NXT (8/17/16)



After the antics of both men last week, they will meet face to face in an interview tonight!

Hideo Itami Vs. Mustafa Ali


Another week, another CWC guy given an opportunity to impress! With the Cruiserweight division coming to RAW, it only makes since that these guys get accustomed to the WWE style of things . Plus it gives Hideo a chance to look REALLy dominant. Hideo gets the win, we learn about Mustafa Ali. Win/WIn. Well….you get the point.

Why You Gotta Be So Roode?


We get a quick look at Bobby Roode, Mr. Glorious himself. We see a few pictures of him from his younger years, but nothing from Test N’ Albert if ya know what  mean.

Bayley/Asuka II Preview


UFC isn’t the only promotion in town boasting a high profile rematch. Do you remember how this all started? The tech gurus at NXT put a nice video package together for us! Reminisce sometime.

How You Doin?


We see SmackDown’s own Carmella back in her own stomping grounds, giving a helping hand to a couple of the women here at Full Sail. They’ll be competing in a 6 Woman Tag match.

Beautiful Bliss


Much like Carmella, Alexa Bliss is getting her hands dirty with some rough around the edges talent. These are the other three women who will be involved in the 6 Woman Tag match.

Regal Sees Blue


We join William Regal in his office. He just wants to talk about last year’s TakeOver Brooklyn and how great it should be this year!


Billie Kay wants to talk about Billie Kay. She steps into the frame and politely demands that she have a match at TakeOver. She brings up her win streak and the fact that she was on SmackDown recently. She’s really getting a push here. So much so, that Mr. Regal agrees with her. He believes that she should be the welcoming committee for Ember Moon!

Liv Morgan, Nikki Glenncross & Carmella Vs. Daria Berenato, Mandy Rose, & Alexa Bliss – 6 Woman Tag Match


What an awesome way to introduce 3 newer Superstars to the roster! I think I’ve seen Mandy Rose on one of the main roster women’s IG, and Glenncross had a lot to say in an interview recently. Daria looks real tough and we all are loving some Liv Morgan.


This match rocks! Daria is somehow even tougher than she looks and Mandy Rose is proving she’s more than just a looker. Nikki is flying around and the elder spokeswomen Alexa, Liv, and Carmella can almost take the night off. Well, maybe not Liv. Not with Daria wrapped all around her at least.


The match breaks down while Carmella and Mandy Rose are legal. Carmella is doing her thing and the crowd loves it. She slips out of a move and counters with the Code of Silence. Bada Ben, Carmella and company win! I know, I’m cheesy. I can’t help it!

Secure The Premises


Regal brings security into the interview space. He explains to Joe what will NOT be tolerated and Joe understands. Byron Saxton is here, the chairs are out, and the microphones are ready. More so than anything, security is ready.

Ember Moon


Who is Ember Moon? I legit don’t know. I’m sure a lot of you guys know her quite possibly with a different name. I have no idea who this is and I’m very curious. She looks tough. I hope Billie Kay knows what she’s getting herself in to!

Joe/Nakamura Interview


Saxton conducts the interview as Regal and his security goons hover around in the back. Byron has done his homework. He’s asking some really good questions and getting some real good information out of the two. Nakamura smiles and laughs, just casually being himself. Joe drops some knowledge about his history with Nakamura. Saxton asks the two men if they respect each other. Joe respects what Nakamura has done but he feels that he and William Regal have been real disrespectful. Nakamura laughs and says, “Of course I respect Joe!” Joe is turning red. He’s not feeling the jokes and laughter. Much like last week, he takes it personal.


Security jumps on Joe and Nakamura is asked to leave. Interview over. Quick show with a ton of commercials today. No injuries before Saturday!





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