Impact Wrestling 8/4/16


So much to go over. What’s going on with Rosemary and Bram? Is Drew Galloway going to seek revenge on EC3 tonight? Will James Storm win the King of the Mountain championship? Who will win the BFG playoffs?

Future Shocked

Well here we go! We start off with footage of Drew Galloway leaving the arena after his loss last week. Obviously, he’s not so happy for several reasons. Expect revenge at some point.

BFG Playoff Finals


The Miracle and EC3 have made it to the Impact Zone! They are the last men standing in the Bound For Glory playoffs. One winner will be crowned and that match will take place tonight. Will it be  EC3 or Mike Bennett? Bennett boasts the first ever pinfall victory over EC3 and with Moose and Maria on his side, and an angry Drew Galloway who can justifiably strike at any time, he may be the favorite to win!

Moose County


EC3 challenges Mike Bennett to throw everything and the kitchen sink at him. He knows it’s coming. What he doesn’t see coming, is Moose. The music hits and Moose arrives unannounced. He slowly walks down the ramp, pumping his fist. Mike Bennett uses this time to strike. He and Ethan throw punches at each other until the Great Equalizer enters the ring.


With Moose & Miracle working together, Mike Bennett might be unstoppable. Ethan looks pretty banged up and he definitely won’t be 100% going into the main event tonight.




Eli Drake is working hard in the gym. He has words for James Storm and Lashley and everyone else who plans on coming for his title. He’s not giving it up without a fight!

BramMary Recap


For those of you interested or who have missed the shenanigans that is Bram and Rosemary, here is a quick recap. We get the conclusion tonight.

James Storm Vs. Eli Drake – King of the Mountain Championship Match


The match was set last week and the time is here. If the Cowboy can’t walk away with gold he’s gotta give up beer. Big match with World Heavyweight implications seeing as Lashley has made it clear that he’s gunning for everyone with a singles title.


James Storm continues to have Drake’s number. New week, same outcome. Drake takes a spill and decides to take a sip of The Cowboy’s beer.


Well I guess it wasn’t a sip. He held it in his mouth and tried to spit it in the face of James Storm. Storm ducks and the ref catches beer in the eyes! Storm goes for a roll up put the ref can’t see.


After what would’ve been a 5 count, Storm goes over to the ref. He’s obviously and noticeably upset. He tries to snap him out of it. Drake takes this as an opportunity to implement more shenanigans.


Boom! Contact is made and Drake goes for the pin. This is the point that Storm was making last week. As good as Eli Drake is he always resorts to trickery and underhanded tactics to win.


Not today. Only a two count and the match continues.


The climax is coming. Both men are worn down and are solely trying to end it with a finisher. Drake ends up outside the ring and launches himself.


Instead of catching James Storm slipping, he catches a Last Call! Storm goes for the pin and gets the victory. New champion! Beer time.


The celebration was cut short.

The Destroyer


Lashley arrives in the Impact Zone. We all know why he’s here and it was only a matter of time. This soon? Let’s hear the champ out.


First and foremost, Lashley congratulates Storm on his victory. Lashley can be a snake so Storm is reluctant but eventually shakes his hand. Lashley goes on to speak on the gold and what it means to be champion. And now down to business.


Lashley gives Storm two options. He wasn’t this nice when he wanted the X Division title. The two options are a title for titles match, or Storm can just hand over the KOTM title without risking a beatdown. If you know The Cowboy, you know there’s no way in heck he’d take that deal! A match it will be. Storm holds up his title before riding off into the sunset.


Mission Impossible


Gail Kim is still on a quest to recapture the Knockouts title. She’s won a match or two so far and now she meets up with Maria’s assistant Allie to find out who’s next on the list. Maria crashes the party and she’s here to let everyone know who will be in the ring. After she calms down her annoying lap dog and says a few words to Kim, she enlightens both women that they will be facing each other tonight. Say what?! Allie can’t wrestle! Well this must be punishment for being so annoying. Easy night for Gail unless of course Maria has another trick up her sleeve…..

A Real Barn Burner


Rosemary is battling her inner demons. She’s trying to find the courage to tell Bram the deepest, darkest, secret of her demented past but it’s not coming out. Bram is beginning to get impatient and it’s getting late. Rosemary pleads for more time. She’s almost ready. Bram is trying. He decides to hang around.

Gail Kim Vs. Allie

Gail makes her way down to the ring full of confidence. She’s arguably the most talented knockout of all time and she’s facing Allie of all people. Why wouldn’t she be confident. Well….


After Allie makes her way out, shivering all the way to the ring, Maria makes another surprise appearance. She is providing Allie with some backup by making this a handicap match.


Yes, the Knockouts Champion herself, Sienna, will be in this match. If Gail can somehow pull this off she deserves her title shot immediately!

The match would go as such:


Sienna beats up Gail and Allie comes in. Allie gets in a few quick shots and tags Sienna back in. This can only work so well for so long against a talent like Gail Kim. Eventually, one mistake WILL cost you. Speaking of which….

Sienna misses BIG on a Silencer and takes out Allie. Kim gets the champ out the ring and covers Allie for the win.


Who’s next?

Broken Alliance


Matt and Jeff Hardy were both eliminated in the BFG playoffs. Matt will forever blame Jeff for his departure from the tournament and he’s wrong about that. One thing he isn’t wrong about involves the Tag Team titles. It was Jeff that injured himself and forced the brothers to relinquish their titles. The respect isn’t there but it seems that Matt wants those titles back for some reason. They are almost but not quite the Hardy Boyz again. Matt is putting the onus on Jeff to recapture the Tag Team titles. Matt demands that Jeff do it by himself. He has set up a match with JT Dunn and Chuck Taylor in which Jeff is expected to compete on his own without using an aerial assault. Matt has forbidden him from jumping off the top ropes. That’s what made Jeff special. That’s also how he finishes matches. So I guess we have another handicap match with even more stipulations? This is getting out of hand.

The Hardyz Vs. Chuck Taylor & JT Dunn


This is technically a tag team match but Matt will be sitting this one out. He leaves his brother in the ring to be pummeled and beaten while he resorts to his Broken shenanigans with the a fan in the crowd. See:

Even with all of this craziness, Jeff manages to hit a couple Twist of Fates and stay in this! He sets up JT Dunn for a Swanton and that’s when Matt interjects.


Jeff being Jeff jumps anyway.


Matt is furious. He attacks his brother, hits him with a Twist of Fate and tags himself in for the pin.

The Hardyz win. I don’t know what that means for the future or if this unholy union has a chance to succeed. We’ll keep an eye on this.

The Tribunal Vs. Grado & Shera


Al Snow reminds his boys that the numbers game is in their favor tonight. A seemingly much needed pep talk for some odd reason. These guys like sneaking up on people but seem to have a bully complex when it comes to fighting someone face to face. They scare easy.


Shera and Grado make their way to the ring and are welcomed by the Tribunal, well sort of. The Tribunal surround the ring. It’s an ambush! They jump on Shera and corner Grado. Grado becomes the legal man and they begin implementing their strategy of quick tags and taunting Shera. Shera is easily enraged and the ref has to ask him to leave the ring on numerous occasions. When he gets all worked up and the ref has to get him in check, this allows The Tribunal to gang up on Grado. Grado has so much heart and through all the adversity manages to roll Al Snow up for a pin. In what was easily a 7 count, the ref was too busy calming down Shera and getting him out the ring to count. The Tribunal is saved.



Grado fights and fights and is finally able to tag in Shera! Shera comes in and single handedly levels all three members of The Tribunal.


Al Snow is the legal man and he’s up to no good — Brass knuckle time!


Shera sees it coming and outmuscles Snow, catching his hand and thwarting the assault.


Shera slams Al Snow and gets a clean victory for the team of underdogs.


For one night only, two is greater than three.


