NXT (7/27/16)

This might be one of the last NXT shows featuring the voice of Corey Graves as he was recently called up to be the new voice of RAW. It was only a matter of time and it was very well deserved. Maybe the WWE will let him do both? I doubt it. Just a reminder before we get into the night.


Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. Wesley Blake


Well what do we have here? The very first competitor that enters the ring is none other than the most over in the company right now! It looks like Shinsuke will be taking on Wesley Blake, formerly of Blake and Murphy.


Before we start the match, let’s take a look at a conversation the former NXT Tag Team champions had earlier today.


Blake: I was the better guy in the tag team

Murphy: Nuh uh!

Blake: I’ll prove it by beating Nakamura tonight!

Murphy: I’ll prove it by beating the cool Japanese guy that’s favored to win the CWC.

Both: BET!

Now let’s begin.

Nakamura ties up with Blake and Blake gets him in a headlock. Nakamura drives him back into the ropes and then does this:


Look familiar? Blake wasn’t feeling it. He pushes Nakamura off and the two exchange gestures. Blake would sink in another headlock and this time Nakamura goes for the more classic Irish Whip. Blake goes over, then under, then gets fancy with a flip. They stare at each other from across the ring and Blake does this:


Yes, he blew him a kiss. Nakamura catches it.


Before he can decide what to do with it, Blake offers him another!


Nakamura catches that one too! Overwhelmed with fictional affection, Nakamura tries to spread the love. He offers the kisses to the ref and the ref ain’t having it.


Useless kisses. Nakamura stomps them out like a cigarette.


Long story short here…..


KINSHASA!! Another easy win for Shinsuke. He won’t be leaving the ring quite yet because we have a very special guest!


Good news everyone! It’s Mr. Regal, and he has some important information he must immediately disperse. Nakamura has done enough to earn a shot at the NXT Title! The match will take place the day before SummerSlam at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn II. I wonder if Joe is aware of this? And oh yeah, Shinsuke approves of this message.


Billie Kay Vs. Santana Garrett

Carmella, Nia Jax, Eva Marie, and Alexa Bliss are all gone now, and Bayley already has one foot out the door. Is Billie Kay the next woman to get a push in NXT? She had a pretty solid match against Dana Brooke a few weeks back on SmackDown, but she’s still working on getting her 3 Cs together: Charisma, Character & Confidence. But yeah, she’s here.


Kay isn’t quite ready for the spotlight just yet. Tom Phillips did all the talking for her tonight, speaking on her attitude change and what not. She’s like a blue Eva Marie! I have faith that Billie will be something. She just needs time.


Her opponent tonight is Santana Garrett. Very easy on the eyes. I almost thought Emma was back from injury super early. Her music is essentially Emma’s but with like a remix. Santana had a good match that ended with her kicked in the face and pinned. Score one for BK!


Bayley Has A Question


Bayley has done everything she needs to do for a rematch against Asuka for the NXT Women’s Title but ask for it! Tonight she did just that. William Regal believes it’s a good idea he just has to run it back Asuka for some odd reason. Just book it!

TM-61 Vs. Rob Rison & Adrian Nails


TM-61 consists of Nick Miller and Shane Thorn. The ‘TM’ part represent their last names, and the 61 is the calling code for Australia. They are GOOD. I mean REAL GOOD. They will be making some noise on the main roster. I don’t know why they didn’t just start them off up there! Maybe it’s a style thing? Gotta get used to the WWE crowds and style I guess. They say their inspiration is The Dudley Boyz and I think they can live up to that. There’s not much to talk about seeing as this was a match against two jobbers so easy money. Check out their finisher though! It’s called Thunder Valley.

Hideo is Coming

Next week! Probably against some random guy we’ve never heard of!


No Way Jose Vs. Steve Cutler

Speaking of some guy we’ve never heard of, Steve Cutler everyone! He’s had a match or two at Full Sail, but everyone knows this match is all about Jose. If Cutler didn’t know, he was informed once he saw this face:


And if he was STILL unsure, he had it all figured out after this HUGE punch:


And then Jose did that Spinning Slammy thing he does and wins it. That was a nice few minutes.


Jose wasn’t done there. He clearly had Austin Aries on the brain. He grabbed a mic and decided to vent a little. He says that Austin Aries is a coward that underestimated him and the next time they see each other, he plans to kick his rear end. Yikes! What happened to party time?


Buddy Murphy Vs. Kota Ibushi


It’s Buddy Murphy’s chance to prove his worth as a singles competitor. Murphy is the big dog in the fight but Ibushi has some pretty big sticks to play with. By that I mean, Murphy is bigger and stronger but Ibushi kicks harder than a baby in the womb with bad breath.


Murphy’s offense reminds me a bit of Sasha Banks. He even has that running double knee thing down. He doesn’t do all the head scissors and what not but he has an innovative offense, he can definitely move, and he’s not afraid to take a bump. He’s having the singles match of his NXT life until Ibushi lands this crazy kick.


Kota followed that baby up with a German Suplex pin and Murphy just barely kicked out at 2. Murphy had a couple more good moments after that but when a Superplex went wrong, Ibushi countered with a Last Ride Sitout Powerbomb. Game, Ibushi. Kudos to Buddy Murphy!

Put Some Respek On It


Samoa Joe is in the building! He’s in a rather cheery mood until he gets hit in the face with the harsh reality that everyone knows who he will be facing but him. It was never ran by him! Regal just put it all out there and Joe sees this as disrespect. I’d have to agree. How can you be the champion and be informed during a candid interview something you should know before everyone? Joe somehow manages to politely excuse himself and declares that he will fix this right now. He yells at someone off camera and I’m pretty sure he’s headed to the ring.

More on Next Week!


Hey TNA fans! Bobby Roode will be making his NXT debut next week! I wonder if EY is still around? Haven’t seen him in a while and this would be the perfect guy to match him up with. Will WWE bring back the Piledriver? I hope so. Sorry Austin!

Samoa Joe is NOT a Happy Camper


Samoa Joe is steaming mad and he’s letting everyone know. He recounts all of the hoops he had to jump through to even get a title shot and doesn’t feel that Nakamura has even left his feet yet. Couple that with the fact the he caught wind of the match while walking through the door and Joe says that he will NOT be facing Shinsuke Nakamura for his title at TakeOver. That obviously isn’t his call so I guess we need a shot caller out here. Here comes Regal again.


“Joe I’ve heard enough. You may be the champion but I’m the General Manager and my decisions are final. You will fight who I want you to fight!” – William Regal 

Stiff words from a true shot caller. Joe still isn’t feeling that. He has what he feels is a better alternative. Joe wants to go have a sit down in the office and discuss a worthy opponent of his choosing. Regal is not having it. He threatens to strip Joe of the title if he doesn’t fight Nakamura. Joe has no choice but to angrily accept. He does hint at some potential shenanigans, stating that Shinsuke may not make it to TakeOver. He reminds Regal of what he did to Bálor and says he can just as well do the same to Nakamura. I don’t think Nakamura liked those words because he sure did come out to the stage!


Just a lil bit of a stare down before we go off the air here. This match may steal the summer.



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