Impact Wrestling 7/12/16


Tonight is Destination X! What does the X Division have in store for us? What’s next for Matt Hardy? Will we see The Miracle? Who will walk away with all the gold?

The Final Deletion: Aftermath

Although Brother Nero was deleted last week, we start off seeing him have a nightmare. In his dream he’s wrapping duct tape around his head. He wakes up at home on his couch in a panic.


Over on the Matt Hardy side of things, we see Matt walking around the battlefield. He’s collected all of Jeff’s things in a garbage bag. He comes up to the boat he hid under when Jeff was shooting fireworks at him. He thanks it for protecting him asks it if he can use its services, and even names it! Matt gets in the boat and says he will bury the last material possessions of Brother Nero. One of his drones flies by bringing him Jeff’s shirt. He thanks the drone and adds the shirt to the bag. He drops the bag into the lake and watches it sink. Isn’t that littering?


X Division Ladder Match (Rockstar Spud Vs. Braxton Sutter Vs. DJZ Vs. Mandrews Vs. The Helms Dynasty)


The letter X is literally hanging from above as the competitors arrive on the scene. From the very beginning, Mandrews and DJZ are flying all over the place. As expected, a lot of high risk maneuvers and crazy shenanigans. There was a moment where Trevor Lee got caught in between two ladders and a boot to the groin. Lee was really out there risking it all.


After Lee took a crazy spill from the top of a ladder in the ring, to the heads of his opponents outside the ring, DJZ is able to climb the ladder untouched and unbothered to retrieve the X.


DJZ Witnesses A Miracle


After DJZ wins the match, he gives a passionate speech about how hard he’s been working and the time he’s put in. He tells the crowd and us at home that we’re looking at the next X Division champion.Wham. The first strike of the night. Mike Bennett sucker punches DJZ and totally kills his moment. He grabs a microphone and reminds us of what he said last week. He will be destroying this show. That means that this won’t be the last time we see he and Maria out here.




Ethan is still looking to throw hands with Drew Galloway. He doesn’t want a match, he wants a fight and he’s ready — tonight.

Dixie Carter Has News!!


Dixie is here and she’s got news. In a backstage interview she spills the beans about the day change and time. Impact Wrestling will be back on Thursday nights at 8E/5P starting July 21. She’s also here to dish on the Bound For Glory Playoffs. They will begin on July 21!

Champions Face Off


Lashley and Eddie Edwards face off one last time before their match tonight. Lashley expects Eddie to back down but The Wolf doesn’t have that in his heart. Lashley would end up blindsiding Edwards and powerslamming him. Lashley grabs a chair and seeks to do some serious damage to Eddie Edwards. Out of nowhere we see Davey Richards! We haven’t seen him in quite some time and he comes to the aide of his partner. The Wolves toss Lashley out the ring and he is furious. Richards straps the World Heavyweight title around his buddies waist. With Richards in play, does Edwards have the advantage going into the match? Will The Wolves come out together? We’ll see in due time.




Abyss and Crazy Steve are still ticked about seeing Rosemary kissing all over Bram last week. The two meet in secrecy and plot. Operation Eliminate Bram is a go.

The Final Deletion: Deletion Completion


Hardy Cinema is hosting a viewing of The Final Deletion. Matt invites a bunch of people over and calls for Reby to bring in Maxel. Their house is like something from Goosebumps or Scooby Doo. Reby pulls a book that swings open a bookcase revealing Maxel’s room. She puts him in a sling and slides down a pole to the theater room. The group watches the cooky match and Matt hails Maxel the heir to the Hardy name. He holds up his child and there’s a quick flash of that xylophone, people are chanting, “deletion completion,” and Matt has lost what little sense he had left.CrazyMatt.png

The Monster Abyss (w/Crazy Steve) Vs. Bram


Bram is almost as big as The Monster Abyss which is saying something. The two behemoths go blow for blow until Abyss hits a Chokeslam. Rosemary, who for the first time in a LONG time didn’t come out with the guys is out on the ramp.


Her arrival distracts honestly everyone but Bram has common sense enough to at least try to finish the match. He’s able to sneak up on Abyss and roll him up from behind for a three count. Bram exits the ring and Rosemary walks right up to him. Will they kiss? Will she leave with him? Will Bram join Decay? She gently puts her hand on his chest and they look each other in the eyes. Bram steps to the side and walks around her leaving all of Decay in disarray and wondering, what’s next?