Rosemary’s Decay


Picking up where she left off, Rosemary explains her situation to Bram. Apparently, she had an ex who wanted to do more than hug and give gifts to celebrate their anniversary one year. It really tripped her out and she ended up making a potion that would turn his blood black. Bram isn’t really interested and Rosemary flips.


The infatuation seems to have worn off and Bram is coming to his senses. He just wants to leave. Rosemary has other plans. She picks up a shovel? Maybe not but something dangerous and pokey, and backs Bram into a wall.

Decay is HERE!

The screen flashes and we see Decay dragging Bram through the woods.


They put him in the trunk of a car and Rosemary joins him. She closes the trunk behind her and Decay get in the car.


Where are they taking Bram? Why did Rosemary get in the trunk too? Was this all a setup? The Rosemary Chronicles has left us with more questions than answers.


Next Week

It’s happening. Yes, it’s official. James Storm and Lashley will be facing off on Impact next week! All titles will be for the taking. That sure is a lot of gold. No one man should have all that power.

EC3 Vs. ‘The Miracle’ Mike Bennett – BFG Playoff Final


The final match of the Bound For Glory playoffs is here! EC3 and Mike Bennett square off yet again and this time the stakes are more grand. Lashley is seeking all of the gold and he may have all of that come Bound For Glory. Will Moose interject? Or maybe Drew Galloway? Let’s get this thing underway.


As you can tell from the picture above, Maria was up to her usual wifely shenanigans. Ethan and Mike were actually having a great match with only minimal cheating. Maria attempted to beef up the match with a Kendo stick but the ref wasn’t having it. He even climbed out the ring and confronted her face to face. After she poked him in his face, he had no choice but to throw her out. She wouldn’t leave willingly and had to be carried out.


Here’s where things get crazy. With the referee still tending to Maria, The Miracle was STILL able to grab the Kendo stick and try to knock Ethan’s block off. Ethan’s been struggling all night with sore ribs.


Ethan counters with a move of his own.


It only draws a two count. The match continues. With Maria gone, EC3 should feel even more confident than he did before. Out of nowhere, the crowd starts to rumble and react to something.


It’s Moose! The ref spots him and verbally jumps on him before anything shady can happen. Speaking of jumping on people…


It’s Eddie Edwards! He flies over the ref and onto Moose.


The two men brawl outside the ring. The referee AGAIN loses track of what’s going on INSIDE the ring.

Focus ref! A shot right to the midsection levels EC3. Bennett picks him up for an MIP and goes for the cover. The crowd boos. Ethan kicks out at two!


The Miracle is in disbelief! He’s done everything he can do to win this match. Moose is gone, Maria is gone, his last hope is to land one more MIP. EC3 has a similar idea. They both take turns going for the knock out punch. Bennett gets Ethan up but he wriggles down. A twist and a spin later…


One Percenter and the pin! EC3 wins it. Not a peep from Drew Galloway and the title match at Bound For Glory has been set. Who will EC3 be facing? Lashley or James Storm?



Impact Wrestling (7/28/16)


TV14 wrestling at its finest! Back at it again on a Thursday and we’ll be continuing the BFG playoffs. We’ve got some great programming ahead so let’s get to it.



Matt and Rebecca Hardy make their way to the stage. Reby stays there and Matt saunters down to the ring. He grabs a microphone and demands that Brother Nero come to the ring. It’s starting to make sense as to why Reby stayed on the stage. For some reason Matt is listing off people that hold a place in his heart and it is a VERY short list. Jeff isn’t on it, but he WAS at one point! Back to the crazy scene at hand. That #1 hit classic by Matt and Vanguard One that made its debut last week has returned! Man I hate that “song”. Reby of course follows Jeff down to the ring saying, “obsolete,” every few seconds. Jeff makes it to the ring and Matt reminds him that he is nothing because that’s what brothers do. Matt really wants the TNA World Heavyweight title back. He commands Jeff to help him win his match tonight by any means necessary. EC3 has heard enough and now he’s entering the mix.


“I am not asking for your help, I am commanding your servitude!” – Matt Hardy


EC3 comes out straight shooting. Matt Hardy is making weird faces at him. Ethan looks puzzled.


Now Ethan is making weird faces too!


Matt tries to talk over EC3 but Ethan shouts,”My promo’s not oh-vah!”  He gets the crowd to chant, “Relevant, Creature,” at Jeff Hardy but he does still warn Jeff not to get involved. Matt Hardy goes back to Crazyville and  threatens to eat Ethan’s cats, Skunk & Clover. That was the last straw for Ethan and he called for a ref to come down and start the match.

‘Broken’Matt Hardy Vs. ‘EC3’ Ethan Carter III


It’s beyond obvious that this isn’t the same Matt nor is this the same EC3 that fought each other months ago for the title. Ethan has become a crowdpleaser and somewhat of an underdog. Matt is just plain crazy. He proved that by biting Ethan several times in this match. Matt did happen to have a gameplan. He worked on one of Ethan’s legs, even taking his boot off and trying to bite his foot. It’s not that deep bro!


After a TK3, Ethan was gaining momentum. Reby climbed up on the apron to distract the ref. She was able to slide a hammer to Jeff Hardy across the ring. That’s the same hammer she used last week on James Storm.


While the ref is trying to figure out exactly what she’s doing on the apron, EC3 goes for a One Percenter. Matt drives both men forward and they bang into the ref who then bumps into Reby knocking her off the apron. They end up double clotheslining each other. Jeff, conflicted by life at the moment, takes the hammer and slides it into the ring between both competitors. While the ref is worried about a befallen Rebecca, Matt gets to the hammer. Before he can swing it (and he was aiming HIGH) the ref turns around and snatches it from him. While disposing of it, EC3 hits Hardy with the boot he had lost earlier which makes Matt a little loopy. Carter hits a One Percenter and the match is oh-vah!


I Did It For Me, Not You


Allie and Maria walk up on Madison Rayne somewhere in the back of the arena. Allie is getting annoying even for Maria’s taste and Madison tells her about herself. Maria wants to talk business and maybe add another member to her cabinet. Madison Rayne isn’t down to play ball. She has a lot of respect for Gail Kim but she did what she did for herself. She makes it clear to Maria that she will not be a pawn but since she IS playing the game, she wants to know the prize. Maria tells her to focus on winning her match with Kim before thinking so far ahead.

What’s Worse Than Deletion?


After his loss to EC3, Matt is upset. He approaches Jeff in the back and tells him that his actions (or lack there of) will not go unpunished. Jeff explodes! Well, verbally. He asks Matt, “What the (expletive) is worse than deletion?” At this point he’d rather just be punished and he literally asks for it. Matt is enjoying this. He’s finally seeing his unbreakable brother start to bend.

Madison Rayne Vs. Gail Kim


So Madison Rayne turned on Gail Kim for a potential fortune? No one is quite sure what a win against the future Hall of Famer would entail, but Madison has already sold her soul. I mean, it’s just a soul! One on one, Madison would hold her own in this match. The pressure would eventually get the best of her and she would lose sight of the goal. That sneaky Gail Kim. She strikes again! Defeat was eaten.

The Miraculous Moose


Moose is here. REALLY here. It’s official. He has t-shirts now and they don’t say ROH. But this is about Mike Bennett. He’s done a lot since coming from ROH himself, and with Moose by his side he could be the next TNA World Heavyweight Championship. He has Drew Galloway tonight and he’s already beaten him once. Confidence people.

Brameo & Rosemaryette


Bram meets Rosemary in a discreet location. Apparently, it’s where the two ‘began’. Rosemary grew up on a farm in this area. She tells a story of her younger years. Her cat was sick one day and she took it to her mother. Her mom assured her that everything would be okay. Rosemary went on about her day drawing, daydreaming, and walking. She went to throw her gum in the trash and found her dead cat in the trash. It shook her to the core. She climbed a tree and ended up falling down and passing out. When she came to, she had the ability to see some dark and strange things. She heard voices. She talked to trees. She played with Tarot cards. She claimed to have invisible brothers.


