NXT (8/17/16)



After the antics of both men last week, they will meet face to face in an interview tonight!

Hideo Itami Vs. Mustafa Ali


Another week, another CWC guy given an opportunity to impress! With the Cruiserweight division coming to RAW, it only makes since that these guys get accustomed to the WWE style of things . Plus it gives Hideo a chance to look REALLy dominant. Hideo gets the win, we learn about Mustafa Ali. Win/WIn. Well….you get the point.

Why You Gotta Be So Roode?


We get a quick look at Bobby Roode, Mr. Glorious himself. We see a few pictures of him from his younger years, but nothing from Test N’ Albert if ya know what  mean.

Bayley/Asuka II Preview


UFC isn’t the only promotion in town boasting a high profile rematch. Do you remember how this all started? The tech gurus at NXT put a nice video package together for us! Reminisce sometime.

How You Doin?


We see SmackDown’s own Carmella back in her own stomping grounds, giving a helping hand to a couple of the women here at Full Sail. They’ll be competing in a 6 Woman Tag match.

Beautiful Bliss


Much like Carmella, Alexa Bliss is getting her hands dirty with some rough around the edges talent. These are the other three women who will be involved in the 6 Woman Tag match.

Regal Sees Blue


We join William Regal in his office. He just wants to talk about last year’s TakeOver Brooklyn and how great it should be this year!


Billie Kay wants to talk about Billie Kay. She steps into the frame and politely demands that she have a match at TakeOver. She brings up her win streak and the fact that she was on SmackDown recently. She’s really getting a push here. So much so, that Mr. Regal agrees with her. He believes that she should be the welcoming committee for Ember Moon!

Liv Morgan, Nikki Glenncross & Carmella Vs. Daria Berenato, Mandy Rose, & Alexa Bliss – 6 Woman Tag Match


What an awesome way to introduce 3 newer Superstars to the roster! I think I’ve seen Mandy Rose on one of the main roster women’s IG, and Glenncross had a lot to say in an interview recently. Daria looks real tough and we all are loving some Liv Morgan.


This match rocks! Daria is somehow even tougher than she looks and Mandy Rose is proving she’s more than just a looker. Nikki is flying around and the elder spokeswomen Alexa, Liv, and Carmella can almost take the night off. Well, maybe not Liv. Not with Daria wrapped all around her at least.


The match breaks down while Carmella and Mandy Rose are legal. Carmella is doing her thing and the crowd loves it. She slips out of a move and counters with the Code of Silence. Bada Ben, Carmella and company win! I know, I’m cheesy. I can’t help it!

Secure The Premises


Regal brings security into the interview space. He explains to Joe what will NOT be tolerated and Joe understands. Byron Saxton is here, the chairs are out, and the microphones are ready. More so than anything, security is ready.

Ember Moon


Who is Ember Moon? I legit don’t know. I’m sure a lot of you guys know her quite possibly with a different name. I have no idea who this is and I’m very curious. She looks tough. I hope Billie Kay knows what she’s getting herself in to!

Joe/Nakamura Interview


Saxton conducts the interview as Regal and his security goons hover around in the back. Byron has done his homework. He’s asking some really good questions and getting some real good information out of the two. Nakamura smiles and laughs, just casually being himself. Joe drops some knowledge about his history with Nakamura. Saxton asks the two men if they respect each other. Joe respects what Nakamura has done but he feels that he and William Regal have been real disrespectful. Nakamura laughs and says, “Of course I respect Joe!” Joe is turning red. He’s not feeling the jokes and laughter. Much like last week, he takes it personal.


Security jumps on Joe and Nakamura is asked to leave. Interview over. Quick show with a ton of commercials today. No injuries before Saturday!





NXT (8/10/16)

Roode Awakening


The first thing we see is Bobby Roode walking out of William Regal’s office. He’s just gotten some good news. Whatever it is can’t be good. Oh brother.

Contract Signing


William Regal is in the ring and he gets straight to business calling Bayley and Asuka down to the ring. Bayley is like minded. She wants to get the contract signed and move time forward just enough to get her title back. Asuka is unfazed by Bayley’s words. Bayley vows to be the first woman to defeat Asuka in NXT and the first ever two time NXT Woman’s Champion. Asuka tells her she can’t do it. She doesn’t believe Bayley is skilled enough, but she does respect her. Bayley is furious. She threatens to leave Asuka lying on her back in the middle of the ring similarly to the last time Asuka had a contract signing with Nia Jax.


Asuka extends her hand for a handshake and Bayley blows right by her almost knocking her down. Bayley slides out the ring and looks up at Asuka. She slides back in and gets in her face. She must feel disrespected. Asuka seems to like Bayley’s fire. She smiles and leaves the ring.


The Authors of Pain Vs. Rob Rison & Adrian Nails


Paul Ellering has a red suit and the Authors of Pain have entrance music! The AOP showed us a few new moves en route to another victory. They’re what The Ascension always wanted to be. They close the book on Rob Rison as quickly as it was opened.


After the match, AOP decided that they couldn’t let Nails live if they had already taken out Rison. They bring him in the ring and look to dismantle him. Before they can, smash him into dust TM 61 come down the ramp looking for a fight. How polite of them? All for one I guess.

TM61 Down.png

All and one get beat down. The Authors of Pain are no joke out here. Who can stop them?

AOP Stand.png

Nakamura Interview


Shinsuke Nakamura is asked if he has any worries about Samoa Joe’s threats. He simply states, “I’m not hard to find. I’ll find him when I’m ready.” He walks away unbothered. Swag Level: 1,000

Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas Vs. Angelo Dawkins


It’s nice to see Angelo Dawkins. It’s been a while since he’s made it to TV and as a singles star nonetheless. Dawkins hit a 360˚ splash in the corner that was pretty impressive but he couldn’t capitalize. Cien would hit knees in the corner and unveil a new finishing maneuver. It was a crazy looking DDT. I like it. Almas remains undefeated.


