Strowman’s eyes causing him to rush recklessly into a car. Big E hits Rowan with what looks like a trash can. Things are looking good until Bray returns with an unconscious Woods. He drops his motionless body on the ground. The Wyatt Family take advantage of the numbers game and then take advantage of New Day. They slam E on the hood of a car and Bray orders Braun to climb on the roof. It looks like Strowman is going to jump down on him! In a flash, Xavier Woods jumps in and starts bashing Rowan in the back with a trash can lid. Kofi takes out Braun with a foreign object and Bray and Woods go at it with fists. Bray gets the better of Xavier and throws him in the back of a car. Xavier escapes out the other door and New Day retreat into hiding. Bray is forced to take his frustrations out on a car, busting the windshield with a pick axe and breaking all the windows. He asks aloud, “Where’s your power of positivity now?”


Xavier sneaks into the frame and punts Bray in the face. Kofi and E appear and the three back Bray into the field where the battle started. Bray falls to his knees and begins laughing. We see Rowan and Strowman. The cars are still there but this time we see lights around them that look like giant fireflies, and masked people all around. Bray’s laughter gets more maniacal and the New Day back away. Creepy segment over.


The Club (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) Vs. Enzo & Cass


The Club enter the ring first. Out come Enzo and Cass. Cass gets on the mic and further elaborates on what he was saying last week.


“We ALL want John Cena’s spot. The only difference is that me and Enzo are going to work for it and do it the right way.” Cass says something of that nature and Enzo agrees. They of course call them SAWFT but add on boneless. They won’t wait around for The Club to use the numbers game and take them out. They want to bring the fight to them. AJ Styles warns them that John Cena doesn’t care about them and that Anderson and Gallows will take them out. AJ tells them to turn around and leave or catch a beat down in this tag match. There’s no chill or give in Enzo and Cass so they enter the ring.


The match is going like a lot of Enzo & Cass matches go. Enzo’s in the ring doing work, Enzo gets blindsided, Enzo’s hurt, Enzo needs to make a tag, and Enzo tags in Cass to save the day. Cass comes in and cleans house. One man wrecking crew. Cass hits Anderson with all his best stuff and sets up for the Bada Boom Shakalaka. Enzo lands but he’s still hurt from the beating he took. He doesn’t immediately go for the cover.


Cass spots Styles on the apron. He rushes over and goes for the boot. AJ pulls the top rope down. At the same time, Enzo goes for the pin. Gallows comes in to break it up. AJ takes a cheap shot at Cass and throws him over the barricade. The ref saw it and called for the bell. Enzo & Cass win by DQ but we’re not quite done here.


The Club corners Enzo. Cass is still nowhere to be seen. Things aren’t looking too good for the Certified G, until a familiar tune hits…


It’s John Cena!!! Here to save the day and just in the nick of time. Cass has gotten up and joined in on the fight as well. Cena and crew clean house and send The Club packing. AJ is livid.

Dana Brooke w/Charlotte Vs. Sasha Banks


The Boss came out in game mode. She charged at Dana and put her on her back from the jump. Dana rolls out the ring to regroup. She takes her time and gets some advice from Charlotte. She gets back in the ring and Sasha chases her out again. Sasha is ferocious! After another pep talk from Charlotte, Dana gets back in and looks ready to go. Banks still shows that maybe she just has Dana’s number. They get tangled up in the corner and Dana flips Sasha out to the apron. Sasha goes for a shoulder thrust between the 2nd and 3rd rope but Dana moves. Brooke kicks Sasha and makes her fall to the floor and hit her face on the apron on the way down. This is Dana’s opportunity to put Banks away and she squanders it! Sasha makes a comeback and forces a tap with the Bank Statement.


Charlotte isn’t impressed. She takes to the microphone to voice her opinions. She asks Sasha if she thinks she’s a worthy contender for the Woman’s title. She says one lucky victory does not a contender make. Any fool can buy a lotto ticket and get lucky once. In order to see if Sasha is worthy of a title shot she asks her to face Dana one more time on SmackDown later this week. The plot thickens even more.


Who Will Be Commissioner?