Bram is a bit put off by all of this and he’s sure to let her know. He didn’t come out here for such a crazy and dark tale. Rosemary says, she didn’t bring him out her for the story. She points at a barn. THAT’s why they’re here. To be continued….

Moose (w/ The Miracle) Vs. David Starr


I have no idea who David Starr is but boy can he take a powerbomb on the apron! It looks like Moose ditched the Spear in favor of a move he learned while in Japan. He took the Rain Maker, modified it, and called it the Game Breaker. He ran through this jobber guy like a hot chainsaw through unsalted butter.

That’s not all! Lashley still has a bone to pick with the new man on campus. His music hits and he makes his way down the ramp.


Lashley and Moose face off in the ring. Mike Bennett is doing his best to get the crowd hyped. In true Heel fashion, Bennett backs Moose away and the two leave Lashley standing alone in the ring. Lashley shares some choice words, Moose ALMOST comes back to the ring but Bennett calms his beast.


“One of these days your Mommy’s gonna let you come out and play, but until then keep walking off just like a little (expletive).” – Lashley

With the two ROH goons gone, Lashley is free to speak his mind. This is his first time speaking to us since he won the X Division title last week. He says he wants all the gold. If there’s a singles title out there, he’s coming for it. He’ll also be accepting all challenges. In order to destroy the entire roster, you gotta be available.


Someone has already decided to step up to the plate and he goes by the name of DJZ. Hey DJ! He’s not quite sure about “stopping” the force that is Lashley, but he’s willing to fight! He wants that X Division championship and he thinks he has an advantage if he has an X Division type of match. Lashley tells him to pick his poison and DJZ chooses a ladder match.

‘The Destroyer’ Lashley Vs. DJZ – X Division Championship Ladder Match


Lashley is by no means a traditional X Division Champion, but you gotta give him credit where it’s due. On one hand you have Mike Bennett who weaseled his way into the X Division title just to squander it away, and in the strong hand you have Lashley who for some reason felt like lifting weights on top of a ladder. DJZ had maybe 2 and a half good moments in this match, but they don’t call Lashley the Destroyer for no reason.

Calm Heads


Drew Galloway and EC3 meet up in the back and this time there are no flying fists or criticisms. I think it’s safe to say that this is back to being a fierce and competitive rivalry. EC3 even offers a hand to watch Moose while Galloway is taking on The Miracle but of course Galloway had to decline. That’s how we got into this mess in the first place. Galloway had better watch his front, his back, and who says they’re on his side.

Bram & Rosemary II


Back to the lovebirds. Bram is comforting. Rosemary is insecure but she trusts in Bram and is able to confide in him unlike anyone she’s ever met. Now if only she can stop having flashbacks of talking to trees and imaginary players. What exactly is going on here? Why is Bram dressed like Jeff Hardy? And where is Decay? Find out next time on Impact Wrestling!


Fact of Life with your host Eli Drake


Eli Drake heard what Lashley had to say about claiming all the gold and he likes the idea. He likes the idea alright, but for himself! He wants a shot at the dual champ, 2 titles against 1. Right as he is about to call out the champ, a well timed interruption occurs.


It’s ‘The Cowboy’ James Storm! He wants that King of the Hill championship and he’s coming for it! He actually has a lot of nice things to say about Eli Drake but he’s disappointed in how he carries himself. Drake declines and tries to dismiss The Cowboy. Storm hits him with a Yo Momma joke and Drake loses it. He doesn’t quite cave in but he does give Storm some stipulations. He will give Storm a title shot but if he loses, he has to stop drinking beer, stop driving the Boozer Cruiser, and do something about his music. And then, shenanigans.


Drake hits a BFT and leaves James Storm on his back with no beer. Yikes.


 The Fixer


I’ve been ignoring this for a month now and you should too!

Getting It Fixed?


Grado and Shera are outnumbered and they seek the services of The Fixer. His price is way too high, he needs to cut it. What will they do? Who will help them? Tyrus isn’t gonna do it. 2 on 3 is a beatdown waiting to happen.

Decay Vs. The BroMans – TNA Tag Team Championship Match


A Monster’s Ball match? How bout a let’s fight right now in the back match?! The two tag teams battle it out for the gold before we hit a commercial break.When we come back, they’ve finally made it to the ring.Weapons galore. This match is probably 95% weapon usage and 5% flexing. Check out Crazy Steve getting slammed into thumbtacks!


Abyss saves the day and the match with a chokeslam on a board with barbed wire and Decay retain without the services of Rosemary!


Drew Galloway Vs. ‘The Miracle’ Mike Bennett

Mike comes out with Maria today. Great sight. Also, no Moose. I wonder why? Galloway comes out and before he can make it to the ring Moose attacks him from behind.


Well that just makes sense. Moose powerbombs Galloway on the apron and throws him in the ring. I bet Drew wishes he took EC3 up on his offer.


Galloway enters the match at an extreme disadvantage and that’s exactly how Bennett likes it. If you know anything about Drew Galloway, you know that nothing will stop him from competing. He fights his way into a fair match, he brings it back and evens it up. The fight comes to a head in the center of the ring. Drew is spinning Bennett around like a helicopter softening him up for a Future Shock DDT. Bennett gets free and hits Galloway with a discus punch. He goes for it again and nails the ref instead!


Galloway is able to hit his DDT but there’s no ref! Moose comes back and levels Galloway. He leaves the ring and Bennett tries to capitalize by slinging his arm over Galloway. 2 count. The ref is still a bit woozy so there’s more time for shenanigans. EC3 comes down to even things up. He’s able to take out Moose. Maria sneaks a Kendo stick into the ring,but EC3 grabs it. He swings for Bennett and comes up with Galloway!


EC3 is visibly frustrated with himself and Moose is able to pull him out of the ring and hit him with a Game Breaker. Mike Bennett would pick up Galloway and plant him with the MIP. Bennett is going to the finals, and Galloway is going after EC3 undoubtedly.


Impact Wrestling (7/21/16)

The First 30 Minutes

The Bound For Glory playoffs start tonight! Will we be seeing Moose again? Is The Miracle done wrecking things? Will Jeff Hardy ever be the same? Let’s watch.

The Land of Deletion


We see Jeff Hardy AKA Obsolete Mule with his motorcycle. He’s facing the demons of having been deleted. He’s a nice guy to just be okay with being deleted. He just needs some fresh air and a nice ride, maybe hit a few jumps to clear his head. Matt appears, annoying as ever. Matt taunts him. H reminds him that the very ground they stand on is the same place that Jeff broke his leg forcing the Hardy’s as a tag team to come to an end. The obsolete word is being thrown around again and Jeff has had it. Matt sees Jeff go for his bike and challenges him to try it. He tells Jeff that if he tries a jump, he won’t land it because he’s a failure and history repeats itself.

About Last Week…


The TNA World Heavyweight Champion is the first person to be in the ring tonight. Lashley vents about what happened last week and it sounds like he wants a piece of this Moose character. Mike Bennett and Moose hear what Lashley has to say and they respond with their presence. Moose and Lashley have a rather intense staring battle while The Miracle belts out his I told you sos and I deserves. Lashley invites Moose into the ring for a fight and on his way to the ring, Eddie Edwards runs down and bashes him from behind. Bennett jumps in and then Lashley. All four men are brawling outside the ring until we see and hear Dixie on the big screen. She gets everyone in order and tells Mike to stay in the ring because his match will be first. Moose is barred from ringside and if he interferes in the match in any way, Mike Bennett will be fired on the spot.


Jeff Hardy’s music hits but we see Matt and Reby. Matt talks about intellectual properties, deletion, and obsolete mules. He says he will allow Jeff to compete but he has something for us to see.