After the match, Bobby Roode makes his way to the ring. He throws some shade at Cien and announces that the two will be facing off at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn. He congratulates him for being his future opponent? Boy, Bobby Roode sure is full of himself!

Office Day Continues


Austin Aries is in Regal’s office pleading his case to be on the TakeOver card. Regal wants him out of his hair so he has a brilliant idea. Quick thinking makes four by putting two and two together. Aries will face No Way Jose at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn. From the outside looking in, we should’ve seen this coming. It was only a matter of time. Regal jokes that Aries has been ducking Jose to which Aries replies, “I’ve been ignoring him.” Aries is full of himself but with good reason. Can No Way Jose find a weakness in his armor?

Billie Kay Vs. Liv Morgan


The battle for supremacy is still brewing in the NXT Woman’s division and Billie Kay is definitely a player. After Asuka and Bayley, there really aren’t a bunch of women contending or viewed as a threat to whoever holds the title. Billie is clearly getting a push and she would win this match with a big boot. We’ve got to keep an eye out for Liv Morgan. the crowd loved her and she was full of energy and a move set that fits her character and personality. I expect her to climb the ladder quickly with more performances like the one she displayed tonight.

More Office


G&C receive some great news! They will receive their title shot against The Revival in Brooklyn at TakeOver. The two just had an absolute classic match on the CWC last week and Regal hopes that that match didn’t stir any underlying feelings. Garagno and Ciampa assure Mr. Regal that all is well and they’ll be ready come Brooklyn.

Ember Moon


Whoa. Ember Moon looks like a Mortal Kombat character. Something about a prophecy of fire? I like it. It looks like she’ll be getting a big push early.

 Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa Vs. Tucker Knight & Patrick Clark


G&C are just a couple of smooth operators. They gel so well. It’s as if one knows what the other is thinking. This match didn’t end well for Clark and Knight. They tried it though! If G&C can keep this up, they’ll be holding the Tag Titles in no time flat.

Hideo Itami


After a win in his return last week, Itami has the night off tonight. He’ll be seeing action again next week!

Mojo Rawley Interview


Rawley is hype as usual. He calls Samoa Joe a 900 pound fat guy. He’s just upset that his match was interrupted. Let’s see if he somehow gets even.

Samoa Joe Vs. Mojo Rawley


A hype start to our main event as Mojo Rawley charges Joe like a bull! Joe slides out the ring in an attempt to flee the scene but Mojo follows suit. Rawley is finally stopped when he charges one time too many and ends up running directly into the steel steps.


Samoa Joe would take control of the match from there. Rawley would throw some retaliatory punches here and there but Joe was too much. He’s the NXT champion for a reason after all. Rawley gets some separation and charges at Joe again but this time would end up spiked.


As Samoa Joe sets up for the Coquina Clutch, he looks right into the camera and calls out Nakamura. He straps in the hold and Rawley is forced to tap. The ref brings Joe his title but Joe isn’t done just yet. He attacks Rawley again. Suddenly, Nakamura’s music hits.



Security rush the ring and form a wall around Samoa Joe. this energy needs to be saved for TakeOver. Nakamura is calm and playful. He steps into the ring and smiles. He pretends to take Joe’s nose like one would do with a child. Joe is infuriated.


Nakamura just laughs and entices Joe to bring it on. Security is doing everything they can to hold Joe back seeing as Nakamura doesn’t seem nearly as aggressive and emotional as Joe. Nakamura uses this to his advantage, walking up to Joe, reaching past security again, and slapping Joe in the face. Fade to black.


NXT 8/3/16

A lot of new faces in NXT and a lot of openings. The draft hasn’t affected NXT quite yet with most of the draftees still making the occasional appearance. Tonight we start with a familiar face making his return to NXT after 2 shoulder surgeries and over a year of recovery.

Hideo Itami Vs. Sean Maluta


Sean Maluta is the guy in the CWC that nearly injured himself with an acrobatic attempt from the inside of the ring out in his first round match. He ended up losing the match while putting forth a tremendous effort. Trained by his uncle Afa (yes, THAT Afa and YES that family tree) don’t be surprised if you see him around a lot more. Tonight isn’t about Maluta and all of his potential, it’s about Hideo and a Daniel Bryan-like knee to the face.


Top Guys


The Revival are the first ever 2 time NXT Tag Team champions and they don’t want anyone to forget. They claim that they are the best on the planet. A couple of well traveled faces interject with the utmost respect.


TM 61 just want one chance to prove what they can do. There’s a lot of buzz around them and their name’s been thrown around a lot lately. The Revival want nothing to do with them. To be fair, TM 61 haven’t beaten anyone notable just yet and Gargano and Ciampa are the #1 contenders for the titles anyway. Speaking of which…..


Gargano and Ciampa drop by to say hey and cash in on their title shot. Why not now? Why not tonight? The Revival back pedal quicker than Darrelle Revis and look over at TM 61. They apologize to G&C and tell them they’ve already made plans with TM 61. TM 61 is stoked for the opportunity but it’s abundantly clear that The Revival are ducking G&C.

Mojo Rawley Vs. Chris Atkins


Rawley is still having matches in NXT? Why not? Well I’ve never heard of this Chris Atkins guy so let’s give this a go. Maybe he’ll be a breakout star!


And it’s done. Samoa Joe is having none of this. Still frustrated by the lack of respect he’s been shown, he’s doing whatever he can to get under Regal’s skin. Match ends in a no contest when Joe throws the two men out and grabs a microphone.


Rawley doesn’t like being disrespected either! He brings the fight to the NXT champion before walking up the ramp. He didn’t do as much to Joe as he could’ve but Mojo isn’t that kind of guy. He wasn’t out to prove a point. He’s just not one to be bullied or blindsided without striking back and standing up for himself. Unfortunately for him, Samoa Joe is petty.


