NXT (8/10/16)

Roode Awakening


The first thing we see is Bobby Roode walking out of William Regal’s office. He’s just gotten some good news. Whatever it is can’t be good. Oh brother.

Contract Signing


William Regal is in the ring and he gets straight to business calling Bayley and Asuka down to the ring. Bayley is like minded. She wants to get the contract signed and move time forward just enough to get her title back. Asuka is unfazed by Bayley’s words. Bayley vows to be the first woman to defeat Asuka in NXT and the first ever two time NXT Woman’s Champion. Asuka tells her she can’t do it. She doesn’t believe Bayley is skilled enough, but she does respect her. Bayley is furious. She threatens to leave Asuka lying on her back in the middle of the ring similarly to the last time Asuka had a contract signing with Nia Jax.


Asuka extends her hand for a handshake and Bayley blows right by her almost knocking her down. Bayley slides out the ring and looks up at Asuka. She slides back in and gets in her face. She must feel disrespected. Asuka seems to like Bayley’s fire. She smiles and leaves the ring.


The Authors of Pain Vs. Rob Rison & Adrian Nails


Paul Ellering has a red suit and the Authors of Pain have entrance music! The AOP showed us a few new moves en route to another victory. They’re what The Ascension always wanted to be. They close the book on Rob Rison as quickly as it was opened.


After the match, AOP decided that they couldn’t let Nails live if they had already taken out Rison. They bring him in the ring and look to dismantle him. Before they can, smash him into dust TM 61 come down the ramp looking for a fight. How polite of them? All for one I guess.

TM61 Down.png

All and one get beat down. The Authors of Pain are no joke out here. Who can stop them?

AOP Stand.png

Nakamura Interview


Shinsuke Nakamura is asked if he has any worries about Samoa Joe’s threats. He simply states, “I’m not hard to find. I’ll find him when I’m ready.” He walks away unbothered. Swag Level: 1,000

Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas Vs. Angelo Dawkins


It’s nice to see Angelo Dawkins. It’s been a while since he’s made it to TV and as a singles star nonetheless. Dawkins hit a 360˚ splash in the corner that was pretty impressive but he couldn’t capitalize. Cien would hit knees in the corner and unveil a new finishing maneuver. It was a crazy looking DDT. I like it. Almas remains undefeated.


After the match, Bobby Roode makes his way to the ring. He throws some shade at Cien and announces that the two will be facing off at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn. He congratulates him for being his future opponent? Boy, Bobby Roode sure is full of himself!

Office Day Continues


Austin Aries is in Regal’s office pleading his case to be on the TakeOver card. Regal wants him out of his hair so he has a brilliant idea. Quick thinking makes four by putting two and two together. Aries will face No Way Jose at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn. From the outside looking in, we should’ve seen this coming. It was only a matter of time. Regal jokes that Aries has been ducking Jose to which Aries replies, “I’ve been ignoring him.” Aries is full of himself but with good reason. Can No Way Jose find a weakness in his armor?

Billie Kay Vs. Liv Morgan


The battle for supremacy is still brewing in the NXT Woman’s division and Billie Kay is definitely a player. After Asuka and Bayley, there really aren’t a bunch of women contending or viewed as a threat to whoever holds the title. Billie is clearly getting a push and she would win this match with a big boot. We’ve got to keep an eye out for Liv Morgan. the crowd loved her and she was full of energy and a move set that fits her character and personality. I expect her to climb the ladder quickly with more performances like the one she displayed tonight.

More Office


G&C receive some great news! They will receive their title shot against The Revival in Brooklyn at TakeOver. The two just had an absolute classic match on the CWC last week and Regal hopes that that match didn’t stir any underlying feelings. Garagno and Ciampa assure Mr. Regal that all is well and they’ll be ready come Brooklyn.

Ember Moon


Whoa. Ember Moon looks like a Mortal Kombat character. Something about a prophecy of fire? I like it. It looks like she’ll be getting a big push early.

 Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa Vs. Tucker Knight & Patrick Clark


G&C are just a couple of smooth operators. They gel so well. It’s as if one knows what the other is thinking. This match didn’t end well for Clark and Knight. They tried it though! If G&C can keep this up, they’ll be holding the Tag Titles in no time flat.

Hideo Itami


After a win in his return last week, Itami has the night off tonight. He’ll be seeing action again next week!

Mojo Rawley Interview


Rawley is hype as usual. He calls Samoa Joe a 900 pound fat guy. He’s just upset that his match was interrupted. Let’s see if he somehow gets even.

Samoa Joe Vs. Mojo Rawley


A hype start to our main event as Mojo Rawley charges Joe like a bull! Joe slides out the ring in an attempt to flee the scene but Mojo follows suit. Rawley is finally stopped when he charges one time too many and ends up running directly into the steel steps.


Samoa Joe would take control of the match from there. Rawley would throw some retaliatory punches here and there but Joe was too much. He’s the NXT champion for a reason after all. Rawley gets some separation and charges at Joe again but this time would end up spiked.


As Samoa Joe sets up for the Coquina Clutch, he looks right into the camera and calls out Nakamura. He straps in the hold and Rawley is forced to tap. The ref brings Joe his title but Joe isn’t done just yet. He attacks Rawley again. Suddenly, Nakamura’s music hits.



Security rush the ring and form a wall around Samoa Joe. this energy needs to be saved for TakeOver. Nakamura is calm and playful. He steps into the ring and smiles. He pretends to take Joe’s nose like one would do with a child. Joe is infuriated.


Nakamura just laughs and entices Joe to bring it on. Security is doing everything they can to hold Joe back seeing as Nakamura doesn’t seem nearly as aggressive and emotional as Joe. Nakamura uses this to his advantage, walking up to Joe, reaching past security again, and slapping Joe in the face. Fade to black.



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