Deletion Part II

We see the conclusion of the Hardy convo from the start. Jeff tries to shake it off. He yells in Matt’s face that he will succeed and gets on his bike. He revs up and flies towards the dirt hill. He goes up with the bike and comes down without it. Matt was right and he IS the type to say, “I told you so.” Jeff is pretty banged up from falling off his bike and Matt is sure to let The Miracle know about. Matt says that he and his drone, Vanguard One have made a special song for Jeff’s entrance. There’s no music. It’s just one sentence followed by Reby yelling the word obsolete. Kind of like last week!


“I’ll fade away and classify myself as obsolete.” – Vanguard One

The Miracle Vs. Jeff Hardy

Jeff has no business in the ring. The motorcycle accident really has him in bad shape. His left arm is all taped up and Mike Bennett targets it from the jump. Jeff never gets it going and even The Creatures can’t get him going. He doesn’t soar, he doesn’t fly, and he doesn’t kick out when The Miracle hits him with a Cutter. Easy win for Mike Bennett.


After the match, Matt excuses Jeff from the ring and reigns down more insults. He calls for his opponent and promises another deletion which I guess means Matt Hardy victory. Why is THAT the Boozer Cruiser? I think it is! The Cowboy is here!


Matt Hardy Vs. James Storm


Here’s what I like to see. Two proven veterans going back and forth giving the other fits. Anyone can win this match and they both know it. It appears that Matt wants it more. He’s willing to do so much to touch the strap of that championship. The fight goes off into the crowd. Matt gets flipped around a few times and Storm even drives the Boozer Cruiser into him. They take it back to ringside. Both competitors are wearing down. They’ve done a lot of damage. Hardy landed a Side Effect on the apron and Storm hit Closing Time. Storm would get the advantage and setup for the Last Call. Reby, who you’d almost forget was there is now holding a hammer. She sneaks up and bashes Storm in the ankle with it. Matt is able to hit a Twist of Fate and win the match. I have no idea where Reby got the hammer from.

From the Wolf’s Mouth


After the brawl that started the show, Eddie is ready to keep it going. He’s confident going into his match with Lashley because he’s been in the ring with him now. The main event couldn’t happen sooner.

Mike & Moose


Moose paces back and forth while Mike whines about something or another. The Miracle is 2 wins away from a title shot. Moose stops walking and starts yelling. He’s irritated. He wants Lashley bad. Lashley called him out and Moose doesn’t like that. Bennett tries to calm him down but Moose isn’t hearing it. Is Moose gonna get The Miracle fired?

A Message From the 1%


EC3 was a heel for a long time. He realized the error of his ways and he’s done his best to redeem himself. He takes a moment to sit and talk to the fans. He vows to do this the right way and get the Heavyweight title back. He gets interrupted by his current rival, Drew Galloway.


Galloway commends EC3 on his mic work and in ring ability but he knocks him for his last name. Being related to Dixie Carter HAS helped Ethan in the past but he’s been on the straight and narrow for a while now. Drew says he didn’t come down here to fight but those are fighting words! Drew did the math and the only time the two will have a chance to face off would be in the Bound For Glory Finals. The two are pushing each other’s buttons but not going past the point of no return. Ethan makes one too many jokes and now it’s time to fight. Ethan throws his jacket and gets right in the face of Galloway.


Someone is going to get punched but before that can happen, Eli Drake comes out. He excuses Galloway from the ring because Ethan will be HIS opponent tonight. The way Drake sees it, they’re both dummies, yeah!


EC3 Vs. Eli Drake

Eli Drake showed that he’s not all talk. He has some moves! He’s the King of the Mountain champion for a reason and is holding  his own against a proven perennial contender. Drake is sowing off his full move set and EC3 is having some trouble here. EC3 DOES manage to land a TK3 but nothing much comes from that. Ethan is looking for the big shot, the knockout punch, the One Percenter. Drake is not having that. He’s ducking and dodging and countering real wormy-like. Finally, Drake goes for BFT but Ethan pushes out of it and kind of sunset twists around Drake’s back and brings him down for a three count. Nice to see two of the top guys have a more technical match on Impact Wrestling!


Vanguard One


Matt Hardy just woke up one day and decided he was done being normal. His best friend is his drone. Yes, a motorized spy machine that he talks to and makes videos with. Matt and Jeff are in the back with Vanguard One and Matt asks the drone who he will be fighting next week. The drone shows a video of EC3. He then asks Vanguard One for a game plan and words pop up on the screen. Of course Matt has no choice but to excuse TNA cameras at this point. He’s a weirdo and I love it sometimes.

Maria, Maria


Maria wants to hold a State of the Knockouts conversation to clear up a few things that have been going on. Allie is such a Yes Man and it’s starting to annoy Maria. Maria just wants to be the best leader she can be and prove to Dixie that she deserves to be in charge of the Knockouts division. Allie just wants to be her lap dog.

Lashley Is Big MAD


Lashley has words for everyone; The Miracle, Moose, Eddie Edwards and the entire locker room. HE is the champ and he’s willing to fight anyone and everyone in his way. He is a destroyer and he doesn’t want anyone to ever forget.

State of the Knockouts Division



Allie uses that oh so sweet voice of hers to draw everyone’s attention. She introduces Maria and the First Lady of Professional Wrestling enters the ring. Surprisingly, Maria is upbeat and apologetic! She even apologizes for the way things have been lately. Jade & Gail aren’t hearing or buying it. They rightfully feel that they are owed title shots. Gail gets into it verbally with Sienna and Allie before she and Maria exchange words. Maria says that Gail is being selfish and that she should let these other women have their moments. Gail says she’ll beat every woman in the ring if that’s what it takes. Maria calls her bluff. She also says that whoever can beat Gail in a match will be rewarded handsomely. Marti Belle and Jade start brawling outside the ring, and from out of nowhere Madison Rayne attacks Gail Kim from behind. Referees and officials come break up the Marti/Jade fight. Madison has some words for Gail before the ring clears and all the woman head to the back.


Rosemary & Bram


Rosemary is quite the temptress or as Good Ol’ JR would say, the Jezebel! She crawls up on Bram in the back and declares herself a changed woman. Her lady parts flowing out of her two sizes too small top, the seductive grin. Bram tells her of his championship aspirations and she seems supportive (no pun intended but it’s there). Rosemary volunteers her services at ringside and a tongue tied Bram doesn’t exactly answer her, but he does go in for a kiss. I’ll take that as a no thank you, but we can talk later if ya know what I mean!


Heels Gon’ Heel


Mahabali Shera is minding his own business in the back when he’s attacked by The Tribunal minus Al Snow. They lay him out easy and even spit on him before they leave. Necessary? Probably not.

Bram Vs. Drew Galloway

Bram comes to the ring alone, sorry Rosemary. He and Drew are about the same size. I never really noticed that before. Maybe because Bram is just starting to get his push and Galloway is already the man. Bram is proving that he’s well worth the extra attention. He’s putting on a great show out there. Countering the Future Shock DDT and even dodging a Claymore. Bram has Drew on the top rope and he’s looking for something big. Drew has other plans. He fights back and grabs Bram from the top. He locks his fingers and jumps. Future Shock DDT from the top rope! Maybe Bram should’ve allowed Rosemary to accompany him.


Drew Galloway Doesn’t Believe in Miracles


Drew Galloway doesn’t have time to celebrate after his match with Bram, he has EC3 on the brain. Mike Bennett comes around and reminds him that he’s not in the finals yet and may end up facing The Miracle instead. Galloway reminds him of how unpredictable Moose is and that Moose can end up getting him fired. Bennett angrily runs of in search of Moose.

Eddie Edwards Vs. Lashley – Six Sides of Steel (Title Vs. Title)


Before the match begins, Eddie flies from inside the ring and crashes down on Lashley outside. The match can’t begin until both men enter and the door is shut and locked. They seem to be content just duking it out without the cage. Eventually the two would make it into the ring and the cage would be locked.