A Coquina Clutch on the ramp is a bold statement. Joe looks directly into the camera, says some words to William Regal, and claims that this is the fate that will befall Nakamura.


It’s Bayley!


It’s Bayley you guys! She’s still in NXT don’t be fooled by the Battleground PPV. Her goal is to win the NXT Women’s title for the second time and she’s been studying Asuka since she lost to her. Physically there’s not much different she can do, but seeing what she’s seen and having already been in the ring with her it’s all mental. She explains all of this in street clothes during an interview.


Asuka must’ve heard her name because she dropped by the interview and had some words for Bayley. In all of maybe 6 words, she invited Bayley to ringside to watch her match. A bold statement by the champ.

Asuka Vs. Aliyah


Bayley must’ve taken Asuka up on her challenge because she joins the guys at the announce table prior to the match. Even professional sports entertainers have to study and do homework!


Bless the heart of Aliyah. She’s getting in this ring and I have zero hope that she stands a chance. She enters first. Asuka swags her way down the ramp and takes off her mask. That’s not all she would do before the bell rings.


Asuka finds a chair and places it right on the ramp. She sets it, faces it towards the ring and motions at Bayley. She was serious about Bayley watching and I think I understand what Asuka is saying. It’s something like, “I don’t care how much you watch me or how much you study. You will never beat me because I am better than you.” Something to that nature.


Bayley obliges but she’s not too thrilled by Asuka’s gesture. She walks down to the ring with an attitude and throws the chair to the side. No hugs today.


The match starts and just as expected, Aliyah tries and fails miserably. Asuka is schooling her and making eye contact with Bayley the entire match. After a kick to the head, Asuka covers Aliyah but she lifts her up at 2. Bayley doesn’t approve. Asuka glares.


Asuka would be nice enough to end the match with a swinging Asuka Lock. Aliyah taps but Asuka isn’t letting go. She’s just staring at Bayley. Bayley can’t watch anymore. She runs in and Asuka releases the hold. Bayley tends to Aliyah and the champ walks out. Heel shenanigans but no turn Universe.


Oney Lorkin


So about a month ago, this guy I’d never heard of before named Oney Lorkin had a match with Tye Dillinger. He put forth a great effort and even won the match! For some reason we are reminded this and shown an interview Lorkin had after that match. Lorkin believes in himself and understands why most people look at his win as an upset. He feels that in order to compete with the guys in NXT he’s gotta train harder and do better. I guess that’s what he’s been doing? Maybe we’ll be seeing him again soon.

Ember Moon


I’m not sure what an Ember Moon is but it sounds totally wicked. I don’t even know the gender but I heard a few whispers in the wrestling community saying, “she.” The Moon will reveal itself at TakeOver.

Bobby Roode


Bobby Roode is finally here in an NXT ring! Aren’t you excited? He’s poked his head around corners and been in crowds enough that we’ve all noticed. He’s not dressed for a match so I guess we’ll just be listening this time around.


Oh. Well that took a turn. A HEEL TURN! What is this? He’s a corporate guy now? He wants to lead NXT to glory and get rid of the fans and replace them with businessmen and presidents and legal guys? No more chanting and wearing colorful shirts? He’s taking NXT to the next level? How, Sway? How? I just don’t understand the angle. Is he replacing Regal? Is he going to wrestle? Is this really a thing? I’m not sure. Well I’ll be tuning in next week, it’s fine. We’ll figure this thing out.

Next Week


Need a reason to tune in next week? You shouldn’t but if for some reason you do, here’s one. Contract signing! Asuka and Bayley will be inking the deal and these things usually end in fisticuffs. Can’t wait!

The Revival Vs. TM 61


TM 61 is bringing their all and The Revival are just trying to feel them out. The Revival survive an opening surge from the upstarts and implement their ground and pound system. Much like American Alpha, TM 61 work best at a faster pace. The Revival like to slow things down and wear you down and that’s just what they were doing in this match.


Nick Miller is in the ring for TM 61 and he’s cleaning house. He drags Scott Dawson to his corner and goes for the tag. Before he can reach his partner, Dash Wilder drags him down from the outside. No partner to tag! Miller steps out the ring and chases Wilder. Wilder slides in the ring and Miller follows. Miller walks right into a DDT from Dawson and for the first time in like 15 years a match ends by DDT. The Revival win the non-title contest.


G&C Connection


After the match, Dawson and Wilder have a lot to say. Apparently, it doesn’t matter what part of the world you come from, The Revival will have your number.


G&C have more dislike to share. They don’t agree with this statement because they can’t. The Revival have already lost to them and they even ducked them tonight. G&C make their way down to the ring.


Dash & Dawson remind them who the champs are and what they’ve been able to accomplish without beating them. Words are words and being champs means more. The Revival try to ambush G&C but they were prepared. They get Dawson out the ring and nail Wilder with their kicking combo finisher. Gargano does a mock pin and the crowd counts to three as Ciampa slams his hand to the mat.


They hold up the titles as if they’ve won. Could this be the future?


NXT (7/27/16)

This might be one of the last NXT shows featuring the voice of Corey Graves as he was recently called up to be the new voice of RAW. It was only a matter of time and it was very well deserved. Maybe the WWE will let him do both? I doubt it. Just a reminder before we get into the night.


Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. Wesley Blake


Well what do we have here? The very first competitor that enters the ring is none other than the most over in the company right now! It looks like Shinsuke will be taking on Wesley Blake, formerly of Blake and Murphy.


Before we start the match, let’s take a look at a conversation the former NXT Tag Team champions had earlier today.


Blake: I was the better guy in the tag team

Murphy: Nuh uh!

Blake: I’ll prove it by beating Nakamura tonight!

Murphy: I’ll prove it by beating the cool Japanese guy that’s favored to win the CWC.

Both: BET!

