RAW (8/15/16)

The Man Vs. The Demon


Seth Rollins is back at it again! Taunting Finn Bálor and his “demon” seems to be the way to go just 6 days before SummerSlam. Rollins seems lax. He has that smirk on his face and he’s ready to cause some trouble. He looks right in the camera and tells us that he’ll be calling out The Demon King tonight on RAW.

A Hostile Takeover


Rusev and Lana commandeer the ring. Because of the actions of Roman Reigns last week, they refuse to let the show start until Reigns apologizes. Rusev has officially called out Reigns.


Mick Foley is having none of this. He comes out immediately and addresses Rusev without even having a mic. Rusev demands respect and still refuses to leave. He claims that Reigns gets opportunity after opportunity and does nothing to deserve it. That actually may be true, but Rusev still needs to leave. He disregards Foley and calls for Stephanie to come out.


Stephanie arrives and she has no time for any of this. She gets in Rusev’s face and let’s him have it. Disrespecting a legend like Foley will not be tolerated. Rusev isn’t backing down. He threatens to call Daniel Bryan and take his title to SmackDown LIVE. He needs respect and he demands it now!


Roman Reigns comes out and offers a sarcastic apology. He gets in the ring and offers to throw down now. Foley steps between the two of them and declares that there will be a match tonight so that Rusev can defend the honor of his bride. The match for SummerSlam is still on and for now, cool heads have prevailed.


Sheamus Pre-Match Interview


Sheamus is asked about his actions at the end of RAW last week. He feels that he made his point, got his way, and he’s ready to move on. He has Sami Zayn in his sights now and he’s ready to unleash. He has no respect for what Zayn has accomplished so far but he’s been watching. He wants to teach Zayn a lesson. All of this over a tweet.

Sheamus Vs. Sami Zayn


Cesaro is here to help call the match! He praises Sami Zayn and throws some shade on Sheamus as the match goes on.


Zayn is flipping and Sheamus is slamming. Pretty much what you would expect from the two. Sheamus has the upper hand until Cesaro decides to pay him a visit. Cesaro climbs the steps and distracts Sheamus enough that he becomes unaware of his surroundings. He’s in a corner. Sami knows what to do when his opponent is standing in a corner.


Sami Zayn wins and Cesaro smiles. Revenge.


JERI-KO Interview


Kevin Owens will be facing Big Cass tonight. They feel that it won’t be a one on one match because Y2J has Owen’s back. Forever a tandem. Owens calls Enzo & Cass a cancer to the locker room that can’t spell soft. Jericho tells Tom Phillips to watch ‘it’. Owens clarifies that ‘it’ is him beating Cass tonight and then he and Jericho winning at SummerSlam. Will ‘it’ actually happen?

A True Scrum


Cesaro and Sheamus are verbally going at it in the back. Officials are on hand but emotions are high. Foley jumps in before things get physical. He admires the passion of both competitors after calling them both out two weeks ago. Foley doesn’t approve of these two interrupting matches and flexing on each other. He calls for a Best of 7 series. The first match will take place at SummerSlam.

The Dudley Boyz Vs. New Day


The Dudleyz wait in the ring as Kofi and Xavier make their way to the ring. Once everyone is ready, Gallows and Anderson appear on the Titantron.


Back at it again as ‘doctors’ I see. Still trying to get under the skin of New Day by any means necessary. Apparently, they’re trying to find a cure for Ringpostitis. They take one of the eggs that represent Big E’s….situation, and put it in a microwave. The match starts.


In a quick one, Devon runs into Bubba and Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise. New Day win. The Titantron lights up again.


The egg has exploded in the microwave! Gallows and Anderson claim that they need more test subjects. They place two jars on top of the microwave next to Big E’s. The jars have the names of the remaining New Day members. Kofi and Xavier take exception to these antics. With or without E, they are ready to use the power of positivity to come out on top this Sunday.


The Demon King Hideth


Seth Rollins is still on the hunt for the Demon King. He finds Neville instead. Neville tells him to watch himself. One may think they’re ready for the Demon, but they’d be wrong.

Nia Jax Vs. Rachel Levy


Rachel is nervous but inspired. She’s been watching the Olympics and she feels that maybe she too can overcome insurmountable odds.


Well after taking a crazy spill, she suffers a predictable defeat. Jax rolls on.


Heyman No Hustle


We see Paul Heyman walking with his chest puffed and his head held high. He enters The Beasts Lair. There will be a Lesnar sighting.

Suplex City


Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman enter the ring. Just before Heyman can get a word out, music hits.


Heath Slater has crashed the party. Heyman calls him crazy. Slater for some crazy reason wants a One on One match with Brock Lesnar. Slater feels that going face to face with Lesnar may get him a contract on RAW. Paul tries to spare him after a few laughs.


Lesnar gets on the mic and asks Slater a few questions. He brings up Slater’s kids and then says he doesn’t give a care in the world about them. He gives Slater two options. He can walk away now, or stand there and inevitably be dismantled. It appears that Slater chooses to walk but he tries to attack Lesnar. Lesnar sees it coming and destroys him. After a couple German Suplexes and an F-5 Slater is outta here.


Heyman re-enters the ring and speaks his piece on Randy Orton as planned. Beast and Boss, out.


Kevin Owens (w/Chris Jericho) Vs. Big Cass (w/Enzo)


Of course Enzo and Cass speak their piece on why they are the better team. They have every intention on winning in their own back yard and they have more of a tag team history on their side.


