SmackDown 8/9/16

The Wyatt Family owned the show last week, ending SmackDown LIVE with a beating to both the champion and the number one contender. Lesnar brought the pain to Orton all the way from RAW, and American Alpha made their debut. That’s what we’re building with tonight!

Viperville Rio!


Everyone is buzzing about the Orton/Lesnar match up. It’s getting annoying. It’s like a TV with ESPN on all day. Same regurgitated story all day long from different mouths. Orton arrives to the arena only to be faced with more Lesnar talk.


All of this is interrupted by Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio has grown tired of all the SummerSlam talk as well and it’s been reported that he and Orton will be facing off tonight. Del Rio plans on sending Orton to SummerSlam with a broken arm.

The Enemy of My Enemy is STILL My Enemy


Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan are in the ring. Bray is complaining about the recent turn of events. Dean Ambrose comes out and calls him a crybaby. He wants to run in and fight, but he knows better. Apparently, Ziggler doesn’t. He comes out, walks right past Dean Ambrose, and zips straight to the ring. He gets beat up on until Ambrose joins. Rowan goes down and Ziggler is in the corner. Bray gets ready to deliver Sister Abigail to Dean. Dolph goes for a Super Kick and he hits Dean instead. Whoops!

Screw You!


After getting themselves handled by The Wyatts, Dean & Dolph have a bit of a conversation in the back. Ambrose isn’t so sure that Super Kick wasn’t intentional. He tells Ziggler that he owes him one. Shane and Daniel walk by and book a match for the main event. Ziggler and Ambrose will face the Wyatts.

American Alpha Vs. Mikey O’Shea & Mike Vega (Local Competitors)


Ready for another brief showcase of skill and talent? Another beat down on some locals? Well so are a lot of the tag team division. The Ascension, The Hype Bros, and The Vaudevillains come down and surround the ring like lumberjacks. Why be a fly on the wall when you can BE the wall?


The match itself took maybe 3 minutes and that’s because Alpha prolonged it. After they hit Grand Amplitude and the Mikes left the ring, the guys on the main roster step up.


A full on brawl ensues with Alpha standing tall at the end. If SmackDown LIVE DOES come up with some new tag titles, Alpha have got to be the front runners.




It looks like the next action we’ll be seeing in the ring will involve Eva Marie. Are you ready?

Let’s Talk Some Smack


Renee Young sits with Miz and Maryse to discuss Miz’s title defense against Apollo Crews. Miz is more interested in talking about how beautiful his wife is. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just Miz being Miz.


A video montage of Apollo Crews plays and when we get back to Renee and company at the table, Miz and Maryse have decided to express their love for each other in a very public way.


Miz compares Maryse’s beauty to that of legend and Maryse speaks to Renee on her husband’s behalf. According to Maryse, no rookie will beat her husband so Crews is not to be considered a threat.

Becky Lynch Vs. Eva Marie


It’s time! Last week was supposed to be Eva’s first match back on the main roster in quite some time. She can’t hide behind Nia Jax anymore and the Universe is clearly against her. You can’t really go off of the crowd reaction because what they want is so specific. Roman Reigns hasn’t had a bad match in over a year yet they boo him mercilessly. That’s a different show so let’s get back to the SmackDown Live debut of #AllRedEverything.


Eva enters the ring and this time, she DOES NOT injure herself hopping down from the second rope. This time, her top mysteriously comes off and she yells for a towel.


She runs to the back and Becky is left in the ring for the second consecutive week. The referee calls the match off before it could even begin.

Becky Lynch Vs. ???


Becky is furious. She just wants a match! It’s understandable. She takes her frustration to the mic an issues an open challenge to any woman in the back willing to throw down.


Luckily for Becky, Alexa Bliss is willing to fill in. Eva’s debut has turned into Alexa’s! Midway through the match, Eva Marie comes back out fully covered and ready to go.


The all red moment was enough to distract Becky Lynch allowing Alexa to hit her with a chokeslam followed by Twisted Bliss. Win for the rookie!


Eva didn’t mean any harm to Becky or Alexa and she seemed genuinely disappointed that she was unable to compete. She said a few words right after Alexa’s match and promised to try again next week.


Randy Orton Vs. Alberto Del Rio


Orton and Del Rio as the third match? Seems a bit early in the show. Anyway, great match! Del Rio was true to his word and worked on Orton’s arm. There was vintage Orton, there was innovative Orton.


After Randy hit his patented hangman DDT, he was gearing up for an RKO. Del Rio was able to roll out and escape. Orton chased him to the timekeeper’s area where Del Rio assaulted him with a chair. Orton wins by DQ but there’s more pain to come.