Now let’s begin.

Nakamura ties up with Blake and Blake gets him in a headlock. Nakamura drives him back into the ropes and then does this:


Look familiar? Blake wasn’t feeling it. He pushes Nakamura off and the two exchange gestures. Blake would sink in another headlock and this time Nakamura goes for the more classic Irish Whip. Blake goes over, then under, then gets fancy with a flip. They stare at each other from across the ring and Blake does this:


Yes, he blew him a kiss. Nakamura catches it.


Before he can decide what to do with it, Blake offers him another!


Nakamura catches that one too! Overwhelmed with fictional affection, Nakamura tries to spread the love. He offers the kisses to the ref and the ref ain’t having it.


Useless kisses. Nakamura stomps them out like a cigarette.


Long story short here…..


KINSHASA!! Another easy win for Shinsuke. He won’t be leaving the ring quite yet because we have a very special guest!


Good news everyone! It’s Mr. Regal, and he has some important information he must immediately disperse. Nakamura has done enough to earn a shot at the NXT Title! The match will take place the day before SummerSlam at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn II. I wonder if Joe is aware of this? And oh yeah, Shinsuke approves of this message.


Billie Kay Vs. Santana Garrett

Carmella, Nia Jax, Eva Marie, and Alexa Bliss are all gone now, and Bayley already has one foot out the door. Is Billie Kay the next woman to get a push in NXT? She had a pretty solid match against Dana Brooke a few weeks back on SmackDown, but she’s still working on getting her 3 Cs together: Charisma, Character & Confidence. But yeah, she’s here.


Kay isn’t quite ready for the spotlight just yet. Tom Phillips did all the talking for her tonight, speaking on her attitude change and what not. She’s like a blue Eva Marie! I have faith that Billie will be something. She just needs time.


Her opponent tonight is Santana Garrett. Very easy on the eyes. I almost thought Emma was back from injury super early. Her music is essentially Emma’s but with like a remix. Santana had a good match that ended with her kicked in the face and pinned. Score one for BK!


Bayley Has A Question


Bayley has done everything she needs to do for a rematch against Asuka for the NXT Women’s Title but ask for it! Tonight she did just that. William Regal believes it’s a good idea he just has to run it back Asuka for some odd reason. Just book it!

TM-61 Vs. Rob Rison & Adrian Nails


TM-61 consists of Nick Miller and Shane Thorn. The ‘TM’ part represent their last names, and the 61 is the calling code for Australia. They are GOOD. I mean REAL GOOD. They will be making some noise on the main roster. I don’t know why they didn’t just start them off up there! Maybe it’s a style thing? Gotta get used to the WWE crowds and style I guess. They say their inspiration is The Dudley Boyz and I think they can live up to that. There’s not much to talk about seeing as this was a match against two jobbers so easy money. Check out their finisher though! It’s called Thunder Valley.

Hideo is Coming

Next week! Probably against some random guy we’ve never heard of!


No Way Jose Vs. Steve Cutler

Speaking of some guy we’ve never heard of, Steve Cutler everyone! He’s had a match or two at Full Sail, but everyone knows this match is all about Jose. If Cutler didn’t know, he was informed once he saw this face:


And if he was STILL unsure, he had it all figured out after this HUGE punch:


And then Jose did that Spinning Slammy thing he does and wins it. That was a nice few minutes.


Jose wasn’t done there. He clearly had Austin Aries on the brain. He grabbed a mic and decided to vent a little. He says that Austin Aries is a coward that underestimated him and the next time they see each other, he plans to kick his rear end. Yikes! What happened to party time?


Buddy Murphy Vs. Kota Ibushi


It’s Buddy Murphy’s chance to prove his worth as a singles competitor. Murphy is the big dog in the fight but Ibushi has some pretty big sticks to play with. By that I mean, Murphy is bigger and stronger but Ibushi kicks harder than a baby in the womb with bad breath.


Murphy’s offense reminds me a bit of Sasha Banks. He even has that running double knee thing down. He doesn’t do all the head scissors and what not but he has an innovative offense, he can definitely move, and he’s not afraid to take a bump. He’s having the singles match of his NXT life until Ibushi lands this crazy kick.


Kota followed that baby up with a German Suplex pin and Murphy just barely kicked out at 2. Murphy had a couple more good moments after that but when a Superplex went wrong, Ibushi countered with a Last Ride Sitout Powerbomb. Game, Ibushi. Kudos to Buddy Murphy!

Put Some Respek On It


Samoa Joe is in the building! He’s in a rather cheery mood until he gets hit in the face with the harsh reality that everyone knows who he will be facing but him. It was never ran by him! Regal just put it all out there and Joe sees this as disrespect. I’d have to agree. How can you be the champion and be informed during a candid interview something you should know before everyone? Joe somehow manages to politely excuse himself and declares that he will fix this right now. He yells at someone off camera and I’m pretty sure he’s headed to the ring.

More on Next Week!


Hey TNA fans! Bobby Roode will be making his NXT debut next week! I wonder if EY is still around? Haven’t seen him in a while and this would be the perfect guy to match him up with. Will WWE bring back the Piledriver? I hope so. Sorry Austin!

Samoa Joe is NOT a Happy Camper


Samoa Joe is steaming mad and he’s letting everyone know. He recounts all of the hoops he had to jump through to even get a title shot and doesn’t feel that Nakamura has even left his feet yet. Couple that with the fact the he caught wind of the match while walking through the door and Joe says that he will NOT be facing Shinsuke Nakamura for his title at TakeOver. That obviously isn’t his call so I guess we need a shot caller out here. Here comes Regal again.