Eddie is a two time X Division champion. He’s a high flying kind of guy, but Lashley has a way of keeping guys grounded. Lashley is throwing Edwards around with ease, slamming him into the cage, almost toying with him. After a huge Spinebuster, Lashley is looking to finish this. He posts up for a Spear. He charges at Edwards full speed and Eddie moves! The balance has shifted but it’s really just evened out. Eddie is looking for some dynamic offense. He climbs the cage and before he can do anything else, Lashley is underneath him standing on the top rope. Lashley is going for a powerbomb from the top but Eddie counters with a HUGE hurracarrana. After that, he’s in the corner setting up for a Boston Knee Party. He connects his knee to Lashley’s face but only gets a 2!


Edwards doesn’t know what to do next. He may have tweaked his knee. He’s still looking for a high risk maneuver. He climbs up and perches on the top rope. Lashley nails him and presses him. He throws him into the cage door and it flings open. Edwards falls out the ring. As he tries to get back into the cage, Lashley Spears him and he falls down the stairs.


Lashley walks over to Edwards and throws him back in the ring. Edwards is trying to recover and Lashley is having bad thoughts. Lashley grabs the Heavyweight title and brings it back in the ring with him. As he turns to tee off on the head of Edwards, Edwards lands a second Boston Knee Party! Another 2 count. Edwards goes back to what he knows, climbing.


This time it wouldn’t end well. Lashley shakes the cage causing Edwards to be hung up at the top. Lashley lands a HUGE superplex and sets up for a Spear. He connects with the Spear and sets up for another. He sees the heart of the wolf and respects it. Before Edwards can unscramble his brain, Lashley is turning him inside out with a second Spear. That would prove to be enough for the win. Lashley is now a Unified Champion.


After Lashley receives his titles he walks over to Edwards. In what appears to be a show of good sportsmanship, he lifts him up. He then immediately pushes him back down and lines up for a third Spear. EC3 won’t let this happen. He runs down to the rescue and starts wailing on the champ. Matt Hardy runs in and attacks Ethan. The two will be facing each other next week as the BFG playoffs continue. Now Drew Galloway wants in on the action and attacks Hardy. Mike Bennett and Moose come in and it’s a free for all!


It doesn’t really make sense, but roll with it. Goodnight people.

Impact Wrestling 7/12/16


Tonight is Destination X! What does the X Division have in store for us? What’s next for Matt Hardy? Will we see The Miracle? Who will walk away with all the gold?

The Final Deletion: Aftermath

Although Brother Nero was deleted last week, we start off seeing him have a nightmare. In his dream he’s wrapping duct tape around his head. He wakes up at home on his couch in a panic.


Over on the Matt Hardy side of things, we see Matt walking around the battlefield. He’s collected all of Jeff’s things in a garbage bag. He comes up to the boat he hid under when Jeff was shooting fireworks at him. He thanks it for protecting him asks it if he can use its services, and even names it! Matt gets in the boat and says he will bury the last material possessions of Brother Nero. One of his drones flies by bringing him Jeff’s shirt. He thanks the drone and adds the shirt to the bag. He drops the bag into the lake and watches it sink. Isn’t that littering?


X Division Ladder Match (Rockstar Spud Vs. Braxton Sutter Vs. DJZ Vs. Mandrews Vs. The Helms Dynasty)


The letter X is literally hanging from above as the competitors arrive on the scene. From the very beginning, Mandrews and DJZ are flying all over the place. As expected, a lot of high risk maneuvers and crazy shenanigans. There was a moment where Trevor Lee got caught in between two ladders and a boot to the groin. Lee was really out there risking it all.


After Lee took a crazy spill from the top of a ladder in the ring, to the heads of his opponents outside the ring, DJZ is able to climb the ladder untouched and unbothered to retrieve the X.


DJZ Witnesses A Miracle


After DJZ wins the match, he gives a passionate speech about how hard he’s been working and the time he’s put in. He tells the crowd and us at home that we’re looking at the next X Division champion.Wham. The first strike of the night. Mike Bennett sucker punches DJZ and totally kills his moment. He grabs a microphone and reminds us of what he said last week. He will be destroying this show. That means that this won’t be the last time we see he and Maria out here.




Ethan is still looking to throw hands with Drew Galloway. He doesn’t want a match, he wants a fight and he’s ready — tonight.

Dixie Carter Has News!!


Dixie is here and she’s got news. In a backstage interview she spills the beans about the day change and time. Impact Wrestling will be back on Thursday nights at 8E/5P starting July 21. She’s also here to dish on the Bound For Glory Playoffs. They will begin on July 21!

Champions Face Off


Lashley and Eddie Edwards face off one last time before their match tonight. Lashley expects Eddie to back down but The Wolf doesn’t have that in his heart. Lashley would end up blindsiding Edwards and powerslamming him. Lashley grabs a chair and seeks to do some serious damage to Eddie Edwards. Out of nowhere we see Davey Richards! We haven’t seen him in quite some time and he comes to the aide of his partner. The Wolves toss Lashley out the ring and he is furious. Richards straps the World Heavyweight title around his buddies waist. With Richards in play, does Edwards have the advantage going into the match? Will The Wolves come out together? We’ll see in due time.




Abyss and Crazy Steve are still ticked about seeing Rosemary kissing all over Bram last week. The two meet in secrecy and plot. Operation Eliminate Bram is a go.

The Final Deletion: Deletion Completion


Hardy Cinema is hosting a viewing of The Final Deletion. Matt invites a bunch of people over and calls for Reby to bring in Maxel. Their house is like something from Goosebumps or Scooby Doo. Reby pulls a book that swings open a bookcase revealing Maxel’s room. She puts him in a sling and slides down a pole to the theater room. The group watches the cooky match and Matt hails Maxel the heir to the Hardy name. He holds up his child and there’s a quick flash of that xylophone, people are chanting, “deletion completion,” and Matt has lost what little sense he had left.CrazyMatt.png

The Monster Abyss (w/Crazy Steve) Vs. Bram


Bram is almost as big as The Monster Abyss which is saying something. The two behemoths go blow for blow until Abyss hits a Chokeslam. Rosemary, who for the first time in a LONG time didn’t come out with the guys is out on the ramp.


Her arrival distracts honestly everyone but Bram has common sense enough to at least try to finish the match. He’s able to sneak up on Abyss and roll him up from behind for a three count. Bram exits the ring and Rosemary walks right up to him. Will they kiss? Will she leave with him? Will Bram join Decay? She gently puts her hand on his chest and they look each other in the eyes. Bram steps to the side and walks around her leaving all of Decay in disarray and wondering, what’s next?



4 Way Knockouts Championship Match (Sienna w/Allie Vs. Jade Vs. Marti Belle Vs. Gail Kim)


Gail Kim has absolutely no patience today. She runs up the ramp interrupting Sienna’s entrance and starts the brawl. The bell rings but Gail isn’t here for a match, she’s hear to fight. She strips the belt from Sienna and tries to hit her with it. Sienna counters. Meanwhile in the ring, Jade and Marti are going at it again. Allie came out with Sienna but she’s been playing the background since she saw Gail running up the ramp. That would all change. After a Doomsday Device gone wrong, Marti Belle is the last woman standing. She lands Protect Yo Neck on Jade and is able to counter Sienna’s attack with a boot. Gail has gotten up and hits Eat Defeat on Marti Belle and goes for a cover. Allie wisely puts Marti’s foot on the bottom rope and gets the ref’s attention. The referee is forced to break the count. Gail figures out what happens and she’s looking to exact some revenge on Allie. She bounces off the ropes and gets ready to fly. Before she can make her move she’s knocked into next Thursday by Sienna. Sienna hits her with The Silencer which is just a really suck finisher but she’s a tad bigger than the other girls so I guess that’s supposed to sell it. Three count, she retains, Allie shrieks. Allie must idolize Vickie Guerrero.