After a few chair shots outside the ring, Orton escapes to the comforts of the squared circle. He nurses his wounds while Del Rio has a moment with a few of the fans. Del Rio slides into the ring and walks up on Orton only to be met with an RKO. It wasn’t quite out of nowhere but it did seem like time stopped for about half a second.


As great as Del Rio is, he’s no Brock Lesnar. If Orton struggled here, how does he think he can hang with a BEAST?

Slater Pleads


Heath Slater may act like he loves being a free agent, but deep down (heck, maybe even on the surface) he knows he wants to be tied to a brand. He’s scheduled to have a match with Rhyno tonight and if he wins, he gets a contract to be included on the SmackDown LIVE roster. He comes to Rhyno in the back and tries to cut a deal. Slater mentions his 2 kids and swimming pool he has to pay for. Rhyno takes a second to think about it, asks about the kids and the swimming pool, and pauses. Slater brings up his 4 kids again. Rhyno makes a face and says, “I thought you said you had two kids?” Slater looks down with guilt. No dice Heathy baby.

A Bone to Pick With Scooby Doo


The Miz approaches Scooby Doo and he has an issue. Miz wants to know why he isn’t on the cover of the DVD. He demands that all the movies be pulled off shelves and be replaced with new copies featuring himself on the cover. Scooby tries to calm Miz down with some Scooby Snacks he has in the Mystery Machine. He invites Miz in and locks him inside. Scooby somehow got his hands on the Miz’s car keys and drives off in his car.

Rhyno Vs. Heath Slater


The cards are stacked against Heath Slater and Rhyno is here to Gore them down. It won’t be smooth sailing for either Superstar. Rhyno is a monster and Heath is fighting for his career.


Slater looks really good out there! He’s never looked better as a singles Superstar. It’s looking like he might just win. He’s willing to do so by any means necessary which includes cutting corners, poking eyes, and using the ropes for leverage.


The ref counts two before he notices Slater using the ropes for an unfair advantage. He stops the count and a disheveled Heath Slater starts to panic. He loses sight of the goal and of his opponent. Bad move.


Rhyno wins. I think we should all take a step back and let Heath have a moment.


Wyatt Family Values


Bray Wyatt is one of the greatest speakers this side of the year 2000. With Erick Rowan still in his hand, The Wyatts are still a force to be reckoned with. Bray ignites a flame within Rowan, encouraging him to die for the cause. the cause being….. I guess Bray Wyatt? Rowan is down for that cause.

The Hottest Free Agent


Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon are in the back discussing Heath Slater. Daniel Bryan has an unsigned contract and he wants Slater to sign. Shane is uncertain but Daniel wants Slater for his heart and never-say-die mentality. He feels that it’s a great representation of what #TeamBlue stands for. Shane buys in and Heath Slater approaches furious. Heath feels disrespected that he even had to fight for his job. Daniel Bryan is trying to tell him about the contract but Slater has too much steam. He PG curses (yeah, that’s a thing) Shane and Daniel out before storming out. Heath Slater successfully walked away from a guaranteed contract. What is Slater going to do about his 7 kids now?

Carmella Vs. Natalya


Carmella and Natalya aren’t strangers. Nattie did a lot of work with the new class of women down in NXT. Nattie probably taught Carmella a lot in Florida, and if not, she’s teaching her tonight. Carmella can’t get the ball rolling and Nattie is looking like the top woman in SmackDown. Carmella hung in there waiting for an opening. She had just enough left in the tank to lock in the Code of Silence and make Nattie tap. I guess it’s true when they say it only takes one mistake.

Cena/Styles Build


Neither Cena nor Styles have a match tonight. Instead we’re stuck seeing clips of their feud from previous matches…..again.

One Wolf, Pack Pride


Commotion in the back. Baron Corbin has attacked Kalisto again. Staff and officials are trying to break it up. Corbin looks down at a battered Kalisto and tells him, “That’s for making me lose the IC title opportunity.” Well okay. We’re attacking people in the back for our own shortcomings now? Gotcha.

Dean Ambrose & Dolph Ziggler Vs. The Wyatts


The match starts with a bit of chest puffing. Ambrose and Ziggler both want to start the match and end up being attacked by The Wyatts. Based on how that ends up, Ambrose and Bray become the legal men.


New Era or not, there’s no way the front runners on SmackDown LIVE were going to lose heading into SummerSlam. Erick Rowan still has a nice spin kick.


It wasn’t easy but Ambrose and Ziggler manage to pull off the victory. Ziggler pats Ambrose on the back and congratulates him. Ambrose must’ve been broke because he cashed in Ziggler then and there. Dirty Deeds. He told Ziggler he owed him one, now they’re even.


One more show before SummerSlam.



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