“Joe I’ve heard enough. You may be the champion but I’m the General Manager and my decisions are final. You will fight who I want you to fight!” – William Regal 

Stiff words from a true shot caller. Joe still isn’t feeling that. He has what he feels is a better alternative. Joe wants to go have a sit down in the office and discuss a worthy opponent of his choosing. Regal is not having it. He threatens to strip Joe of the title if he doesn’t fight Nakamura. Joe has no choice but to angrily accept. He does hint at some potential shenanigans, stating that Shinsuke may not make it to TakeOver. He reminds Regal of what he did to Bálor and says he can just as well do the same to Nakamura. I don’t think Nakamura liked those words because he sure did come out to the stage!


Just a lil bit of a stare down before we go off the air here. This match may steal the summer.


NXT (7/20/16)

Big show tonight you guys and that’s for several reasons. No, not ‘Big Show’ (the guy who got drafted ahead of Paige and Cesaro) but an important show nonetheless. We have 3 main event caliber matches scheduled for tonight, 2 of which will be the last for several competitors in NXT. The WWE draft was last night and if you haven’t heard, Nia Jax and American Alpha were called up along with Finn Bálor, Mojo Rawley, Carmella, and Alexa Bliss. This has become a farewell episode or what have you. Let’s get to it.

Samoa Joe Vs. Rhyno


The champ is here and ready to fight. This isn’t a title match but there is a lot at stake. Rhyno has been MIA for quite some time and it would be devastating if he just waltzed right in and beat the champ. It doesn’t seem likely but stranger things have happened.

Corey Graves calls it a battle between two super heavyweights. Now I’m not sure how much either man would appreciate that statement but the proof is in the pudding. These guys hit harder and they strike to finish. They don’t want to mess around chasing some goat-faced kid around the ring all night. A slow pace seems fitting in this one and they start with a tie up.


Rhyno starts things off, looking to bounce off the ropes and run through Joe as he does most of his competition. Contrary to the name, Joe is anything but average. He beats his chest and mushes Rhyno right in the face, reminding him just who he is. Rhyno tries again and this time is able to put Joe on the mat with a stiff shoulder.


Big heavy blows are traded until Rhyno hits a Belly to Belly Suplex. Joe finds himself dazed in one corner with Rhyno gearing up for a Gore across from him. Rhyno rushes but Joe counters with a kick. Rhyno would manage to withstand a flurry of chops and send Joe back into the corner. This time when Rhyno rushes, Joe just spikes him.


If you’ve been watching Samoa Joe on NXT then you know what comes next. Joe takes a minute to look down upon Rhyno. He relishes every moment. He grabs Rhyno and applies the Coquina Clutch. Ain’t nobody poppin’ out of that! Rhyno taps before he passes out. Game over.


Asuka Interview

Asuka is not a woman of many English words but she gets her point across. When asked who she would rather defend her title against between Nia and Bayley, the NXT Woman’s Champion kept it short and sweet.

“I fight Bayley. I fight Nia. I fight both.” – Asuka


American Alpha Vs. The Authors of Pain

Is this a rivalry? I want to call it a rivalry but I’m just not sure. The Authors of Pain are really just two big guys that for some reason like to bully American Alpha. I know they’re new here but they should’ve gotten the memo: “Don’t Be a Bully, B.A. Star!!!” Right? Because that’s kind of what WWE does, but when have they ever practiced what they preached? I don’t know, that’s beside the point.


The point is that American Alpha is making their way down the ramp! Weighing in at a combined 400+ pounds and — hey! That is NOT how this is done. Bad Authors!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m not even sure that there will be a match seeing as Alpha is out cold right now. Maybe a commercial break will help? Let’s see.


So the match is on! Alpha would regroup and even clear the ring of these HUGE book writers. They hold a writer’s convention with their leader, Paul Ellering. I mean, these guys are straight out of 1988 and if you know Paul Ellering it makes a lot of sense! I wasn’t yet alive in 88′ but I’ve played a VHS or two of some Ellering footage in my youth. That man is a genius.

Back to the match. American Alpha showed some resiliency even getting into the ring with these gym rats. In order to fight fire with fire, Alpha had to bust out the suplexes and boy were they impressive!


Even with these huge suplexes, these big nameless thugs were kicking out at one! Alpha had no idea how to handle them, until Gable threw on an Ankle Lock. Nameless Guy #1 reached for the ropes and ended up grabbing Nameless Guy #2 instead. Before #1 could get pulled out the ring, here comes Jordan to save the day!

The fight continued outside the ring. The ref is more worried about restoring order than counting anyone out. Gable gets slammed into the LED board on the side of the ring and Jordan takes a dive into the stairs. The ref checks on Jordan and The Authors of Pain finish off Gable. They have sort of a JBL clothesline meets early 90s Bret Hart leg sweep thing. Their size makes it convincing.

We know what’s next for American Alpha, but what’s next for The Authors of Pain?


Dash & Dawson Interview



What’s next for The Revival? Well they think they deserve a thank you from The Authors of Pain for softening up American Alpha. First ever two time NXT Tag Team Champs and they’ve beaten just about every worthy team. Every team except for Gargano & Ciampa. G&C have actually beaten them before and are next up to try and do it again.


Hideo ItamiItami.png

Remember the small, foreigner fella that went around kicking everything in sight? the fans LOVED him! No, not Finn, the guy that was here BEFORE him. I mean, it’s easy to speculate what could have been but that’s not what this is about. Hideo Itami returns in 2 weeks.

Austin Aries Vs. Patrick Clark


Well, congratulations are in order! Patrick Clark has made it from WWE hopeful to NXT Superstar! And it ends there. He has no chance against Austin Aries. Size does matter but not as much as talent does. Aries makes quick work of him.

Aries didn’t immediately break his hold but he would eventually. His heel swag is currently on fleek. Yep. I sound like Mauro Ranallo now. It’s cool. So No Way Jose is still upset about being blindsided last month by Aries and he wanted us all to know. He came out to exact a modicum of revenge. He got a few really good shots in as he chased Aries around the ring and up the ramp. Aries was able to flee into the crowd. A bunch of officials  were able to grab Jose before he could jump the railing. Aries/Jose coming soon?


