SmackDown LIVE (7/26/16)


Just as RAW did the night before, SmackDown LIVE has a new logo, new music, and a new video intro. The very first thing we see is Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan holding microphones ready to drop some knowledge. They talk to the camera, get real buddy buddy. They remind us that SmackDown LIVE is about the Universe and the Superstars. They lead the cameraman to the ring where all of the recently drafted Superstars surround them.


After a well deserved “Yes” chant, Shane informs us that SmackDown LIVE will be hosting their very own PPVs live on the WWE Network starting September 11. That first PPV will be a classic known as Backlash.


The next thing to do, is decide who will be facing Dean Ambrose at Summer Slam! Ambrose was the only Superstar not already at ringside so Shane calls him down. Ambrose comes down full of energy and up for a challenge. He wants to know who his opponent is and he’s ready.


Daniel Bryan announces that there will be a 6 Pack Challenge for the #1 contender at SummerSlam and it will take place tonight. He rattles off a bunch of names:

John Cena, Bray Wyatt, Dolph Ziggler, Baron Corbin, and AJ Styles.


Now that’s only 5 names and there’s a reason for that. Bryan states that everyone is eligible for the last spot. There will be a Battle Royal for the 6th and final spot. The Battle Royal starts now.

Battle Royal


In a Battle Royal it’s always wise to eliminate the biggest and strongest Superstars first. Everyone seemed to be on the same page and went straight for either Kane or Erick Rowan as soon as the bell rang. Both Superstars were able to break out of the scrum.


Kane is Kane. He’s eliminating Superstars one tag team at a time!


The last four competitors remaining are Kane, Zack Ryder, Kalisto and Apollo Crews.Final4.png

After some high flying shenanigans from Zack Ryder and Kalisto onto Crews, Kane gets up from a momentary nap. He grabs a charging Kalisto and throws him over the top with a chokeslam-like grip. Ryder goes next. The last two guys are Kane and Crews. Kane tries to end it quickly, by tossing Crews out the same way he did the last two. Crews backflips out of the choke hold and backs away from Kane.


Kane rushes him and Crews pulls the top rope down on him. Kane falls over the top rope and eliminates himself. Crews wins! He’ll be the last person in the 6 Pack Challenge.


In an interview right after the match, Crews reminded himself to calm down. There’s still work to do. One match down, one to go.


The Return of Shelton Benjamin?!?!


Is it true? I’ve heard rumors before but it appears to be happening!! Shelton Benjamin would be a perfect fit on SmackDown LIVE. Check him out on the network. His feud with Evolution was epic!

Straight From the Heart


Dolph Ziggler cuts an intense promo prior to the main event tonight. He speaks on bashing his head on the metaphoric glass ceiling and losing his way in the ring. Now he’s renewed. He’s in a sound place with a good head on his shoulders and he promises to steal the show.

Becky Lynch Vs. Natalya


A rematch from Sunday in the New Era? Why? I have hope!

This match is a lot more fast paced, even more physical, but just as intense. Becky is able to protect her leg this time around and she’s on the offensive. Nattie has her moments but she can’t keep Becky Balboa down. After Nattie catches Becky with a German Suplex, the tides turn a bit. Natalya would even get in position for a Sharpshooter. Before she can wrap the legs, Becky grabs her hand. She pulls Nattie down and transitions into a Dis-arm-her. Nattie taps and Becky gets her revenge.


The Women of Tuesday Night


Renee Young is ready to interview Becky and they are both interrupted by an unfamiliar (to some) voice.


It’s Alexa Bliss! She tells Becky that she’s old news and that she is the personification of the New Era. More music!


It’s Naomi! Welcome back! She tells Alexa that she’s gotta get in that ring before she can claim anything. Naomi is back and ready to take over Tuesday nights. The jukebox must be broken now because here comes someone else.


It’s Carmella! The First Lady of Staten Island. She’s ready to through her hat in the ring and boogie, and so is the next interrupting Superstar,


Eva Marie! She has the most over the top entrance possibly ever and it makes everyone stop and watch. Some guy with a cheesy announcer voice introduces her. I guess we’re supposed to be seduced or something? I guess so. The ladies are here and the competition will be fierce. That’s a great sign because there is no Woman’s title on SmackDown LIVE. I’m sure something can be arranged.

The Lone Wolf


Baron Corbin just wanted to let us all know that he is and always has been self centered. That is all.

