Impact Wrestling 8/4/16


So much to go over. What’s going on with Rosemary and Bram? Is Drew Galloway going to seek revenge on EC3 tonight? Will James Storm win the King of the Mountain championship? Who will win the BFG playoffs?

Future Shocked

Well here we go! We start off with footage of Drew Galloway leaving the arena after his loss last week. Obviously, he’s not so happy for several reasons. Expect revenge at some point.

BFG Playoff Finals


The Miracle and EC3 have made it to the Impact Zone! They are the last men standing in the Bound For Glory playoffs. One winner will be crowned and that match will take place tonight. Will it be  EC3 or Mike Bennett? Bennett boasts the first ever pinfall victory over EC3 and with Moose and Maria on his side, and an angry Drew Galloway who can justifiably strike at any time, he may be the favorite to win!

Moose County


EC3 challenges Mike Bennett to throw everything and the kitchen sink at him. He knows it’s coming. What he doesn’t see coming, is Moose. The music hits and Moose arrives unannounced. He slowly walks down the ramp, pumping his fist. Mike Bennett uses this time to strike. He and Ethan throw punches at each other until the Great Equalizer enters the ring.


With Moose & Miracle working together, Mike Bennett might be unstoppable. Ethan looks pretty banged up and he definitely won’t be 100% going into the main event tonight.




Eli Drake is working hard in the gym. He has words for James Storm and Lashley and everyone else who plans on coming for his title. He’s not giving it up without a fight!

BramMary Recap


For those of you interested or who have missed the shenanigans that is Bram and Rosemary, here is a quick recap. We get the conclusion tonight.

James Storm Vs. Eli Drake – King of the Mountain Championship Match


The match was set last week and the time is here. If the Cowboy can’t walk away with gold he’s gotta give up beer. Big match with World Heavyweight implications seeing as Lashley has made it clear that he’s gunning for everyone with a singles title.


James Storm continues to have Drake’s number. New week, same outcome. Drake takes a spill and decides to take a sip of The Cowboy’s beer.


Well I guess it wasn’t a sip. He held it in his mouth and tried to spit it in the face of James Storm. Storm ducks and the ref catches beer in the eyes! Storm goes for a roll up put the ref can’t see.


After what would’ve been a 5 count, Storm goes over to the ref. He’s obviously and noticeably upset. He tries to snap him out of it. Drake takes this as an opportunity to implement more shenanigans.


Boom! Contact is made and Drake goes for the pin. This is the point that Storm was making last week. As good as Eli Drake is he always resorts to trickery and underhanded tactics to win.


Not today. Only a two count and the match continues.


The climax is coming. Both men are worn down and are solely trying to end it with a finisher. Drake ends up outside the ring and launches himself.


Instead of catching James Storm slipping, he catches a Last Call! Storm goes for the pin and gets the victory. New champion! Beer time.


The celebration was cut short.

The Destroyer


Lashley arrives in the Impact Zone. We all know why he’s here and it was only a matter of time. This soon? Let’s hear the champ out.


First and foremost, Lashley congratulates Storm on his victory. Lashley can be a snake so Storm is reluctant but eventually shakes his hand. Lashley goes on to speak on the gold and what it means to be champion. And now down to business.


Lashley gives Storm two options. He wasn’t this nice when he wanted the X Division title. The two options are a title for titles match, or Storm can just hand over the KOTM title without risking a beatdown. If you know The Cowboy, you know there’s no way in heck he’d take that deal! A match it will be. Storm holds up his title before riding off into the sunset.


Mission Impossible


Gail Kim is still on a quest to recapture the Knockouts title. She’s won a match or two so far and now she meets up with Maria’s assistant Allie to find out who’s next on the list. Maria crashes the party and she’s here to let everyone know who will be in the ring. After she calms down her annoying lap dog and says a few words to Kim, she enlightens both women that they will be facing each other tonight. Say what?! Allie can’t wrestle! Well this must be punishment for being so annoying. Easy night for Gail unless of course Maria has another trick up her sleeve…..

A Real Barn Burner


Rosemary is battling her inner demons. She’s trying to find the courage to tell Bram the deepest, darkest, secret of her demented past but it’s not coming out. Bram is beginning to get impatient and it’s getting late. Rosemary pleads for more time. She’s almost ready. Bram is trying. He decides to hang around.

Gail Kim Vs. Allie

Gail makes her way down to the ring full of confidence. She’s arguably the most talented knockout of all time and she’s facing Allie of all people. Why wouldn’t she be confident. Well….


After Allie makes her way out, shivering all the way to the ring, Maria makes another surprise appearance. She is providing Allie with some backup by making this a handicap match.


Yes, the Knockouts Champion herself, Sienna, will be in this match. If Gail can somehow pull this off she deserves her title shot immediately!

The match would go as such:


Sienna beats up Gail and Allie comes in. Allie gets in a few quick shots and tags Sienna back in. This can only work so well for so long against a talent like Gail Kim. Eventually, one mistake WILL cost you. Speaking of which….

Sienna misses BIG on a Silencer and takes out Allie. Kim gets the champ out the ring and covers Allie for the win.


Who’s next?