Bayley Vs. Nia Jax


In the third installment of Bayley Vs. Nia Jax, expect something different. Bayley gave it her all in order to win the first one. Jax was in full control in the second one, and in this last bout, both know each other very well and will bring their A game.

Bayley comes out hot. She’s aggressive. She’s striking and stringing together moves. The only problem is that it only takes one punch from Nia Jax to even things out.


Nia Jax is having her best match yet! She’s all over the place telling a story with her body that no woman at this level has done before. She gets stuck in the ropes, she runs herself into the stairs, she nails  Bayley with a sweet Jackhammer and that wasn’t enough. Both of these women have left it all on the table. Jax is stunned but she has one final idea.

With Bayley still laid out from the Jackhammer, Nia bounces off the ropes thinking a leg drop would end it. Before she reaches Bayley, she has a change of heart. Instead she drags Bayley over to a corner and climbs to the second rope. I think she’s going for a splash. Bayley was playing possum. She jumps up, climbs up, and lands a Bayley to Belly from the second rope. Bayley goes for the cover and gets the three count, a present from the departing Jax.

Another week, another great show. Congratulations to those called up to the main roster and Bayley, you’re ours forever.



NXT 7/13/16


It’s here! Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. Finn Balor will happen TONIGHT!!! There is so much pressure on these guys to put forth a tremendous effort and show the world what NXT is all about. I think it will be at least meet expectations. Let’s get to it.


The Champ is Here!!


No, not John Cena but Samoa Joe! We start our show with some passionate and fiery words from the NXT Champion. There’s been a lot of rumors and speculation regarding whoever comes out on top in the Balor/Nakamura match. Joe knows. He’s heard it from the crowds and on social media. He’s heard it from the guys in the back. People believe the winner of this match is the number one contender and Joe is here to speak on that.


Joe tells us all to calm down and not only remember who he is but to understand what that means. As it pertains to Balor, he’s bested him on multiple occasions already here at NXT. He took his title and he retained it against him as well. He can and will do it again if need be. As for Nakamura, Joe has no problem leaving him in a pulp. Joe claims that HE was actually the one who brought Strong Style to NXT and we all seem to forget that. If Nakamura is the ‘King’ of strong style, then Joe is the Emperor. He is a warrior and he’s ready, willing, and Gable to take on anyone.

An Unruly Guest

As Joe is calling out the NXT Universe (I like what I did there) for being hypocrites, he is interrupted by the current Emperor of Interruption, Rhyno.



Rhyno disappeared from NXT and WWE for several months. Who knows where he’s been and what he’s been up to? He returned last week, obliterating 3 of 4 men involved in a tag match (the 4th managed to run away). When asked why he was here at NXT he gave the cameraman a Marshawn Lynch face like, “You know why I’m here.” This week we may be getting a more definitive answer. Rhyno steps into the ring and addresses Joe’s warrior claim. He asks for a match with the champ, to which Joe scoffs at. Joe leaves the ring and as he backs down the ramp tells Rhyno he’ll beat him up later, when he’s ready. The champ holds the title high and walks out.



In any combat sport, the moment before a big match is a great time to break some news. All eyes are locked in on the screen and hearts are prepared for an epic bout. NXT utilized this time to break some news of their own. Three matches are announced for next week’s installment. They are listed below:

Bayley Vs. Nia Jax


American Alpha Vs. The Authors of Pain


Samoa Joe Vs. Rhyno


Well make sure you’ve paid your $9.99 (plus tax) because it’s gonna be a good one next week!

The Main Event: Nakamura Vs. Balor


The lights are dimmed and our two competitors enter the ring. Balor first, followed by Nakamura. Balor left the demon behind for this one. No need when you’re facing someone you consider a friend. The crowd seems to be in Nakamura’s corner from the jump. As soon as his music hits, everyone loses it and harmonizes the melody in unison. The bell rings and the lights hit. The match is officially underway.


The two tie up in traditional wrestling fashion. They trade arm bars and headlocks until Balor gets a good grip on Nakamura’s head. He won’t let go and Nakamura has to force him to the ropes to break the hold. Once broken, Nakamura is up to his same old shenanigans, playing with the mind of Balor by resting his head on his chest and swinging his arms. Balor quickly turns the tables by putting Nakamura against the ropes and giving him a little ‘too sweet’ action on his forehead.


Nakamura takes exception and the friendly sparring becomes a more competitive battle. Not quite a war but kicks and knees start coming out. Nakamura lays some crazy knees to the back of Balor’s head. Balor shows us some more innovative offense revolved around Nakamura’s left leg and knee.


The crowd chants, “This is wrestling,” and it’s still anyones battle. After a burst from Nakamura, Balor launches an all out assault of kicks to the face that leads the two outside of the ring. Balor gets Nakamura back in the ring and the two would trade crazy submission holds. Balor would use a leg lock unlike anything I’ve ever seen and Nakamura would jump, flip, and roll into an armbar that he would transition into a triangle hold. Balor lands a reverse 1916 which almost had Nakamura beat. The same can be said the other way when Nakamura lands a Kinshasa to the back of Balor’s head. These aren’t two counts, they’re 2 and 3 quarter counts.

Balor goes for a traditional 1916 but Nakamura gets ahold of Balor’s leg. They exchange blows in the middle of the ring. Balor would hit Nakamura with a flurry, and Super Kick his left knee for good measure. Nakamura has been limping the entire match but it’s now or never. Balor has other plans. He kicks Nakamura into the corner and sets up for the Coup de Grace. Before he can drive a single foot into his opponent, Nakamura rolls out the way. He jumps up onto the second rope and flies off hitting Balor with a knee. He races back to the corner and sets up.


The crowd is into it and Nakamura is ready to strike. He dashes full speed into Balor and nails him with the Kinshasa!