The Final Deletion: Last Supper


The Hardy family (Maxel, Reby, Matt….all tree of y’all) are sitting for dinner. Maxel is being asked to pass things and Reby is declining his little outreached hand as if he’s offering food. Soooooo he’s a grown up now? Matt wants green beans but there aren’t any so he asks the server/hostess to make some post haste. He also speaks to her in Spanish until she tells him she’s Romanian. He dismisses her and tells her not to bring back mustard because I guess he doesn’t like mustard. Reby gives a toast and Matt approves. Matt says that tomorrow on Impact, he’ll be making sure that Brother Nero is officially and publicly deleted. He then gets stuck saying, “DELETE,” until we go to commercial.


Lashley Speaks


Lashley is still upset about what happened earlier. He claims he could’ve taken Richards out but he let him live. He wants Richards at ringside to witness the destruction of his partner and the devastation of the X Division.

The Hardy Segments Are Always LIT


The Hardy Family is here! Matt comes out proud of last week’s accomplishments. He wants the crowd to see what he’s done to Brother Nero. He stripped him of his paint, his music, and his soul. He asks Reby to bring him out. Reby announces Jeff as Brother Nero from a place even worse than Parts Unknown; DELETION. Jeff comes out in street clothes with no music, no paint, and no energy. As he walks down the ramp, Reby yells, “Obsolete,” at him every few steps.


He gets right outside the ring and stops. Matt tells him that he’s terminated his contract with TNA and that Brother Nero can never wrestle again. Not for McMahon or New Japan Pro Wrestling. Matt tells his brother that he owns him. He will keep him as his assistant and use him as his obsolete mule. He tells him that deletion is a worse punishment than death and dismisses him from the ring. Matt owns the Hardy brand and all intellectual properties tied to the name Hardy. Matt gets stuck saying delete again before he gathers up his family and leaves the ring.


DJZ: The DJ That Don’t Play


We finally see Mike & Maria again and they’re up to no good. They’re backstage looking for Eddie Edwards. Maybe it’s an ambush, maybe it’s just a distraction. Either way it doesn’t matter because DJZ is here too! He steps right up to Mike and challenges him to a match. He’s clearly still fired up from The Miracle’s assault earlier. Surprisingly, Mike accepts the challenge and the match will happen tonight!

DJZ Vs. Mike Bennett (w/Maria)


DJZ is a smaller guy with a lot of heart and it shows in this match. He’s taking a beating after already taking a beating earlier in the ladder match. Mike is hitting him with Cutters, and Spinebusters, and fists. Somehow, DJZ musters up enough fight to put Bennett on his heels. Bennett takes a flurry of kicks, punches, and a Hurricarana outside the ring. DJZ is positioning himself to fly when Bennett retreats up the ramp. He decides he’s done with the match. He abandons the match AND Maria but before he can get too far, the entire X Division comes out and forces him to back in the ring.


With his focus on the guys outside, DJZ manages to roll him up inside the ring for the win. The Miracle is furious. He takes a microphone and whines about his reality. He’s still on a mission to burn TNA to the ground and now he appears to have a partner in crime. No, not Maria, but the way he’s talking it must be an outsider.


Drew Galloway


Drew is ticked that TNA won’t sanction a match between he and EC3 so he figures why not just get in the ring and fight? Can’t blame him for that idea.

A Miraculous Phone Call


Mike gets on the phone with someone and he tells them to get there as soon as possible. He’s visibly frustrated and ready to wreak some more havoc. Who is this mystery caller? This is like nWo 2016 over here. Maybe it’s one of his ROH buddies. Will The Miracle succeed in destroying tonight’s Main Event? He’s already FAILed at ruining the night as a whole.

Galloway & EC3


THIS is how you build a rivalry. Galloway comes out in street clothes and calls out EC3. Ethan at least hopes they can be friends again somewhere down the road, but for now he’s ready to fight! It gets on and poppin’ before anyone in the back can say otherwise. No ref because this is not a match. Chair shots, stiff clotheslines, and steel posts are all fair game. These two throw everything at each other and the brawl moves to the back. Superstars and officials are on hand to break up the fight. This is not the end people. The war has just begun.

The Wolves Are Ready


Davey and Eddie are having a conversation while Davey tapes up Eddie’s hands for him. Davey asks Eddie if he wants his tape submission style or knockout style. He asks for knockout style. Davey tells Eddie that he’s still not 100% but he’s ready to get back in the ring. He calls Eddie family and tells him he’ll be there for him at ringside.

Eddie Edwards (w/Davey Richards) Vs. Lashley


This is a great match! Two savvy vets going at it for all the gold. Power vs. Finesse, Flyer vs. Slammer. It gets to a point where both guys are visibly worn down. Lashley hoist Edwards up on his shoulder and the ref gets knocked down. Lashley lands a Powerslam and goes for the cover but there’s no ref! He decides to really punish Edwards. He leaves the ring and looks at both titles on display.


He grabs his Heavyweight title and brings it in the ring. Before he can even think to swing it, Richards is there to stop it. The Wolves hit that Super Kick Brainbuster combination and Richards runs out the ring. The ref rolls over and counts. Only two! Lashley is able to get a shoulder up at the last minute. I guess the match is over?Mike Bennett appears out of nowhere and takes out the referee. He grins at Eddie before pointing towards the stage. A familiar song blares out of the sound system. Is it REALLY him?


It is! It’s Moose! This guy was a BEAST in ROH! As a former NFL football player, he’s just now coming into his own as a wrestler and his contract with ROH is up.

Moose makes quick work of both Wolves and goes toe to toe with Lashley. Bennett low blows Lashley from behind and Moose spins him around and lands a HUGE clothesline. The Miracle by way of Moose has destroyed the Main Event.


Dixie Is NOT Amused


In a backstage interview immediately following the assault, Dixie is beyond upset. She says the fans deserve an end to this match and they will get it next week. A rematch without all of these outside interferences and shenanigans. Six Sides of Steel.

TNA 7/5/16

The Final Deletion (Act I)

The show starts off with an older Hispanic gentleman reading a disclaimer. Okay… Then the camera pans over the ranch in North Carolina. You know this has to do with The Final Deletion. Matt and Reby are throwing a lucha libre inspired birthday party for their one year old son Maxel. The same Hispanic man from the opening scene pulls Reby aside and asks her about Matt. They’re speaking in Spanish and there are subtitles. The man asks, “Is he sick?” Reby replies also in Spanish, “He’s not sick, he’s motivated, but today is not about Matt or Jeff. Today is about Maxel.” We see Matt sitting at the table with Maxel looking at gifts. Matt gets excited about a xylophone for some reason. Weird. Reby asks him what he got for Maxel and Matt says in that Matt Hardy way that his gift will be expunging Jeff Hardy from the family name. He asks Reby to ritualistically light Maxel’s birthday candle and tells the Hispanic man now identified as an assistant (Señor Benjamin) to prepare the ring for the match later. End Scene.


The First 30 Minutes

Maria and Mike sure know how to start a show off right. They come down Mike with X Division title in hand, and make it very clear that they want to cash in, right now, before Mike has to defend it again. Mike calls for whomever he has to talk in order to trade in the title for his match and out comes someone…


It looks like Dixie Carter is back from her little hiatus and she looks good! Some time off has done her well and she’s here to maybe give The Miracle what he wants? Not exactly. She wasn’t a fan of the way Mike’s match with Braxton Sutter went down last week and she wants to do justice to the X Division title. The only way she feels she can honor the prestige of this title is to have an Ultimate X match right here, right now. If Mike wins and retains, he’s free to cash in as he pleases next week.


Ultimate X (X Division Championship Match)


The competitors come out and it’s the usual faces. All the guys from last week. The one odd spot involved Braxton Sutter and Rockstar Spud. Spud took a boot to the face and dropped. He held his face and ran off to the back with one of the referees. He did not return to the match.