Shane comes out, and then Stephanie. Stephanie mocks Shane and the WWE Universe as they wait for their father to come out, and here he comes. Mr. McMahon steps into the ring and yells for the music to be cut. He’s ready to get straight to the point. He starts off by saying how disappointed he is in both of his children. He sarcastically questions if they’re even his kids. He wanted backstabbing and arguing and fighting. He’s just a disappointed old man. He thinks Stephanie is too sweet and Shane lost his WrestleMania match so by default shouldn’t be here. He tells each of his kids to plead their case. Stephanie tries to bury Shane by throwing him under the bus and Shane tries to win his dad over by pandering to the crowd. Vince has heard enough and he’s ready to make his decision.


The person who will run SmackDown is…..


Shane McMahon! Of course he has to relinquish his power on RAW, and Stephanie will still be running that, but he’s excited! Stephanie will run RAW, Shane will run SmackDown, but neither will do it alone. Vince wants an all out war. He wants them to compete in ratings, sells, merchandise, and PPV numbers. In order for that to work, they will both have to select General Managers. That means we should expect two familiar faces very soon. As soon as next week on RAW to be precise. That’s their deadline to choose a representative or Vince stated he will select the GM himself. Vince leaves the siblings in the ring to reflect and the two go back and forth picking at and dissing each other. Stephanie slaps Shane and walks away. The draft is next week.


RAW 7/4/16

The First 30 Minutes

This actually isn’t a thing this week! We get an Independence Day segment instead. No talking. Sooo……

Independence Day Segment


It’s Independence Day AKA the 4th of July! A recording from earlier today is being shown. In the recording, all the Superstars are eating, mingling, and having a grand time. The Golden Truth are on stage performing when The Vaudevillains decide to bum rush the performance.


Aiden English takes it upon himself to sing a musical rendition of the Declaration of Independence. Ick. Someone hits him in the face with what looks like potato salad and just before he retaliates, Maryse cuts him off. Miz has something important to say.


The Miz stands up in front of his peers and warns them about being too rowdy. Every year, a food fight breaks out and Miz doesn’t want this to be another one of those days. Just when you think he’s gotten through to them, someone squirts Miz with some kind of sauce or condiment and now it’s on.


Kevin Owens immediately climbs under a table. He wants nothing to do with this. Everyone else is making a HUGE mess. Bo Dallas tries to sneak up on Enzo and dump the punch bowl on his head but Big Cass is there to save the day. Big Show and Kane get into it, Apollo Crews and Cesaro are arm wrestling, Maryse is a mess. It’s crazy. It all comes to a head when Heath Slater pokes the wrong giants. Big Show and Kane team up to Chokeslam him through a table. After that everyone laughs and leaves.


Kevin Owens pops up from under the table after everyone has gone. He makes a smart remark about how this wouldn’t happen in Canada. Then from a second person perspective, he gets pied. We just see whip cream everywhere. Kevin is irate. He flips all the remaining tables and breaks a few chairs before he leaves the room. Let’s start the show!


Titus O’Neil Vs. Rusev (United States Championship Match)

Lilian Garcia starts things off right with a heartfelt rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. It was beautiful, her voice was beautiful, and then Rusev came out. Didn’t see that coming. So with Rusev coming out, we know from last week’s SmackDown what’s in store. Titus O’Neil! I’m buying him as a singles competitor. He’s done great work since coming back from his suspension. Now I don’t know who told him this was a good idea but he came out dressed as Uncle Sam. Meh. Commercial. I wouldn’t usually mention these, but this break was semi-significant. The match hasn’t started and the bell hasn’t rung! When we get back, we’ll have missed something.


Sure enough, we return and Titus has stripped down to just his American flag shorts and he’s getting stomped on in the corner. But there’s hope! Titus pushes Rusev’s leg back and strikes back with solid fists. The two behemoths exchange blows. All power moves. It’s a man’s world. No love in that ring.

Titus builds some momentum and the crowd is into it. He does that screamy thing he does sometimes and splashes on Rusev in the corner. Rusev is dazed. He walks right into Titus and catches a Clash of the Titus! Only a 2 count. It’s gonna be tougher than that to beat Rusev in his Street Fighter Zangief stage. Rusev pushes away from Titus and retreats to a corner. Titus pursues. The referee wants to make sure Rusev is okay and pushes Titus back. Rusev uses this moment to kick Titus flush on the side of the head. He gives him another kick for good measure before he applies The Accolade. Titus fights with all his might but he has no choice but to tap. Rusev retains.


It seems as though victory is not enough for the Bulgarian Brute. After releasing his grip, he decides that he wasn’t done yet and slaps on The Accolade again. He yells and slides out of the ring. Rusev grabs a microphone and gives America a very sarcastic Happy Birthday. Talks about grilling bugers and weenies. It was all bad. Good win for Rusev though.