Miz Tv w/ Special Guest The Miz?


Miz gets the crowd whipped into a frenzy. It’s SmackDown LIVE! With Miz being exclusive to Tuesdays, this is a thing now! Miz says he has a great guest tonight. This person is a Legend Killer and through Evolution has become one of the all time greats.


No, it’s not Randy Orton. It’s himself. Yes, Miz interviews himself. Well not for long because someone has a bone to pick with him.


The Viper is here and he doesn’t like where Miz is going with this. It clearly sounded like he was calling out Orton and now Orton is here. Miz asks him why he would decide to come back and have his first match back with Brock Lesnar. Orton says it doesn’t have to be his first match back, he can do that tonight against The Miz. Miz reminds him of their history and how he beat Orton for the WWE Championship years ago.


Randy has some more harsh words for both Miz and Maryse and Miz remains calm. Maryse doesn’t. She accepts Orton’s challenge for her husband and now we’ll see the two face off!

The Miz Vs. Randy Orton

The bell rings and Miz rolls out the ring to have a chat with his wife. He whispers something in Maryse’s ear before climbing back in the ring. Miz does have a gameplan. He goes straight for the surgically repaired shoulder of Orton.


Miz is in complete control of this match until Randy hits an RKO outta nowhere!


Orton doesn’t go for the pin. Instead, he stands up and backs away. He walks up and looks down at his prey, and begins pounding on the mat. The Miz gets to his feet and is hit with another RKO for good measure. This time he covers Miz for the 3 count.


A Look At Alpha


It looks like we’ll be seeing American Alpha next week on SmackDown LIVE!

The Unaccounted For


There’s some sort of a local competitor in the ring. He’s gearing up for a match but is attacked by the undrafted Superstar, Heath Slater. Slater has a bone to pick. He should be on a roster and it looks like he’s using SmackDown LIVE to voice his frustration. He wants in on the 6 Pack match and he gets the crowd to chant, “Sign Heath Slater!” I’m pretty sure that will become a hashtag.


Shane comes out to get the situation in check. The two go back and forth before another undrafted Superstar sneaks into the ring behind Slater. By the time Slater noticed, it was too late.




Throw in Shelton Benjamin and it looks like SmackDown LIVE may have just added 3 more talents to the roster.

They Don’t Want None


AJ Styles has a bone to pick with Shane and Daniel. They didn’t draft The Club and now he has to prove himself in a 6 Pack match? He doesn’t like it but he IS ready to #BeatUpJohnCena.

The Whole World in His Hands


Before the big match, Bray has words for the Universe. He usually has so much to say but not this time. He just really wants to win I guess. Welp! He heads down to the ring so the main event must be next.

The #1 Contender 6 Pack Challenge





So many Superstars, so little time! Everyone has their moment to shine in this match.


After all 6 Superstars participate in some sort of Towers of Doom Super Power Plexbomb, only the bottom two guys are left standing. It’s Apollo Crews Vs. Baron Corbin, which you would know has happened in NXT if you watch. Corbin hits Deep Six but Crews kicks out. He goes for The End of Days but Crews flips out. Crews grabs Corbin and lifts him up. He hits a Spinout Powerbomb and goes for the cover.


Bray pulls the referee out at 2.


So now there’s no ref and Bray and Apollo are in the ring. Bray introduces Crews to Sister Abigail.


Dolph hits a Zig Zag on Wyatt but there’s no ref to count! He tunes up the band for a Super Kick but Cena intercepts him. Attitude Adjustment. Bray gets bounced between Cena and Styles before he gets Pele kicked and rolls out the ring. Styles charges Cena and is met with an AA. Cena goes for the pin and the ref counts. AJ kicks out at 2!



Styles rolls out of the ring and that’s when Super Cena comes out. Attitude Adjustments for everyone!

Cena turns around and finds a Phenomenal Forearm waiting for him.


Styles turns around and falls victim to a Super Kick!


Ziggler with the pin on Styles and the win!


Dean Ambrose comes out to puff his chest, or as the young dudes say, ‘flex’ on Ziggler. He holds his title high and talks a little smack. This will be SmackDown LIVE’s main event come SummerSlam!


The Commish and the GM come out to congratulate Ziggler and hype up the match. Good show for the B squad! You weren’t gonna top Bálor and Banks winning last night so you do what you can. Excited for the New Era!



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