NXT (7/20/16)

Big show tonight you guys and that’s for several reasons. No, not ‘Big Show’ (the guy who got drafted ahead of Paige and Cesaro) but an important show nonetheless. We have 3 main event caliber matches scheduled for tonight, 2 of which will be the last for several competitors in NXT. The WWE draft was last night and if you haven’t heard, Nia Jax and American Alpha were called up along with Finn Bálor, Mojo Rawley, Carmella, and Alexa Bliss. This has become a farewell episode or what have you. Let’s get to it.

Samoa Joe Vs. Rhyno


The champ is here and ready to fight. This isn’t a title match but there is a lot at stake. Rhyno has been MIA for quite some time and it would be devastating if he just waltzed right in and beat the champ. It doesn’t seem likely but stranger things have happened.

Corey Graves calls it a battle between two super heavyweights. Now I’m not sure how much either man would appreciate that statement but the proof is in the pudding. These guys hit harder and they strike to finish. They don’t want to mess around chasing some goat-faced kid around the ring all night. A slow pace seems fitting in this one and they start with a tie up.


Rhyno starts things off, looking to bounce off the ropes and run through Joe as he does most of his competition. Contrary to the name, Joe is anything but average. He beats his chest and mushes Rhyno right in the face, reminding him just who he is. Rhyno tries again and this time is able to put Joe on the mat with a stiff shoulder.


Big heavy blows are traded until Rhyno hits a Belly to Belly Suplex. Joe finds himself dazed in one corner with Rhyno gearing up for a Gore across from him. Rhyno rushes but Joe counters with a kick. Rhyno would manage to withstand a flurry of chops and send Joe back into the corner. This time when Rhyno rushes, Joe just spikes him.


If you’ve been watching Samoa Joe on NXT then you know what comes next. Joe takes a minute to look down upon Rhyno. He relishes every moment. He grabs Rhyno and applies the Coquina Clutch. Ain’t nobody poppin’ out of that! Rhyno taps before he passes out. Game over.


Asuka Interview

Asuka is not a woman of many English words but she gets her point across. When asked who she would rather defend her title against between Nia and Bayley, the NXT Woman’s Champion kept it short and sweet.

“I fight Bayley. I fight Nia. I fight both.” – Asuka


American Alpha Vs. The Authors of Pain

Is this a rivalry? I want to call it a rivalry but I’m just not sure. The Authors of Pain are really just two big guys that for some reason like to bully American Alpha. I know they’re new here but they should’ve gotten the memo: “Don’t Be a Bully, B.A. Star!!!” Right? Because that’s kind of what WWE does, but when have they ever practiced what they preached? I don’t know, that’s beside the point.


The point is that American Alpha is making their way down the ramp! Weighing in at a combined 400+ pounds and — hey! That is NOT how this is done. Bad Authors!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m not even sure that there will be a match seeing as Alpha is out cold right now. Maybe a commercial break will help? Let’s see.


So the match is on! Alpha would regroup and even clear the ring of these HUGE book writers. They hold a writer’s convention with their leader, Paul Ellering. I mean, these guys are straight out of 1988 and if you know Paul Ellering it makes a lot of sense! I wasn’t yet alive in 88′ but I’ve played a VHS or two of some Ellering footage in my youth. That man is a genius.

Back to the match. American Alpha showed some resiliency even getting into the ring with these gym rats. In order to fight fire with fire, Alpha had to bust out the suplexes and boy were they impressive!


Even with these huge suplexes, these big nameless thugs were kicking out at one! Alpha had no idea how to handle them, until Gable threw on an Ankle Lock. Nameless Guy #1 reached for the ropes and ended up grabbing Nameless Guy #2 instead. Before #1 could get pulled out the ring, here comes Jordan to save the day!

The fight continued outside the ring. The ref is more worried about restoring order than counting anyone out. Gable gets slammed into the LED board on the side of the ring and Jordan takes a dive into the stairs. The ref checks on Jordan and The Authors of Pain finish off Gable. They have sort of a JBL clothesline meets early 90s Bret Hart leg sweep thing. Their size makes it convincing.

We know what’s next for American Alpha, but what’s next for The Authors of Pain?


Dash & Dawson Interview



What’s next for The Revival? Well they think they deserve a thank you from The Authors of Pain for softening up American Alpha. First ever two time NXT Tag Team Champs and they’ve beaten just about every worthy team. Every team except for Gargano & Ciampa. G&C have actually beaten them before and are next up to try and do it again.


Hideo ItamiItami.png

Remember the small, foreigner fella that went around kicking everything in sight? the fans LOVED him! No, not Finn, the guy that was here BEFORE him. I mean, it’s easy to speculate what could have been but that’s not what this is about. Hideo Itami returns in 2 weeks.

Austin Aries Vs. Patrick Clark


Well, congratulations are in order! Patrick Clark has made it from WWE hopeful to NXT Superstar! And it ends there. He has no chance against Austin Aries. Size does matter but not as much as talent does. Aries makes quick work of him.

Aries didn’t immediately break his hold but he would eventually. His heel swag is currently on fleek. Yep. I sound like Mauro Ranallo now. It’s cool. So No Way Jose is still upset about being blindsided last month by Aries and he wanted us all to know. He came out to exact a modicum of revenge. He got a few really good shots in as he chased Aries around the ring and up the ramp. Aries was able to flee into the crowd. A bunch of officials  were able to grab Jose before he could jump the railing. Aries/Jose coming soon?


Bayley Vs. Nia Jax


In the third installment of Bayley Vs. Nia Jax, expect something different. Bayley gave it her all in order to win the first one. Jax was in full control in the second one, and in this last bout, both know each other very well and will bring their A game.

Bayley comes out hot. She’s aggressive. She’s striking and stringing together moves. The only problem is that it only takes one punch from Nia Jax to even things out.


Nia Jax is having her best match yet! She’s all over the place telling a story with her body that no woman at this level has done before. She gets stuck in the ropes, she runs herself into the stairs, she nails  Bayley with a sweet Jackhammer and that wasn’t enough. Both of these women have left it all on the table. Jax is stunned but she has one final idea.

With Bayley still laid out from the Jackhammer, Nia bounces off the ropes thinking a leg drop would end it. Before she reaches Bayley, she has a change of heart. Instead she drags Bayley over to a corner and climbs to the second rope. I think she’s going for a splash. Bayley was playing possum. She jumps up, climbs up, and lands a Bayley to Belly from the second rope. Bayley goes for the cover and gets the three count, a present from the departing Jax.

Another week, another great show. Congratulations to those called up to the main roster and Bayley, you’re ours forever.




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