Social Outcasts Vs. Enzo & Cass


The Social Outcasts are nuts. They come out dressed as Minutemen, full attire, wigs and all. They come to the ring and plan on speaking, but are interrupted quicker than you can say, “How You Doin’?” Enter Enzo and Cass.

Now you know Enzo has something to say because he always does. This time, it’s pretty impressive! After he disses the outfits, he names all the Presidents from Washington to Obama in order! I can’t believe it.

No point really in going over this match. You KNOW who won, you know HOW they won, and you also know, How they doin’. Instead, check out Heath Slater play this sweet flute thing.



Charlotte’s Web


Here comes the WWE Women’s Champion and her protege, Dana Brooke. Charlotte has some words for us regarding Sasha Banks. According to Charlotte, Banks is jealous. She’s also all hype. Well The Boss has a habit of showing up when you speak ill of her. Ask and ye shall receive. Banks comes out and addresses the champ. She does give props to Charlotte for holding the title for as long as she has and all of her other accomplishments over the past year. It HAS been about a year since they came up from NXT with Becky Lynch. The one thing that Charlotte has NOT done, is beat Sasha Banks in a one on one match.

While the argument gets heated, Charlotte’s sneaky protege tries to blindside The Boss but she sees it coming. Sasha nails her good and Charlotte eats on too. Sasha goes back to Dana and excuses her out the ring. She turns around right into a boot from the champ. Charlotte gloats and holds the title in her face. She turns her back and mocks the crowd. Before she knows it, Sasha is hitting her with a Backstabber and ripping her apart with the Bank Statement. Dana manages to pull Charlotte out the ring and the two escape. Until next time, Champ.


The Miz Vs. Dean Ambrose

So apparently we just don’t respect Ambrose as champ. First off, he main evented SmackDown last week. Now, he’s caught in a rematch from SmackDown on RAW! Granted it was a good match that told a story, we don’t need that right here. Oh well. I get it though. You don’t really want to start any feuds before a draft unless you want to plant seeds for  a big storyline sometime down the line.

Anyway, this match wasn’t anything like it’s SmackDown counterpart. It was short and sweet with Ambrose going over easy. A little more wear and tear on the left leg of Ambrose but he should be good to go.


The interesting tidbit in this segment comes when the match is over and Ambrose is grabbing his title and preparing to head to the back. Seth Rollins’ music hits. Now either the audio guy cued the music early or Seth is on the attack. Mind games. Rollins and Ambrose walk right past each other on the ramp and exchange looks. Rollins gets in the ring and Ambrose pauses. He’s almost to the back when he decides to turn around. He sprints full speed to the ring and Rollins is ready for a fight. Ambrose slides in and waltzes right past Rollins and heads straight to the Spanish announce table. I guess he wanted an up close look at his future opponent. Rollins and Ziggler must be next.


Seth Rollins Vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ambrose sparks up a conversation with the Spanish announce team and the match starts. Dolph uses his amateur wrestling prowess to gain the advantage early. Seth slides out the ring to regroup. Aside from Dean’s commentary, the match is a typical WWE production. Seth hits, Dolph counters, Dolph hits, Seth counters. There were a few decent spots. Dolph had a wicked looking fireman’s carry pin combo and Seth was his usual high flying self. There was a good build up to the finish. After a DDT, Dolph goes for the Zig Zag. Rollins quickly turns around and grabs Dolph before he can roll up to his feet. He lands the Pedigree and gets the 3 count.


After the match, Rollins has some words for the WWE Universe. He grabs a microphone and climbs on top of the announce table. He actually slanders Roman Reigns something fierce by PG standards. He again calls for him to be removed from the Main Event at Battleground and practically says that Reigns WAS pushed without ever really having to work. I don’t know if it was because of the Reigns hate speech or the few verbal jabs Rollins sent his way, but Ambrose decides it’s time to get involved. He stands on the Spanish announce table and confronts Rollins. Rollins vows to get “his” title back. Ambrose throws the title at his face and follows that up with fists. He grabs Seth by the head and hits him with Dirty Deeds on the Spanish announce table. Lunatic out.


