NXT 7/13/16


It’s here! Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. Finn Balor will happen TONIGHT!!! There is so much pressure on these guys to put forth a tremendous effort and show the world what NXT is all about. I think it will be at least meet expectations. Let’s get to it.


The Champ is Here!!


No, not John Cena but Samoa Joe! We start our show with some passionate and fiery words from the NXT Champion. There’s been a lot of rumors and speculation regarding whoever comes out on top in the Balor/Nakamura match. Joe knows. He’s heard it from the crowds and on social media. He’s heard it from the guys in the back. People believe the winner of this match is the number one contender and Joe is here to speak on that.


Joe tells us all to calm down and not only remember who he is but to understand what that means. As it pertains to Balor, he’s bested him on multiple occasions already here at NXT. He took his title and he retained it against him as well. He can and will do it again if need be. As for Nakamura, Joe has no problem leaving him in a pulp. Joe claims that HE was actually the one who brought Strong Style to NXT and we all seem to forget that. If Nakamura is the ‘King’ of strong style, then Joe is the Emperor. He is a warrior and he’s ready, willing, and Gable to take on anyone.

An Unruly Guest

As Joe is calling out the NXT Universe (I like what I did there) for being hypocrites, he is interrupted by the current Emperor of Interruption, Rhyno.



Rhyno disappeared from NXT and WWE for several months. Who knows where he’s been and what he’s been up to? He returned last week, obliterating 3 of 4 men involved in a tag match (the 4th managed to run away). When asked why he was here at NXT he gave the cameraman a Marshawn Lynch face like, “You know why I’m here.” This week we may be getting a more definitive answer. Rhyno steps into the ring and addresses Joe’s warrior claim. He asks for a match with the champ, to which Joe scoffs at. Joe leaves the ring and as he backs down the ramp tells Rhyno he’ll beat him up later, when he’s ready. The champ holds the title high and walks out.



In any combat sport, the moment before a big match is a great time to break some news. All eyes are locked in on the screen and hearts are prepared for an epic bout. NXT utilized this time to break some news of their own. Three matches are announced for next week’s installment. They are listed below:

Bayley Vs. Nia Jax


American Alpha Vs. The Authors of Pain


Samoa Joe Vs. Rhyno


Well make sure you’ve paid your $9.99 (plus tax) because it’s gonna be a good one next week!

The Main Event: Nakamura Vs. Balor


The lights are dimmed and our two competitors enter the ring. Balor first, followed by Nakamura. Balor left the demon behind for this one. No need when you’re facing someone you consider a friend. The crowd seems to be in Nakamura’s corner from the jump. As soon as his music hits, everyone loses it and harmonizes the melody in unison. The bell rings and the lights hit. The match is officially underway.


The two tie up in traditional wrestling fashion. They trade arm bars and headlocks until Balor gets a good grip on Nakamura’s head. He won’t let go and Nakamura has to force him to the ropes to break the hold. Once broken, Nakamura is up to his same old shenanigans, playing with the mind of Balor by resting his head on his chest and swinging his arms. Balor quickly turns the tables by putting Nakamura against the ropes and giving him a little ‘too sweet’ action on his forehead.


Nakamura takes exception and the friendly sparring becomes a more competitive battle. Not quite a war but kicks and knees start coming out. Nakamura lays some crazy knees to the back of Balor’s head. Balor shows us some more innovative offense revolved around Nakamura’s left leg and knee.


The crowd chants, “This is wrestling,” and it’s still anyones battle. After a burst from Nakamura, Balor launches an all out assault of kicks to the face that leads the two outside of the ring. Balor gets Nakamura back in the ring and the two would trade crazy submission holds. Balor would use a leg lock unlike anything I’ve ever seen and Nakamura would jump, flip, and roll into an armbar that he would transition into a triangle hold. Balor lands a reverse 1916 which almost had Nakamura beat. The same can be said the other way when Nakamura lands a Kinshasa to the back of Balor’s head. These aren’t two counts, they’re 2 and 3 quarter counts.

Balor goes for a traditional 1916 but Nakamura gets ahold of Balor’s leg. They exchange blows in the middle of the ring. Balor would hit Nakamura with a flurry, and Super Kick his left knee for good measure. Nakamura has been limping the entire match but it’s now or never. Balor has other plans. He kicks Nakamura into the corner and sets up for the Coup de Grace. Before he can drive a single foot into his opponent, Nakamura rolls out the way. He jumps up onto the second rope and flies off hitting Balor with a knee. He races back to the corner and sets up.


The crowd is into it and Nakamura is ready to strike. He dashes full speed into Balor and nails him with the Kinshasa!


Shinsuke Nakamura is victorious in this epic bout. It lived up to expectations, but it wasn’t quite Nakamura/Zayn. That was a whole different level. Great show all in all.



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