Cass has yet to fight a match he wasn’t ready for. Owens is bringing it to him, but Cass is giving it right back. Everyone ends up outside the ring and Jericho takes out Enzo from behind. When Cass runs down Owens, Jericho attack him as well. Cass wins via DQ. JERI-KO beat Cass down and bring him into the ring. Owens hits him with a Super Kick and Y2J hits him with a Codebreaker. JERI-KO lost the battle but they’re winning the war.


Roman Reigns Interview


Reigns is ready to fight and apparently so is Rusev! During an interview, Rusev assaults Reigns from behind. More heat heading into SummerSlam.


The Primetime Players (w/Coach Backlund) Vs. The Shining Stars


Reunion? Apparently during the RAW Pre-Show Titus apologized for his actions. He wanted a one week reunion match and Coach Backlund agreed! The Primetime Players music hits and the fighters (plus coach) walk out. The match starts and Young is in the ring. Coach Backlund and Titus are having a conversation. Darren bounces off the ropes and bumps into Titus knocking him off the apron.


Titus gets up and in a rage, attacks Young, planted him with Clash of the Titus. Titus walks away visibly upset. The Shining Stars look at each other before going for a pin. They win another match without having to try hard. Coach Backlund is befuddled. It wasn’t but five minutes ago that he, Darren, and Titus were all dancing!

The Cruiserweights Are Coming!


Just another reminder. Head over to the network and watch the CWC if you haven’t already.

Jinder Mahal Vs. Neville


Jinder Mahal is back! He’s a really tall guy and he looks even taller in the ring with Neville. During the Pre-Show, Mahal told Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas that he would do something they never could: win. He almost did just that when he kicked Neville the same way he kicked Heath in order to get his contract.


The kick wouldn’t be enough and Neville would go on to win the match. What’s next for Jinder Mahal? Is he destined to be somewhere at or near the bottom of the card? Or is this the beginning of a new Jinder?


The Search Continues


Seth Rollins’ search for the Demon King brings him to the Commish and the GM. We hear the end of a conversation between the two and it sounds like Jon Stewart will be back at SummerSlam this year. Rollins asks for the night off and Stephanie thinks it’s okay. Foley thinks that Rollins should go to the ring and call out the Demon King. He’s searched everywhere but the most obvious place. He calls down for the tech guys to hit Rollins music.


Rollins gets in the ring and does exactly what he says he would do. He calls out the Demon King. No one and shows, and nothing happens. Rollins claims that Bálor or the Demon King or whomever he claims to be is scared.


The lights start to flicker and weird sounds are heard. Seth stops talking and we see red lights and smoke. It’s starting to sound like a live beating heart. The Demon King is here!


Rollins and the Demon King stand face to face, toe to toe. Rollins says a few words and attacks the Demon. The Demon strikes back! He gets the better of Rollins and almost hits a Coup de Grace! Rollins rolls out of the ring and the Demon flies. He takes out Rollins and slides back in the ring. Rollins flees in fear. He has finally met The Demon King. Ask and you shall receive.


GoldenTruth Vs. Gallows & Anderson


Always nice to see R-Truth and Goldust. The good news for tonight is that they, like Mahal, were competitive! They didn’t just come out and fall flat like the Dudleyz. The Club would eventually win via Magic Killer, but a good showing goes a long way.


After the match, Gallows and Anderson share a laugh before being attacked from behind. The New Day want to show that they mean business. Gallows is knocked out of the ring and Anderson is left in a compromising situation. Woods grabs Francesca II and looks to avenge his fallen brother. Gallows saves his partner.


Dana, Dana, Dana…


Dana Brooke apologizes to Charlotte for not coming through last week against Sasha Banks. Charlotte knows that Dana doesn’t want to lose the spotlight she provides. She blatantly disrespects Dana and tells her to kick rocks in flip flops. It seems that Charlotte may have an opening for coattail rider. What is Dana to do? No longer a protege with no healthy friends to boot.

Charlotte Vs. Alicia Fox


Sasha joins the guys at the desk for this match. She wants to shut Charlotte up once and for all. Charlotte hasn’t given her the respect she deserves and she plans on making that happen.


Meanwhile in the ring, Alicia gets flipped, kicked, and pinned after being hit by Natural Selection. The match was over before it even started. Charlotte calls Sasha down to the ring. Sasha is not one to back down so she obliges.


Sasha approaches Charlotte but is attacked by Dana Brooke. It was all a farce! Sasha fends off Brooke but Charlotte attacks her at the knee. She locks in the Figure 8 and Dana taunts and kicks Sasha. Charlotte won’t break the hold and officials don’t quite know what to do. Charlotte finally releases the hold and the damage is done. This attack will more than likely factor in come Sunday.


Braun Strowman Spot


The Jobber Crusher! The Destroyer of all things Local! Braun Strowman. No match tonight but the guys in the truck put together a nice video package of him. Name one person he beat in the New Era. Go ahead!

Rusev (w/Lana) Vs. Roman Reigns


Reigns waste little to no time jumping on Rusev. He wants revenge after being attacked from behind. Rusev is still a very angry man and he has a motive; hurt Reigns before their match on Sunday.


Rusev would work on Roman’s arm for the majority of the match and after several kicks, lock in the Accolade. He’s got it in deep and Reigns is straining. Where most men would tap or pass out, somehow Roman Reigns reaches the ropes!


Rusev has done all he can do and he’s losing it. He bounces off the ropes and catches a Spear. Roman Reigns wins. Will this be the fate of the US champ atSummerSlam?



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