Creepy Wyatt Promo


The Wyatts are here but this time they’re….not? They make this creepy vignette inviting New Day to some broken down barn in the middle of nowhere. The barn actually has pretty solid lighting. Well anyway, Bray speaks on reality and how anyone who can believe in the power of positivity must be an idiot or a child. I wonder how they made the video? Did Luke hold the camera? I miss that guy. Will New Day stop living in what Bray refers to as fantasy and join him in “reality”? What about Xavier Woods? Time will tell.


It’s exactly what you think.


Vickie Guerrero is here! Of course just like Kane and John and Teddy before her she believes she should be in charge of SmackDown LIVE. She tries to get a hashtag trending and then security comes out. She had almost no chance to plead her case. Maybe she could’ve learned a thing or two from some of the names listed earlier. You gotta go directly to the source. Find a McMahon and sink her claws in. For now, you’ll be escorted from the arena.

The World’s Largest Pep Talk


Big Show lines his men up before this Teddy Long-like 16 man tag match later on tonight. Everyone is wearing stars and stripes and are I guess American. Their opponents will all be people from other countries. Hopefully for the good ol’ US of A they can pull it off.

Ziggy Give Me One More Chance


We see Vickie being escorted out of the building. She passes by none other than Dolph Ziggler. Oh the history. She tries to get Dolph to vouch for her, keep her in the building. He tells security that he’s never seen this lady before in his life. They take her away. Dolph just so happens to be on his cell phone and whomever he’s talking to gets a gem. He tells them, “No, I lost again but I tried really hard it was close.” Gotta love Dolph.

The Vaudevillains Vs. The Golden Truth (with Breezango at ringside for some reason)


The Golden Truth finally got a win a few weeks back and the cards are stacked against them in this one. The Vaudevillains are no pushover. I guess this match stems from the opening food fight segment. Short match, and I believe we can chalk this outcome up to overconfidence. Yes, the Golden Truth actually land their finisher, Solid Gold, and win the match clean. I would hope this isn’t the passing of the torch from the old jobbers to the new young ones. The Vaudevillains have so much left in the tank. They are no Ascension. I guess Breezango just wanted some air time.

Make Darren Young Great Again


This may be the best MDYGA spot yet! Bob Backlund asks Darren Young what his finisher is, Darren replies with The Gut Check. Bob asks him if he has a submission hold and Darren says no. Bob suggest the Crossface Chickenwing!! Big deal. HUGE deal!! If a former champion and Hall Of Famer wants to lend you their finisher, YOU TAKE THAT!! I can’t wait to see what Darren Young can do. He’s a gifted athlete and has a ton of charisma. With an eventual heel turn, he can be a 300+ day IC champion. Mark my words!!

Wrap uh Dude


To whom it may concern: I am a 27 year old John Cena supporter. I yell, “LETS GO CENA,” at the top of my lungs when I watch at home. I’ve yet to see him perform in person and when I do, I’ll flip my you know what. We all know what to expect and we all know who to expect in this segment, The Club. He comes out, panders to the crowd, and calls out The Club! They trounce on out and give us some of the greatest mic work we’ve seen in recent history. They talk about the WWE’s recent trip to Japan, no one liking Cena, and wanting to kick his face in. In fact, they like that last idea so much they decide that from now on, they will beat up John Cena every week! It’s hilarious and if you haven’t seen it yet you should check it out.


With it being a new week and all, they figure what better time to start than now? They walk down to the ring, surround The Face That Runs The Place and begin a beatdown. In the most unlikely event, Enzo and Cass come out to save the day! They even the odds and rid the ring of The Club. Got a cup uh segments? A cup uh segments? How YOU Doin’?


Summer Rae Vs. Becky Lynch


Another women’s match, another 3 minute spot. No chance to tell a story, no chance to get the crowd involved, and the commentary was also trash for this part. Sad WWE. Just sad. Becky wins pretty easy. Summer had a better match last week against Sasha. You should check that out if you haven’t.

Building Walls Keeps Cool People Out


It’s the Out of Towners turn to get amped up for the 16 man tag match. Canada is very much present. There’s an argument over who gets to be in charge and the heels march off leaving the baby faces to join forces. Dysfunction already.

Gotta Pay Bills I Guess


Enzo. Cass. Sonic restaurant. PB and J sandwich mommy made versus a drink, burger, hot dog and a cup of taters! Bills paid, let’s move along.

New Day Talks


Well there are no punches pulled today. New Day comes right out and accuses the Wyatts of being Hillbillies and engagers of deviant acts like incest. Is this still PG? As they verbally tear down the Wyatts, that creepy scream and darkness smack us all unexpectedly. The Wyatts are serious about this barn you guys. They’re calling it a compound. They extend an invitation yet again to the New Day in the form of a video.