Shinsuke Nakamura is victorious in this epic bout. It lived up to expectations, but it wasn’t quite Nakamura/Zayn. That was a whole different level. Great show all in all.


NXT 7/6/16

Bayley Vs. Alexa Bliss


What a way to kick off a show? Immediately, the crowd is in it. My guess is the winner of this match will be the number one contender. Bayley has always been a fan favorite and Alexa Bliss is coming into her own after ditching Blake & Murphy. Who ya got?


So the match starts off quick and Bayley has the advantage. One quick reversal and it’s all Bliss for the next five minutes. She’s throwing everything at Bayley. Stepping on her, taunting her, and slapping her around. Bayley would use the energy from the crowd to mount a comeback until Bliss hit her with a wicked forearm. The shot was so loud and hard, the referee had to momentarily stop the match to make sure she was okay.


Once the match was okay to start again, Alexa still in control, gave Bayley everything she could handle. She hit Bayley with a Chokeslam and for good measure landed Insult To Injury. She was setting up for a move from the middle rope when Bayley countered and took the match into her own hands. They would engage in a sequence of pinning combinations until Bayley would eventually catch Alexa slipping and nail her with a Bayley to Belly for the victory.



After the match, Bayley got on the mic and had a moment with the crowd. She voiced her frustration with losing the title, being injured, and losing to Nia Jax. Before she could speak more on Nia Jax, Jax decided to come to the ring so whatever Bayley had to say she could say it to her face. There was a bit of a stare down and words were exchanged. Bayley told Nia they should go again in a rubber match and Nia agreed. Looks like we’ll be seeing Bayley/Jax III in the near future.




This spot is reserved for a few clips of TM61 doing their thing. There’s a bit of legitimate hype here and I can’t wait to see exactly what these guys are capable of. For now, we watch the highlights from their few matches in NXT and say thank you I guess.

The Revival Interview


In an interview before the big 2 out of 3 Falls match, they’re asked if they’re afraid they’ll lose the titles as quickly as they regained them. Of course they’re not. Nothing but confidence and bravado from the champs.

The Hype Bros Vs. Blake & Murphy

It looks like Blake & Murphy are committed to making this tag team thing work because their out here trying it again against Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley. Blake and Mojo would start the match off as the legal men. Mojo would get the better of Blake when he hits him with a shoulder thrust flipping Blake and sending him into his corner. Murphy would aggressively slap Blake and tag himself in. Blake took exception to the tag and the two started arguing, totally disregarding the match at this point. Mojo Rawley tried to get their attention and they both told him to shut up.


There was a fraction of hope that this match would go on until an unforeseen force would interject itself….


GORE!!! Rhyno is back in NXT and he destroys everyone except Murphy. He somehow managed to get away. Why did Rhyno interfere and what are his intentions? Because he hit Mojo first, The Hype Bros technically win so Zack Ryder FINALLY has a check in the win column.


Balor Vs. Nakamura PROMO


As if we need any more reason to watch this match, they decided it would be swell to show us old pictures of a young blonde Balor and a scruffy headed Nakamura eating and hanging out. There are family photos, group photos, and a few wrestling photos sprinkled in. One more week you guys. One more week.


American Alpha Interview


When asked how they plan on winning, they admit that last time they were caught up letting The Revival dictate the pace and tempo. A longer match favors their endurance and stamina. They come Ready, Willing, and Gable.

Rhyno Questioned


A cameraman catches Rhyno out back and asks him why he’s back in NXT. Rhyno looks at the man with disgust and walks away.

American Alpha Vs. The Revival (NXT Tag Team Championship Match – 2 Out of 3 Falls)


These are two of the best tag teams in NXT history and it’s great to see them get this platform to shine. The Revival believe in good old fashioned wrasslin’. No Flips, Just Fists. American Alpha came up in traditional olympic style wrestling. This match will showcase awesome teamwork and storytelling. If you’re not a fan of technical wrestling I feel sorry for you.


Fall #1

They say we only use 10% of our brains. The Revival must always function at at least 15%. The plan is clearly to isolate and dominate. The target for the first fall was to pound on Jason Jordan and utilize quick tags to do so. Every time he tries to mount a comeback, they tag and take control. When Gable is finally able to get in the ring, Jordan’s left leg has already taken a great deal of damage. The sneaky tactics of The Revival are able to quell the fire that is Chad Gable and retake control of the match. Just when you think American Alpha is down and out, Jason Jordan finally gets tagged in! He explodes in the ring throwing The Revival around like the word lit. Both teams are in the ring now and Gable suplexes Dawson. Wilder hits Jordan with a cross body from the top rope but Jordan rolls through it and traps Wilder in an ankle lock. Dawson reaches for Wilder but Gable slides through the ropes and puts HIM in an ankle lock. Both members of The Revival are tapping out. One in the ring, one out. Fall #1 goes to American Alpha.


Fall #2

The teams reset and Jordan and Dawson are the legal men. They go back and forth trying for a quick pin. Dawson catches Jordan with a DDT while Wilder grabs Gable off the apron. Dawson is able to hook Jordan with an inverted Figure Four leg lock and Gable isn’t there to save him. The Revival have been working Jordan’s left leg and it pays off when Jordan taps out. The Revival get Fall #2.


Fall #3

We’re all tied up and on the verge of the end. Jordan manages to tag in Gable and now both Gable and Dawson are trying to end things. Roll ups and Schoolboys galore. Gable gets Dawson into his corner and Jordan gets tagged in. They go for Grand Amplitude and Wilder pushes Gable and catches Dawson. Then The Revival go for the Shatter Machine but Gable pushes Wilder and Jordan rolls it into a pin. Dawson kicked out at two and a half. Jordan locks in an ankle lock but Dawson flips him out of it. Dawson goes for the inverted figure four again and it has it in deep. Seeing his partner needing help, Gable climbs to the top rope and flies halfway across the ring to break the hold. Wilder runs in and Gable jumps at him causing both men to go over the top rope. Jordan and Dawson both struggle to regroup in the middle of the ring. Jordan tags in Gable and Dawson rushes him. Jordan is spent outside of the ring.