Of course there were flips and kicks and climbing, but what made this match interesting was Mike Bennett’s lack of well…..everything! He played the sidelines as much as he could, he attempted no high risk moves, and he only tried to shimmy his way to the championship maybe twice. When he failed to stay on the wires he decided to look under the ring and try using a ladder. Just 10 minutes ago he was proclaiming himself the greatest X Division Champion ever and NOW he can’t even climb a rope. After Trevor Lee, Braxton Sutter, and DJZ jump on everyone, and Mandrews hits a backflip off of the scaffolding.


Things get amped. There’s an all out war that ends with Eddie Edwards and Mike Bennett as the last two standing. Eddie is working his way across the X in a more traditional manner, as The Miracle climbs a ladder. Eddie kicks the ladder over and grabs the title. New champion! After the match, Eddie Edwards is asked in an interview if he wants to exercise Option C at Destination X. He’s still high on getting the title back. He says he has to give it some thought.



Galloway Vs. Ec3?

In footage from last week, we see EC3 and Drew Galloway arguing over the past month’s events. EC3 thinks Galloway is an undeserving crybaby and Galloway sees EC3 as an unwanted pest that keeps interfering in his title matches. The two duke it out in the parking lot until a bunch of wrestlers come break it up. Both Superstars ended up being suspended this week to get some time to cool off.


James Storm Vs. Eli Drake (King of the Hill Championship Match)

James Storm and Eli Drake bring last week’s energy into this week’s programming. Drake brings his belt and James brings his beer. The veteran is tossing Drake around and in full control of the match. Drake grabs his title and asks the ref to disqualify him. He wants nothing to do with The Cowboy. The ref manages to wrestle the belt away from Drake and the fight continues. Storm eventually hits the Last Call but Eli Drake falls outside the ring. Storm at first waits and when he realizes Drake may be counted out, he slides out the ring and tries to drag Eli back inside the ring. The ref gets to 8 and Storm has to roll back in the ring and out to break the count. While Storm is doing this, Drake is grabbing the King of the Mountain championship. When Storm comes back to pick up Drake’s pieces he’s in for a rude awakening. Eli Drake attacks him with the title disqualifying himself. Drake loses the match but retains his title. He throws James Storm in the ring and hits him with BFT (Blunt Force Trauma) before gloating and leaving the ring.


Jade Vs. Marti Belle (Street Fight)

Marti brings with her to the ring a familiar friend — the baton she’s been using to attack Jade every week. There are trash cans full of weapons everywhere. The two Knockouts go at it with everything from kendo sticks to trash can lids to baking sheets!


After Marti receives the, “I’m-in-a-trash can-getting-the-stuffing-kicked-out-of-me” treatment, Jade goes for a Package Piledriver on top of the trash can. Marti flips Jade onto the trash can instead and goes for her baton. Just when Marti feels like she has the upper hand, Jade pulls out nunchucks.


The nunchuck proves mightier than the baton. Jade places a chair in the middle of the ring and plants Marti Belle on top of the chair with a Package Piledriver. Jade wins.


The Final Deletion (Act II)


Jeff Hardy walks into a house and picks up a guitar. He spots a drone floating outside the window. He opens the door and lets it in. Matt Hardy computerized voice yells Brother Nero a bunch of times until Jeff swings at it with the guitar. A hologram of Matt Hardy emerges. Hologram Matt tells Jeff to prepare for Final Deletion is soon. Jeff chases the drone out of the house and off the property.


You or Me, and Destination X


The Miracle has lost his title and his mind. After the match, he grabbed a microphone and had a few things to say. The audience at home didn’t see this until after the Jade/Marti Belle Street Fight. Maria wants answers and calls out Dixie Carter. Billy Corgan comes out instead. Maria is getting crazier by the minute and wants Dixie’s job. She says, “Dixie Carter, it’s either you or me,” as if Dixie would step down for Maria to be President. The Miracle has had enough too. He demands to be in the Main Event of Destination X, and says that if he isn’t, the couple will quit TNA. Billy Corgan interjects and calls them spoiled children. They’ve been handed opportunities and they haven’t followed through. Billy tells them if they want to quit, he’ll hold the door open for them. The Miracle must’ve had a change of heart because he says they won’t quit and instead, he will ruin Destination X. The entire show. Guess we’ll have to see what that means exactly.


The Final Deletion (Act III)


Señor Benjamin is hard at work. He’s tightening ropes, shoveling, and carrying fireworks. Yes, fireworks. Even Reby stops by and asks Señor Benjamin what he’s doing with all these things. He smiles and simply replies, “Preparing the battlefield for massacre.” Matt comes by with a bottle of gasoline. He asks Señor Benjamin to add that in the mix because it takes a lot to delete a Brother Nero.

The Destroyer Speaks

Lashley congratulates Eddie Edwards on his Ultimate X win and warns him that initiating Option C is not a good idea. Climbing and flipping is not the same as using your hands and fighting.


The Bromans & Raquel Vs. Decay

Jessie Godderz has been toying around with the backstage cameras lately and it looks like he’s caught some good footage that may help him and Robbie in their match against Decay. He tells everyone in the Impact Zone to look up at the screen, including Decay who are still coming down the ramp. Apparently, Rosemary and Bram were making out hot and heavy and Godderz caught it all on camera. The smooching caught Decay off guard and The Bromans were able to find an opening and take advantage. Decay never bounced back from the initial shock of Rosemary’s video and the Bromans were able to pull off the victory pretty easily hitting the Bro Down.



The Decision


Eddie Edwards stands in the middle of the ring ready to make his decision. Just before he tells us what his plan is, Lashley comes down to interrupt. I guess Lashley decided to voice his opinion to Eddie’s face, a bully tactic really. Eddie is not intimidated by Lashley and doesn’t back down. Lashley seems to have an even better idea than Option C. He tells Eddie Edwards not to vacate the X Division title, and to defend it against him in a Title Vs. Title match instead. Eddie accepts. After a cheap shot from Lashley, Edwards gets the best of the champ and hits him with a Boston Knee Party. A furious Lashley walks away and Edwards is left in the ring with both titles. Whoa. Didn’t see that coming.


The Final Deletion (Final Act)

A referee drives up to Matt Hardy’s ring. Matt tells him he saw him in a premonition and asks him if he’s a licensed official. Matt summons Jeff by playing a violin. Matt and Jeff go to their respective corners and the ref starts the fight.


Jeff comes out guns blazing and hits a superplex almost immediately. Jeff looks under the ring and finds what looks like a piece of fence. He throws Matt into it and goes for a pin. After a two count, Matt reverses an Irish whip and hits a Twist of Fate. Matt goes for a pin and Jeff kicks out at two. An enraged Matt Hardy grabs a Kendo stick and lays waste to Brother Nero. If that wasn’t enough, he takes a ladder and bashes his brain in. Matt starts choking his brother with the ladder screaming, “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!”


He throws the ladder and begins to bite Jeff, first on his fingers and then on his side. He goes for the Side Effect and Jeff counters and lands a Twist of Fate of his own. Jeff goes up top and lands a Swanton Bomb. Matt kicks out at two. Jeff sets up a ladder horizontally in the corner and plants Matt with a Twist of Hate. He puts Matt on the ladder and climbs a tree in the background. He gets mad high and crashes down onto Matt and through the ladder. Still only a two count. Both men are hurt but Matt may have moved just enough for Jeff to get mostly ladder. Matt slips out of the ring  under the bottom rope. Jeff walks to the ropes and Matt strikes him with a chair. Matt drops the chair for a better weapon.


Fireworks are now on display and Jeff is in running. When Matt runs out of ammo, it’s Jeff’s turn. Jeff chases Matt to a lake where Matt hides under a boat. Matt emerges and the two brawl. Matt gets Jeff in a sleeper hold and the two drop into the lake. Matt comes up and declares Jeff deleted. Suddenly, Nero (not Jeff) pops up out the water and strangles Matt with a parasol umbrella while laughing maniacally.