Kofi and Big E gladly accept without hesitation. Xavier on the other hand, has his doubts. He questions his buddies and seems flat out worried. They don’t have the numbers advantage with the Wyatts and they’d be playing ball entirely in enemy territory. Woods looks upset. He basically tells his partners to get a grasp on reality and then mic drops. He leaves Kofi and E in the ring and walks to the back alone. Is this the end of the New Day era?


16 Man Tag Match

You know how these things tend to work. A bunch of guys = an elimination match. I think it’d be more fun just listing the teams so let’s do that.


Team USA: Big Show, Kane, Apollo Crews, The Dudleyz, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry and Zack Ryder


Multi-National Alliance: The Lucha Dragons, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, Alberto Del Rio, Chris Jericho and Sheamus.


There was a really cool moment where Jack Swagger and Cesaro give us a flashback to their Real American days. Nice. Also a Pop Up Powerbomb on Mark Henry before KO got eliminated for hitting his own partner (Sami Zayn) with a chair.

If you watched this, explain to the people how many times you heard the word “eliminated” in a 3o second span during this match. Things aren’t looking good when it becomes 4 on 2 with the MNA in control.Things are fine until Cesaro gets left out. Sheamus, Jericho, and Del Rio are intentionally not tagging in Cesaro so when he tags himself in and Jericho flips, he flips on his team. Upper Cut party on his own team! Until Zack Ryder is able to counter the Dutch Neutralizer and roll up Cesaro to eliminate him. 3-2 and Ryder is able to tag in Big Show.Big Show decimates the competition until it becomes 2 on 1 in Team USA’s favor. Sheamus tries to run but Show isn’t having it. He snatches him into the ring and pounds on him. Sheamus breaks away and Drop Kicks Show’s knee. Big Show in pain tags in Zack. Zack manages to hit the Rough Ryder with a little help from Show and Team USA wins it because AMERICA!!! What did you expect?



WWE Monday Night RAW (6/27/16)

The First 30 Minutes..

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 12.48.32 PM
It’s been a week since the suspension of Roman Reigns and the guys at the top of the food chain are beginning to question his status in the Triple Threat Match at Battleground. The show begins with the former champion, Seth Rollins, speaking his piece on the Reigns fiasco and  what should happen regarding Battleground. He wants a One-On-One match with Ambrose. The Lunatic Fringe comes to the ring to speak his piece and he’s still pulling for a Triple Threat. AJ Styles decides to interject in the conversation and boasts his win over John Cena at Money in the Bank as a reason to replace Roman Reigns. Ambrose wants Roman in the match and Styles suggests making it a Fatal Four Way. Well the leader of The Cenation had heard enough and he brings himself and his hand towel to the ring and declares the grand idea of a Fatal Five Way match! While all of these ideas may make Battleground a great success overall, we need someone with the ‘AUTHORITY’ to make decisions to come on out and do just that. The music hits and out comes Stephanie McMahon. Before Steph weighs in on the main event of Battleground, she makes it abundantly clear that Dean Ambrose as champion is not what’s best for business. The more Superstars in the match, the more likely Dean will drop the title. Look at the picture below. How 🔥  would this match be, with or without Double R?

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 1.24.53 PM     Stephanie has a few tricks up her sleeve that are in fact pretty good! Now, you can’t go around declaring yourself title eligible all willy-nillie. So Stephanie basically says, “Hey, if you want in, win yourself in.” She sets up two singles matches: The Wants vs. The Haves. The guys scheduled for a title match will take on the guys vying for the same position. In the first match, Seth Rollins will take on John Cena, and in the second Dean Ambrose will face AJ Styles. All of that will happen later tonight! Great start to what appears to be the beginning of a stellar show.

And then we have our first Woman’s match of the night.

Sasha Banks & Paige Vs. Charlotte & Dana Brooke

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 6.22.57 PM

Although women’s wrestling doesn’t quite get the merit it deserves in WWE, certain Superstars DO get a nice pop. “The Boss” Sasha Banks is one of those women we’d all pay to see and the Universe is happy to see her back in action. She gets the win for her team after slapping Dana Brooke with The Bank Statement. Unfortunately, that was about it in terms of action. Banks had a quick burst of energy and Paige nailed Charlotte with a gnarly kick outside the ring before “The Legit Boss” ended things inside the ring. Nice build up for a potential Sasha/Charlotte Championship match.