Gable tries to give Dawson a German suplex from the apron to the floor but Wilder is there to stop it.


Wilder climbs up on the apron and The Revival hit the Shatter Machine. On the apron though? Ouch!


Wilder pushes Gable’s motionless body into the ring and quickly jumps on Jordan while Dawson gets the pin for the third and final fall of the match. The Revival retains. Great show.


NXT 6/29/16

The great thing about NXT is that there are so many names and faces and only one hour to be filled. That being said, we don’t have too much talking. We can just get down to business. So without further delay, let’s get to it!

Alexa Bliss Vs. Carmella

These two have been verbally jabbing back and forth for a while now. Things have gotten real intense in the Women’s Division since Bayley lost the title to Asuka, and the rivalry between Carmella and Alexa has too. They’ve been here the longest out of the women remaining on the roster, and they’re seemingly always in the title picture. This match will push the winner closer to number one contender status.


The storytelling in this match is top notch. We know where they stand with each other and they talk a bit of trash before they tie up. Alexa has a mean streak in her and she’s not afraid to fight dirty, while Carmella likes to keep things at a fast fun pace and drop you when you least expect it. They both got in some nice moves but Alexa was just too tough tonight. The Double Knees and the Chokeslam from Alexa set up her finisher, Twisted Bliss (formerly known as the Sparkle Splash) and that was all she wrote.


Blissful Hugs

After her victory, Alexa decided to crash Bayley’s interview and remind her that she’s no pushover. The two are slated to have a big match next week and Bliss is looking for gold. After taking care of Carmella, beating Bayley may be all she needs to become a valid contender for the Women’s title.


Noah Potjes Vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas

Andrade “Cien” Almas has taken NXT by storm since his arrival about a month ago. He’s an agile Daredevil with great mid card potential. He’s definitely one to put together a solid match but we’ve yet to see his story telling ability. I can’t wait to see more of his character and maybe hear him on the microphone. He has potential to become a great piece the WWE/NXT Universe can get behind.


Noah Potjes is still figuring things out at NXT. He does a lot of things well but nothing great. That’s why I didn’t expect much from him in this match up. Maybe Noah needs a tag partner or a character change to shake things up? At his current rate, he was no match for Andrade and this match was nowhere near close. Almas controlled it easily throughout and ended it with knees in the corner.


No Way Aries!

Austin Aries has officially turned heel down at NXT and I think he’ll finally get the respect he deserves. He’s still upset with No Way Jose for having the audacity to give him advice. I get it. It’s an ego or pride thing. Veteran’s take their role and importance seriously and those are not toes you want to step on, especially if they belong to Austin Aries. He shows his disgust with No Way Jose in a brief interview. Expect a match soon.


Nakamura Vs. Balor

The build up for this match was crazy this week! A third of the show was just the two of them talking about their history in Japan and how much respect they have for each other. They talk about how they know each other’s families and are genuine friends outside of the squared circle. I don’t necessarily want to hear about how much two guys love each other before they’re supposed to rip each other’s heads off, but that’s just me. The redeeming factor is that both men promised to give it their all and expect to win. We’ll have to wait a couple weeks to see.


The Hype Bros Vs. Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa

Woo woo woo! You know it! The boys are back! Zack Ryder went to WrestleMania, won the IC title, lost it the next night, and has gotten his face kicked in every week on Raw & SmackDown since. But welcome back! Mojo Rawley was definitely missing him and NXT missed the Hype Bros. They had their hands full with the team of Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa. Gargano and Ciampa have had some great singles matches in NXT but they’ve had the most success working together as a tag team. They’ve already beaten the current champs once before and a few more wins may get them a shot at some gold.


The Hype Bros like a fast pace and so does Gargano. So this match was expected to be fast paced and free flying. Mojo Rawley was having football flashbacks, rolling around the ring in a 3 point stance. Rawley is by far the biggest dude in this match and he was not afraid to show it.


The Hype Bros hit some pretty good spots in this match and looked to have it won. The one thing you can’t measure in numbers is heart and Gargano and Ciampa have a lot of that. It was definitely a good match ’til the very end. Ryder found himself in between a nee and a hard place and went down for a three count. Gargano and Ciampa are your winners. After their victory, they stuck around and grabbed some microphones to let everyone know they deserve a title match sooner rather than later. They were respectfully interrupted by the former champs, American Alpha!


American Alpha Returns!

The last time we saw Chad Gable and Jason Jordan, they were being destroyed by two random bug guys after losing their NXT Tag Team titles to The Revival. Well they are officially back and looking for their rematch. They promise to give Gargano and Ciampa a crack at the titles as soon as they win them back.


Well The Revival hear what’s going down in the ring and decide that they should speak their two cents. They step out, titles in hand and blow off both teams. They are the champs and they do as they please. If it were up to them, neither of the teams in the ring would get a title shot.


Well obviously, none of these guys call the shots and all of these guys have good points. Someone should come out and make an official statement or at least get these guys reeled in before a fight breaks out. That’s where William Regal comes in. He steps in and tells it like it is. American Alpha will be taking on The Revival in a rematch, and Ciampa and Gargano will have to wait at the front of the line. Problem solved.


     Jordan, Gable, Ciampa, and Gargano all shake hands and the latter two leave the ring. Just when things finally have order, here come the Authors of Pain sneaking up from behind. Gargano and Ciampa try to come back and help American Alpha but they’re easily disposed of. American Alpha try to fight back but to no avail. The Authors of Pain leave them a battered mess in the middle of the ring. Paul Ellering calls off his boys and the show ends with the three of them looking at the destruction they have caused.