SmackDown (8/16/16)

Contract Signing


Randy Orton is with his GM and Commissioner in the back, ready to sign his contract for SummerSlam. He does so with full confidence.


Heath Slater comes through with a fruit basket in an attempt to make up for his outburst last week. He throws Randy an apple and hopes that all is forgiven. It’s not, but Randy has a bright idea…..


Miz TV (w/ Dean Ambrose & Dolph Ziggler)


Dolph and Dean storm the set and the two have a lot on their minds. Before they can takeover the show and eventually throw fists, Miz gets control of things. He questions Dolph’s resurgence and his ability to follow through. Dean echoes those sentiments.


Dolph isn’t about showing off anymore. He’s about proving. No amount of chips on his shoulder can hold him down come Sunday. And oh yeah, just like last week, Dean owes Dolph one.

During the Commercial Break


We missed it! Crews and Miz had their first face to face altercation and it comes just days before SummerSlam nonetheless. Crews gets the better of the IC champ tonight. Will Miz suffer the same fate come Sunday?

The Usos, American Alpha, & The Hype Bros Vs. Breezango, The Vaudevillains, & The Ascension – 12 Man Tag Team Match


Six Heels Vs. Six Faces. I’m sure you know how this ends up. After The Usos go crazy, American Alpha ends it in Grand style. Game, Faces.

Eva Marie Vs. Naomi


Hey! Naomi is back and ready for action! Everything glows in the dark now, seriously. Her hair, she has a mouthpiece, she has a glow in the dark body suit — she even had a bag of goodies! She passed out swag and flipped around as everything semi-glowed in the dark, it was awesome! When it was time for Eva Marie to come out, uhhh not so much. Apparently the Red Queen was stuck in traffic. That’s the third week in a row something has happened and she wasn’t able to compete. Good to see Naomi back!




AJ Styles runs into Alberto Del Rio in the back. Since his boys are on RAW, he hasn’t had anyone to talk about beating up John Cena with! Del Rio is a wise guy. He knows what AJ is trying to do and he shuts it down quick. He doesn’t need someone to hype him up for a match, (Del Rio will be facing John Cena later on tonight.) especially when it’s someone that he barely knows! AJ makes a snarky remark about having a match at SummerSlam while Del Rio isn’t even on the card.After a momentary stare-off, AJ walks away.

Curt Hawkins


Curt Hawkins is coming to SmackDown LIVE! I don’t know when, sometime soon. Too bad Shelton Benjamin is hurt. We would’ve loved to see him suit up for #TeamBlue again. Anyway, did you know that Curt Hawkins has counted to infinity twice? Crazy!

Randy Orton Vs. Heath Slater


This must be the idea Randy had earlier! Give Heath another opportunity but this time against Orton. This can’t be right. Slater has already taken Ls from Jinder Mahal and Rhyno, and he visited Suplex City last night on RAW! The guy’s got heart. The match starts and Randy throws Heath around, beating him into a pulp. He pounds on Slater in the corner and the ref starts counting. The ref is trying everything in his strength to get Randy back but The Viper must be hearing voices. The ref has no choice but to call for the bell. Technically speaking, Heath Slater just beat Randy Orton? Anything can happen.


Orton wasn’t done. He pummeled Slater all over the ring, throwing him over the announce table and hitting that Hangman’s DDT off the barricade before bringing him back into the ring.


Everyone is expecting an RKO but Randy gives us a German Suplex. He flexes his chest muscles and bounces in place, much like a BEAST that is exclusive to RAW. Shots fired? The Universe wouldn’t be disappointed as Randy does land an RKO before letting the poor man be. Orton just made a huge statement.


One Man Band-Aid


Heath is in the back on the trainer’s table after his ‘win’. Shane and Daniel drop by to check on him and maybe even congratulate him. After all the damage that Heath has absorbed over the past two days, his mind isn’t exactly in the right place. He claims that he beat up Brock AND Randy and showed them no mercy. Daniel likes the sound of that thus the PPV in October will be called, No Mercy. Been a while since we heard that PPV name thrown around. The Commish pulls out a contract and hands it to Slater. Heath just can’t seem to keep his big mouth shut! He goes on to mistake Daniel Bryan for Mick Foley and Shane McMahon for Stephanie. He takes a few digs at Daniel and calls ‘Stephanie’ beautiful. Shane takes exception to that and pulls the contract away from Slater when he closes his eyes. Heath Slater is STILL a free agent.

Rivalry Still on Pause


If you recall, before his injury, Randy had some heat with The Wyatts. The beat him down and he was never quite able to get revenge. The Wyatts had come down almost immediately after the RKO so they crossed paths with Orton. There was a stare down and it looked like Bray said something to Orton. Perhaps there may be some unfinished business between The Viper and The Wyatts? Plot is oatmeal.

Dean Ambrose Vs. Erick Rowan (w/Bray Wyatt)


Good to see Erick Rowan get some singles shine! I think that kick last week might’ve earned him this spot. A one on one with the champ? Nice gig. Now take this Dirty Deeds and I’ll See You Next Tuesday. See what I did there? Ambrose wins.


After the match, Bray stares at Erick’s sheep mask. He stands up, places the mask in his rocking chair, and walks away. Did Bray just abandon one of his own?

Carmella & Becky Lynch Vs. Natalya & Alexa Bliss


Tag team action in the Women’s Division! Becky Lynch comes in on a hot tag and she’s ripping it up. Then, everything goes red…..


Eva Marie has overcome traffic and made it to the arena. She struts down the aisle with a smirk on her face. Before she can get halfway down the ramp, Naomi comes out. If Eva is here, maybe there’s still a match to be had?


Eva wants none of Naomi. She backs away and runs around the ring, ending up inside. Naomi follows suit but Nattie dumps her out. Eva escapes, Nattie goes for the roll up on Becky, but Becky counters with the Dis-Arm-Her! Carmella and Becky win! What an odd turn of events.


Don’t Be a Bully…


For the second consecutive week, Baron Corbin has assaulted Kalisto backstage. He sends a stern message this time around. Every time Kalisto gets back up, he will be there to knock him down.

Squeeze In One More


One more video about Lesnar & Orton. What’s that you say? We’ve seen this exact clip already. True.

Alberto Del Rio Vs. John Cena


AJ Styles joins the guys at the announce table for a closer view of his SummerSlam opponent. He and Del Rio may not be very fond of each other but he’s pulling for him tonight to put a hurting on Cena.


Cena and Del Rio have a match reminiscent of their Hell in a Cell bout. Del Rio goes for the Cross Armbreaker and Cena counters with an STF. Del Rio would eventually lock in that Armbreaker and Cena would counter with a Powerbomb. Much like last week against Orton, Del Rio put forth a valiant effort but this week he fell to the Attitude Adjustment.


AJ is not pleased. He steps up on the apron and nails a celebrating Cena with a Phenomenal Forearm. He talks that talk one more time and almost leaves the ring. He’s worked himself up enough that he feels he needs to leave a true impression.


Styles comes back to Cena and sets up for a Styles Clash. Cena counters with an AA! That wouldn’t be all. Cena throws the cover off the announce table and slams AJ’s head into the steel steps. He sets the stairs up close to the announce table and picks up AJ. AA through the announce table!

Now that’s what I call a statement!



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