Titus O’Neil Vs. Rusev

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 6.08.06 PM.png

This match almost didn’t happen — again. Titus’ feelings about Rusev’s remarks last week are still looming. There are a lot of emotions here. The two behemoths banged on each other and threw each other around. There were more punches and kicks than any actual wrestling maneuvers. The brawl ended up leading the match outside. After a huge collision that put both men on their backs, Titus was smart enough to toss Rusev over the barricade and roll into the ring before the 10 count. To the victor go the spoils and it looks like Titus is due for another title shot.


The Miz is Back!

The Miz and Maryse are back on RAW! Many people never missed The Miz but the IC title is always a sight for sore eyes. It’s good to have it back in the building, and isn’t it about time for it to be defended? Kane sure does think so. He’s still staking his claim as a candidate to run Smackdown in July and was annoyed by Miz and Maryse as they butt in with their complaints. Maybe if The Miz didn’t come back to RAW with such a diva-like attitude, Stephanie would’ve given him the night off? Of course he and his wife couldn’t play nice and Stephanie booked a match so that he wouldn’t have to relinquish his title. The belt’s gotta be defended at least once every 30 days, just ask Daniel Bryan. Stephanie decides that the opponent will be a mystery, specifically using the term ‘Cliffhanger’ since Miz wants to be so Hollywood. We’ll see who his opponent is later.


Seth Rollins Vs. John Cena

There’s an undeniable chemistry between The Architect and The Face That Runs The Place. Whenever these two get into the ring expect fireworks. To see this match this early on an episode of RAW seems sort of fishy, but when you see what’s at stake it makes it that much more interesting. Now these two were putting on a clinic and fans were on the edge of their seats. Is Cena going to hit the AA or will Rollins flip out of it? Is Rollins going to break Cena’s nose with a knee again? Who knows? They’re ebbing and flowing until Cena manages to get the upper hand. He lands an AA but Rollins manages to get a leg on the ropes just before three. Cena would eventually lock in that ugly STF and Rollins would start hollering. Rollins almost clutches the bottom rope until Cena pulls him back to the middle of the ring. Enter, The Club.


Yes Gallows, Anderson, and AJ Styles came down to throw Cena off his game and maybe even take a jab or two at the 15-time-champ. In just a few seconds, The Club had the ring surrounded. Styles was swiping at Cena while Rollins regained his composure. Before Cena knew what hit him, Rollins was planting him with a Pedigree and pinning him for the victory. Cena will NOT be in the Main Event at Battleground. We’ll see how well Styles fares against the champ later in the night.


Enzo & Cass Vs. Mitch Walden & Carlos Hershey


Mitch and Carlos proved to be EXTREMELY SAWFT! In a match that was eerily reminiscent of a taping for a Saturday afternoon 20 years ago, or maybe just an Ascension match during their brief push, Carlos and Mitch were tossed as soon as the bell rang. I’m not sure which guy was Mitch and which one was Carlos, or how a slap from Enzo incapacitated the poor guy but it was a wrap like eggs in a flapjack in all of maybe 15 seconds.


I would love to say that Mitch and Carlos have a bright future ahead of them but how would I know? I would like to congratulate them on making it to live television so no matter what, they have this moment.

So obviously this can’t be it for one of the more beloved and hot tag teams in the WWE. The baby face duo HAS to have SOME kind of a role. I guess someone in the back decided, “Why not send out the Social Outcasts?”



I love all of these guys as individuals but I think this gimmick has run its course. But I guess that’s for another post. Let’s get into what occurred. Bo comes out yelling about how SAWFT these no name guys are, but then proclaims the Social Outcasts to be ‘HARD’. He even gets the group to spell it out. It got weird and kind of sexual for a minute with Enzo and Cass asking, “Who in the group is the HARDest?” Even with the scales tipped in their favor, you can always count on the social Outcasts to muck things up. Heath Slater ends up catching a boot to the face before the crowd spells SAWFT and the Social Outcasts run off with their tails between their legs.

Make Darren Young Great Again


We’re STILL in the process of making Darren Young great… again? I think it should start with a U.S. Title run. I mean, look at Ambrose! You never know. I guess he’s with Bob for now. He should return sometime around the draft.