Broken Alliance


Matt and Jeff Hardy were both eliminated in the BFG playoffs. Matt will forever blame Jeff for his departure from the tournament and he’s wrong about that. One thing he isn’t wrong about involves the Tag Team titles. It was Jeff that injured himself and forced the brothers to relinquish their titles. The respect isn’t there but it seems that Matt wants those titles back for some reason. They are almost but not quite the Hardy Boyz again. Matt is putting the onus on Jeff to recapture the Tag Team titles. Matt demands that Jeff do it by himself. He has set up a match with JT Dunn and Chuck Taylor in which Jeff is expected to compete on his own without using an aerial assault. Matt has forbidden him from jumping off the top ropes. That’s what made Jeff special. That’s also how he finishes matches. So I guess we have another handicap match with even more stipulations? This is getting out of hand.

The Hardyz Vs. Chuck Taylor & JT Dunn


This is technically a tag team match but Matt will be sitting this one out. He leaves his brother in the ring to be pummeled and beaten while he resorts to his Broken shenanigans with the a fan in the crowd. See:

Even with all of this craziness, Jeff manages to hit a couple Twist of Fates and stay in this! He sets up JT Dunn for a Swanton and that’s when Matt interjects.


Jeff being Jeff jumps anyway.


Matt is furious. He attacks his brother, hits him with a Twist of Fate and tags himself in for the pin.

The Hardyz win. I don’t know what that means for the future or if this unholy union has a chance to succeed. We’ll keep an eye on this.

The Tribunal Vs. Grado & Shera


Al Snow reminds his boys that the numbers game is in their favor tonight. A seemingly much needed pep talk for some odd reason. These guys like sneaking up on people but seem to have a bully complex when it comes to fighting someone face to face. They scare easy.


Shera and Grado make their way to the ring and are welcomed by the Tribunal, well sort of. The Tribunal surround the ring. It’s an ambush! They jump on Shera and corner Grado. Grado becomes the legal man and they begin implementing their strategy of quick tags and taunting Shera. Shera is easily enraged and the ref has to ask him to leave the ring on numerous occasions. When he gets all worked up and the ref has to get him in check, this allows The Tribunal to gang up on Grado. Grado has so much heart and through all the adversity manages to roll Al Snow up for a pin. In what was easily a 7 count, the ref was too busy calming down Shera and getting him out the ring to count. The Tribunal is saved.



Grado fights and fights and is finally able to tag in Shera! Shera comes in and single handedly levels all three members of The Tribunal.


Al Snow is the legal man and he’s up to no good — Brass knuckle time!


Shera sees it coming and outmuscles Snow, catching his hand and thwarting the assault.


Shera slams Al Snow and gets a clean victory for the team of underdogs.


For one night only, two is greater than three.


Rosemary’s Decay


Picking up where she left off, Rosemary explains her situation to Bram. Apparently, she had an ex who wanted to do more than hug and give gifts to celebrate their anniversary one year. It really tripped her out and she ended up making a potion that would turn his blood black. Bram isn’t really interested and Rosemary flips.


The infatuation seems to have worn off and Bram is coming to his senses. He just wants to leave. Rosemary has other plans. She picks up a shovel? Maybe not but something dangerous and pokey, and backs Bram into a wall.

Decay is HERE!

The screen flashes and we see Decay dragging Bram through the woods.


They put him in the trunk of a car and Rosemary joins him. She closes the trunk behind her and Decay get in the car.


Where are they taking Bram? Why did Rosemary get in the trunk too? Was this all a setup? The Rosemary Chronicles has left us with more questions than answers.


Next Week

It’s happening. Yes, it’s official. James Storm and Lashley will be facing off on Impact next week! All titles will be for the taking. That sure is a lot of gold. No one man should have all that power.

EC3 Vs. ‘The Miracle’ Mike Bennett – BFG Playoff Final


The final match of the Bound For Glory playoffs is here! EC3 and Mike Bennett square off yet again and this time the stakes are more grand. Lashley is seeking all of the gold and he may have all of that come Bound For Glory. Will Moose interject? Or maybe Drew Galloway? Let’s get this thing underway.


As you can tell from the picture above, Maria was up to her usual wifely shenanigans. Ethan and Mike were actually having a great match with only minimal cheating. Maria attempted to beef up the match with a Kendo stick but the ref wasn’t having it. He even climbed out the ring and confronted her face to face. After she poked him in his face, he had no choice but to throw her out. She wouldn’t leave willingly and had to be carried out.


Here’s where things get crazy. With the referee still tending to Maria, The Miracle was STILL able to grab the Kendo stick and try to knock Ethan’s block off. Ethan’s been struggling all night with sore ribs.


Ethan counters with a move of his own.


It only draws a two count. The match continues. With Maria gone, EC3 should feel even more confident than he did before. Out of nowhere, the crowd starts to rumble and react to something.


It’s Moose! The ref spots him and verbally jumps on him before anything shady can happen. Speaking of jumping on people…


It’s Eddie Edwards! He flies over the ref and onto Moose.


The two men brawl outside the ring. The referee AGAIN loses track of what’s going on INSIDE the ring.

Focus ref! A shot right to the midsection levels EC3. Bennett picks him up for an MIP and goes for the cover. The crowd boos. Ethan kicks out at two!


The Miracle is in disbelief! He’s done everything he can do to win this match. Moose is gone, Maria is gone, his last hope is to land one more MIP. EC3 has a similar idea. They both take turns going for the knock out punch. Bennett gets Ethan up but he wriggles down. A twist and a spin later…


One Percenter and the pin! EC3 wins it. Not a peep from Drew Galloway and the title match at Bound For Glory has been set. Who will EC3 be facing? Lashley or James Storm?



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