NXT 8/3/16

A lot of new faces in NXT and a lot of openings. The draft hasn’t affected NXT quite yet with most of the draftees still making the occasional appearance. Tonight we start with a familiar face making his return to NXT after 2 shoulder surgeries and over a year of recovery.

Hideo Itami Vs. Sean Maluta


Sean Maluta is the guy in the CWC that nearly injured himself with an acrobatic attempt from the inside of the ring out in his first round match. He ended up losing the match while putting forth a tremendous effort. Trained by his uncle Afa (yes, THAT Afa and YES that family tree) don’t be surprised if you see him around a lot more. Tonight isn’t about Maluta and all of his potential, it’s about Hideo and a Daniel Bryan-like knee to the face.


Top Guys


The Revival are the first ever 2 time NXT Tag Team champions and they don’t want anyone to forget. They claim that they are the best on the planet. A couple of well traveled faces interject with the utmost respect.


TM 61 just want one chance to prove what they can do. There’s a lot of buzz around them and their name’s been thrown around a lot lately. The Revival want nothing to do with them. To be fair, TM 61 haven’t beaten anyone notable just yet and Gargano and Ciampa are the #1 contenders for the titles anyway. Speaking of which…..


Gargano and Ciampa drop by to say hey and cash in on their title shot. Why not now? Why not tonight? The Revival back pedal quicker than Darrelle Revis and look over at TM 61. They apologize to G&C and tell them they’ve already made plans with TM 61. TM 61 is stoked for the opportunity but it’s abundantly clear that The Revival are ducking G&C.

Mojo Rawley Vs. Chris Atkins


Rawley is still having matches in NXT? Why not? Well I’ve never heard of this Chris Atkins guy so let’s give this a go. Maybe he’ll be a breakout star!


And it’s done. Samoa Joe is having none of this. Still frustrated by the lack of respect he’s been shown, he’s doing whatever he can to get under Regal’s skin. Match ends in a no contest when Joe throws the two men out and grabs a microphone.


Rawley doesn’t like being disrespected either! He brings the fight to the NXT champion before walking up the ramp. He didn’t do as much to Joe as he could’ve but Mojo isn’t that kind of guy. He wasn’t out to prove a point. He’s just not one to be bullied or blindsided without striking back and standing up for himself. Unfortunately for him, Samoa Joe is petty.


A Coquina Clutch on the ramp is a bold statement. Joe looks directly into the camera, says some words to William Regal, and claims that this is the fate that will befall Nakamura.


It’s Bayley!


It’s Bayley you guys! She’s still in NXT don’t be fooled by the Battleground PPV. Her goal is to win the NXT Women’s title for the second time and she’s been studying Asuka since she lost to her. Physically there’s not much different she can do, but seeing what she’s seen and having already been in the ring with her it’s all mental. She explains all of this in street clothes during an interview.


Asuka must’ve heard her name because she dropped by the interview and had some words for Bayley. In all of maybe 6 words, she invited Bayley to ringside to watch her match. A bold statement by the champ.

Asuka Vs. Aliyah


Bayley must’ve taken Asuka up on her challenge because she joins the guys at the announce table prior to the match. Even professional sports entertainers have to study and do homework!


Bless the heart of Aliyah. She’s getting in this ring and I have zero hope that she stands a chance. She enters first. Asuka swags her way down the ramp and takes off her mask. That’s not all she would do before the bell rings.


Asuka finds a chair and places it right on the ramp. She sets it, faces it towards the ring and motions at Bayley. She was serious about Bayley watching and I think I understand what Asuka is saying. It’s something like, “I don’t care how much you watch me or how much you study. You will never beat me because I am better than you.” Something to that nature.


Bayley obliges but she’s not too thrilled by Asuka’s gesture. She walks down to the ring with an attitude and throws the chair to the side. No hugs today.


The match starts and just as expected, Aliyah tries and fails miserably. Asuka is schooling her and making eye contact with Bayley the entire match. After a kick to the head, Asuka covers Aliyah but she lifts her up at 2. Bayley doesn’t approve. Asuka glares.


Asuka would be nice enough to end the match with a swinging Asuka Lock. Aliyah taps but Asuka isn’t letting go. She’s just staring at Bayley. Bayley can’t watch anymore. She runs in and Asuka releases the hold. Bayley tends to Aliyah and the champ walks out. Heel shenanigans but no turn Universe.


Oney Lorkin


So about a month ago, this guy I’d never heard of before named Oney Lorkin had a match with Tye Dillinger. He put forth a great effort and even won the match! For some reason we are reminded this and shown an interview Lorkin had after that match. Lorkin believes in himself and understands why most people look at his win as an upset. He feels that in order to compete with the guys in NXT he’s gotta train harder and do better. I guess that’s what he’s been doing? Maybe we’ll be seeing him again soon.

Ember Moon


I’m not sure what an Ember Moon is but it sounds totally wicked. I don’t even know the gender but I heard a few whispers in the wrestling community saying, “she.” The Moon will reveal itself at TakeOver.

Bobby Roode


Bobby Roode is finally here in an NXT ring! Aren’t you excited? He’s poked his head around corners and been in crowds enough that we’ve all noticed. He’s not dressed for a match so I guess we’ll just be listening this time around.


Oh. Well that took a turn. A HEEL TURN! What is this? He’s a corporate guy now? He wants to lead NXT to glory and get rid of the fans and replace them with businessmen and presidents and legal guys? No more chanting and wearing colorful shirts? He’s taking NXT to the next level? How, Sway? How? I just don’t understand the angle. Is he replacing Regal? Is he going to wrestle? Is this really a thing? I’m not sure. Well I’ll be tuning in next week, it’s fine. We’ll figure this thing out.

Next Week


Need a reason to tune in next week? You shouldn’t but if for some reason you do, here’s one. Contract signing! Asuka and Bayley will be inking the deal and these things usually end in fisticuffs. Can’t wait!

The Revival Vs. TM 61


TM 61 is bringing their all and The Revival are just trying to feel them out. The Revival survive an opening surge from the upstarts and implement their ground and pound system. Much like American Alpha, TM 61 work best at a faster pace. The Revival like to slow things down and wear you down and that’s just what they were doing in this match.


Nick Miller is in the ring for TM 61 and he’s cleaning house. He drags Scott Dawson to his corner and goes for the tag. Before he can reach his partner, Dash Wilder drags him down from the outside. No partner to tag! Miller steps out the ring and chases Wilder. Wilder slides in the ring and Miller follows. Miller walks right into a DDT from Dawson and for the first time in like 15 years a match ends by DDT. The Revival win the non-title contest.


G&C Connection


After the match, Dawson and Wilder have a lot to say. Apparently, it doesn’t matter what part of the world you come from, The Revival will have your number.


G&C have more dislike to share. They don’t agree with this statement because they can’t. The Revival have already lost to them and they even ducked them tonight. G&C make their way down to the ring.


Dash & Dawson remind them who the champs are and what they’ve been able to accomplish without beating them. Words are words and being champs means more. The Revival try to ambush G&C but they were prepared. They get Dawson out the ring and nail Wilder with their kicking combo finisher. Gargano does a mock pin and the crowd counts to three as Ciampa slams his hand to the mat.


They hold up the titles as if they’ve won. Could this be the future?



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