Becky Lynch Vs. Summer Rae

Soooooo this match never actually happened. Summer came out, Becky came out, Becky threw her coat on Summer and headed straight for Natalya who was ready to do commentary. Whether or not Nattie is a believable heel is for another post. Today, she got her ‘Lass’ kicked. Much love to Becky!


Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel w/ Guests Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens


Y2J is back with another installment of The Highlight Reel. This time around, we have Kevin Steen and El Generico — I mean Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. These two are known to have epic battles whenever they end up wrestling for the same promotion. Although their fights in the WWE have been quite tame, Battleground may be the right PPV with the right name to introduce the more casual fan to an amazing rivalry. Sami Zayn mentions the brand split and they both argue over who was the worse friend. Zayn proposes a fight to end all fights and Owens gladly accepts. Jericho can’t help but make everything about himself and Owens and Zayn show him why that’s not always the best idea.


The Miz Vs. ????? (IC Title Match)

Usually, the challenger is announced and enters the ring BEFORE the champion. In the case of The Miz, it’s going to be all about improvisation. Not knowing what to expect (some people were craving Balor, others said Orton, and I think I even heard someone shout Roman Reigns) the Miz still looked confident. And then, BOOM! Hellfire and brimstone as Kane appears on the stage. And not Corporate Kane, but Demon Kane. Miz was unstirred. With his title in one hand and his wife in the other, he’s as confident as he’s ever been.


The Miz is actually looking good in this match! Using his agility and attacking the knees of Kane. He’s in full control when all of a sudden Maryse climbs up on the apron. I guess a ghost pushed her because she mysteriously falls down. She clutches her ankle and The Miz notices. He puts Kane on his back and runs out to check on his wife. He decides to carry her out and take the count out. Kane wins the match, but The Miz keeps the title. When they get back towards the locker room, Maryse reveals that she was ‘just acting’ aka faking it. Sheesh!


Cesaro & Apollo Crews Vs. Alberto Del Rio & Sheamus

This seemed like one of those matches where the WWE brass just doesn’t want you to forget about these guys. It really didn’t make sense. Cesaro and Crews have no history, and Sheamus and Del Rio have a terrible history. This whole Crews/Sheamus angle hasn’t been done very well and we can do away with it. The highlight of this match was Del Rio pulling a KO and leaving Sheamus high and dry but not before giving him a piece of his mind.


Stephanie Hates Dean!

Stephanie McMahon and Dean Ambrose have been the best of friends and Stephanie is going out of her way to make that very clear. The lovely Jo Jo was interviewing Dean when Stephanie made it a point to interrupt and promise to get the title from around Dean’s waist. I guess we’ll have to wait and se how this plays out as well.


New Day & The Wyatts

Who doesn’t love New Day? Who doesn’t love The Wyatts? Well what if I told you The New Day became the Wyatts, and the Wyatts became The New Day? Well that’s exactly what happened with Bray Wyatt declaring it a, “New Day,” and New Day dressed as the Wyatts!


As you can tell by the pic, Xavier Woods just isn’t himself. He didn’t have the same look, energy, or charisma. Bray Wyatt noticed. He spoke directly to Woods and even extended an olive branch. He always was quite the recruiter. Bray has planted his seed and now we get to watch it wilt and die or grow and destroy. The Wyatts believe that New Day will fall. Is it time for the Wyatts to finally hold some gold? And will we see Xavier turn over a new leaf? The plot thickens….

The Main Event: Dean Ambrose Vs. AJ Styles

This match was awesome! Sure. We start off with Seth Rollins coming out to do commentary. He obviously has interest in this match because if Styles wins, he’s back in the title picture. Seth would really like a One-On-One. He’s already upset that Reigns will be in the match, now he might have to deal with Styles and The Club? So throughout the entire match he’s rooting for Ambrose and hating that he has to. At one point, The Club comes out and before anyone can do anything, Super Cena to the rescue! A few hard rights to Gallows and Anderson and now Cena’s looking for revenge from earlier tonight. He stares down Styles and the two exchange words. Ambrose goes for the roll up and Styles rolls out right into Dirty Deeds ending the match and any hopes of getting into the Triple Threat match.


That wouldn’t however end the night. The Club attack Cena on the ramp and Ambrose watches. Rollins sneaks into the ring and catches Ambrose off guard with a Pedigree. Going back to Cena and The Club, the beat down has progressed to the stage. Gallows and Anderson hit Cena with a Magic Killer on the steel stage. Back in the ring, Rollins hits a second Pedigree on Ambrose and holds the title up high. Roll credits.