Just when it looks like Nero has Matt down for the count, Señor Benjamin runs to the rescue and uses a taser on a wet Nero. Brother Nero disappears. Matt grabs a flashlight. He finds Nero on the ground and calls over the ref. He pins Nero one, two, three. When he takes off his mask, it’s Señor Benjamin!


Matt looks all over for Brother Nero when suddenly Jeff attacks him in the dirt. He chokes him out and climbs this big sign hoping to end it all. Matt is starting to come to. He’s having flashbacks of all of his recent encounters with Jeff. Reby appears and hands Matt Maxel’s birthday candle. Matt uses it to light the sign his brother is standing on on fire. Jeff falls down and Matt capitalizes on this moment. He throws his brother in the sand and pins him, one, two, three. Brother Nero has been deleted.


Impact Wrestling 6/28/16

The First 30 Minutes…..

Maria Kanellis-Bennett, Mike Bennett, Ethan Carter III and Lashley walk into a ring. This isn’t the set up for a joke, it’s actually how Impact Wrestling started. The latter two names will be back in the ring later tonight when Lashley defends his TNA World Heavyweight Championship in a Triple Threat Match. How does ‘The Miracle’ fit into this equation? Well last week, he defeated Eddie Edwards for the X Division Championship and he wants in on the Heavyweight title picture. Like Austin Aries or Rockstar Spudd, Bennett plans on trading in the X Division title for a shot at the winner of tonight’s main event.


The guys actually IN tonight’s match have grown tired of Bennett’s claims and false sense of entitlement, especially EC3. All of the finger pointing and raucous in the ring brings Billy Corgan out from the back. He quickly settles things down by booking an X Division Battle Royale. The winner of that match (held tonight), will take on Mike Bennett for the X Division title.


Bennett is clearly upset and decides to take it out on EC3. He blindsides him and unloads a flurry of punches. EC3 gets the upper hand and returns some shots only to be laid out by Lashley. Bennett takes his X Division title, says a few words to EC3, and he and Maria bail. Out comes Drew Galloway. He manages to drop Lashley and sets up for a Claymore kick. Lashley moves and EC3 ends up catching a boot to the face. Lashley leaves and Drew will have some explaining to do when Ethan comes to.


Gail Kim Vs. Sienna (TNA Knockouts Championship Match)

The next TNA Hall of Famer Gail Kim would have a chance to add to her legacy with yet another title reign if she could knock off Sienna in the first match of the night. Maria didn’t come down to show support but Allie sure did. Gail had a pretty firm grasp on the pulse of the match until Allie got involved. The outsider is always a distraction. Jade had seen enough and decided that she would come out and even the odds. She pulled Allie off the apron and went for that Package Piledriver on the outside. Luckily for Allie, Marti Belle showed up to attack Jade again.


Allie used it as her chance to take a swing at Gail. She missed but Sienna didn’t miss when she threw all of her weight into Kim at full force with a new move called ‘The Silencer’. Three count. Match.


Eli Drake Hosts Fact of Life w/Guest James Storm


King of the Hill Champion Eli Drake has a pretty nice setup. He has his belt and he has his show. He has a button which he uses to call people dumb. This week he talks about how great he is (as usual) and invites Cowboy James Storm to the ring.


Drake first praises Storm for his tenure with the company, and then things get sour. He asks him where his gold is, what he’s doing with the rest of his career, and why he’s such a loser now. James Storm takes it all in stride and drinks it off. He challenges Eli Drake to a drinking game and gets the crowd to use his own words against him. Now everyone is calling Eli Drake a dummy and every time Drake hits his button, Storm is drinking. It got rather amusing. Eli eventually loses his cool, crosses a line, burns a bridge, and tells Storm to leave. Storm obliges but before he goes, he promises Drake a future ass whoopin’ and hits him with a Last Call.




Unfortunately we didn’t get to see Decay in action this week but we DID get to see some footage from BEFORE the show started and an interaction with former King of the Hill Champion, Bram. It seems that Rosemary and Decay have taken a liking to Bram. Will he fight the trio off or eventually….decay?


The Brother Nero Chronicles


The last time we saw Matt Hardy, Brother Nero was putting him through a couple tables. Hey Reby! Just saying hi.Well Matt has his lovely wife Reby Sky wheel him down to ringside in a wheelchair. Dramatic much? The crowd chants, “We want Jeff!” Matt says, “Of course you creatures want my brother Nero!” Matt yells about being responsible for all the success of the Hardy name and calls for ‘Brother Nero’ to come out. Out comes Jeff. Jeff has just about had it with his brother. He’s beaten him time and time again and all Matt does is ask for a rematch. So what do you think Matt asks Jeff for? Yep. Another rematch. He wants 6 weeks to heal before the match. Jeff accepts and Reby loses it. She grabs a mic and pretty much tells Jeff to stop encouraging this behavior by accepting matches with his crazy brother. Matt suddenly jumps out of the wheelchair and blindsides Jeff. He rolls him in the ring and brutalizes him, even hitting him with a Twist of Hate through a steel chair. He declares their match, “The Final Deletion,” and says it will take place in Cameron, North Carolina next week. Which Hardy will come out on top?


X Division Battle Royale & Title Match


You’d honestly think there were more X Division Superstars in TNA but apparently, no! There’s about 7 guys in the ring and it just goes to show how awesome these guys are. The Miracle and Maria are sitting with Josh Matthews and Pope in commentary to get a birds eye view of what’s going down. The winner of this match will face Bennett tonight for the X Division title. Eddie Edwards is looking like a favorite to win and DJZ is igniting the crowd. Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett are a team and that gives them an advantage. These are the key players along with Braxton Sutter. Rockstar Spud is the first eliminated, followed by Mandrews and DJZ. Eddie, Sutter, and The Helms Dynasty are all that’s left. At this point, Bennett is talking mad reckless on the mic. Eddie is flying but finds himself in a compromising situation. That’s when The Miracle gets involved. He grabs Eddie’s leg and is just enough of a distraction for Trevor Lee to eliminate him. The Helms Dynasty and Sutter remain.


Things are looking good for The Helms Dynasty. The numbers are in their favor, but Braxton Sutter is a fighter. He finds an opening and somehow manages to pull off the upset! Gregory Shane Helms is livid and orders his crew to dismantle Sutter, leaving him in a pile for The Miracle to pick apart.


The match started quickly and was over just as quickly. Sutter DID try to quickly roll up Bennett and steal a victory, but a fresh Mike Bennett hit the MIP and that was that. The Miracle weasels his way out of another true match and is now free to cash in that title for a World Heavyweight title match at Destination X.


The Tribunal Vs. Grado, Shera, and ???

Al Snow and his cronies are back for their weekly bullying of Grado and Shera, but this time Al will be in the ring as well. Before Grado and Shera can announce their third partner, The Tribunal attack them. So we’re still waiting as Shera and Grado get demolished. The one thing Grado mentioned to say before the clubbing was that he has a lot of faith in this guy and he’s real strong dude.


I guess it’s safe to say that he was telling the truth. Tyrus is a one man wrecking crew. He easily and convincingly takes out the entire Tribunal by himself for an easy W.

The Main Event: EC3 Vs. Drew Galloway Vs. Lashley (TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match)


Finally. The moment we’ve somewhat been waiting for. Who will win this match and defend the TNA World Heavyweight title against The Miracle at Destination X? We have arguably the top 3 guys in the company throwing haymakers at each other. EC3 was bleeding from his chest and the crowd was seemingly on his side the entire match. At one point he gave Galloway the finger. The match broke down when Ethan landed a TK3 on Lashley and set him up for The One Percenter. Drew Galloway ran in and hit EC3 with a Claymore which allowed Lashley to escape his clutches, roll out the way, and hit Galloway with a Spear. Instead of going for a pin, he waited until Ethan stood up and nailed him with a Spear too. Covered Ethan, 1,2,3. Lashley retains. Looks like we’ll be seeing The Miracle take on Lashley at Destination X.