4 Way Knockouts Championship Match (Sienna w/Allie Vs. Jade Vs. Marti Belle Vs. Gail Kim)


Gail Kim has absolutely no patience today. She runs up the ramp interrupting Sienna’s entrance and starts the brawl. The bell rings but Gail isn’t here for a match, she’s hear to fight. She strips the belt from Sienna and tries to hit her with it. Sienna counters. Meanwhile in the ring, Jade and Marti are going at it again. Allie came out with Sienna but she’s been playing the background since she saw Gail running up the ramp. That would all change. After a Doomsday Device gone wrong, Marti Belle is the last woman standing. She lands Protect Yo Neck on Jade and is able to counter Sienna’s attack with a boot. Gail has gotten up and hits Eat Defeat on Marti Belle and goes for a cover. Allie wisely puts Marti’s foot on the bottom rope and gets the ref’s attention. The referee is forced to break the count. Gail figures out what happens and she’s looking to exact some revenge on Allie. She bounces off the ropes and gets ready to fly. Before she can make her move she’s knocked into next Thursday by Sienna. Sienna hits her with The Silencer which is just a really suck finisher but she’s a tad bigger than the other girls so I guess that’s supposed to sell it. Three count, she retains, Allie shrieks. Allie must idolize Vickie Guerrero.


The Final Deletion: Last Supper


The Hardy family (Maxel, Reby, Matt….all tree of y’all) are sitting for dinner. Maxel is being asked to pass things and Reby is declining his little outreached hand as if he’s offering food. Soooooo he’s a grown up now? Matt wants green beans but there aren’t any so he asks the server/hostess to make some post haste. He also speaks to her in Spanish until she tells him she’s Romanian. He dismisses her and tells her not to bring back mustard because I guess he doesn’t like mustard. Reby gives a toast and Matt approves. Matt says that tomorrow on Impact, he’ll be making sure that Brother Nero is officially and publicly deleted. He then gets stuck saying, “DELETE,” until we go to commercial.


Lashley Speaks


Lashley is still upset about what happened earlier. He claims he could’ve taken Richards out but he let him live. He wants Richards at ringside to witness the destruction of his partner and the devastation of the X Division.

The Hardy Segments Are Always LIT


The Hardy Family is here! Matt comes out proud of last week’s accomplishments. He wants the crowd to see what he’s done to Brother Nero. He stripped him of his paint, his music, and his soul. He asks Reby to bring him out. Reby announces Jeff as Brother Nero from a place even worse than Parts Unknown; DELETION. Jeff comes out in street clothes with no music, no paint, and no energy. As he walks down the ramp, Reby yells, “Obsolete,” at him every few steps.


He gets right outside the ring and stops. Matt tells him that he’s terminated his contract with TNA and that Brother Nero can never wrestle again. Not for McMahon or New Japan Pro Wrestling. Matt tells his brother that he owns him. He will keep him as his assistant and use him as his obsolete mule. He tells him that deletion is a worse punishment than death and dismisses him from the ring. Matt owns the Hardy brand and all intellectual properties tied to the name Hardy. Matt gets stuck saying delete again before he gathers up his family and leaves the ring.


DJZ: The DJ That Don’t Play


We finally see Mike & Maria again and they’re up to no good. They’re backstage looking for Eddie Edwards. Maybe it’s an ambush, maybe it’s just a distraction. Either way it doesn’t matter because DJZ is here too! He steps right up to Mike and challenges him to a match. He’s clearly still fired up from The Miracle’s assault earlier. Surprisingly, Mike accepts the challenge and the match will happen tonight!

DJZ Vs. Mike Bennett (w/Maria)


DJZ is a smaller guy with a lot of heart and it shows in this match. He’s taking a beating after already taking a beating earlier in the ladder match. Mike is hitting him with Cutters, and Spinebusters, and fists. Somehow, DJZ musters up enough fight to put Bennett on his heels. Bennett takes a flurry of kicks, punches, and a Hurricarana outside the ring. DJZ is positioning himself to fly when Bennett retreats up the ramp. He decides he’s done with the match. He abandons the match AND Maria but before he can get too far, the entire X Division comes out and forces him to back in the ring.


With his focus on the guys outside, DJZ manages to roll him up inside the ring for the win. The Miracle is furious. He takes a microphone and whines about his reality. He’s still on a mission to burn TNA to the ground and now he appears to have a partner in crime. No, not Maria, but the way he’s talking it must be an outsider.


Drew Galloway


Drew is ticked that TNA won’t sanction a match between he and EC3 so he figures why not just get in the ring and fight? Can’t blame him for that idea.

A Miraculous Phone Call


Mike gets on the phone with someone and he tells them to get there as soon as possible. He’s visibly frustrated and ready to wreak some more havoc. Who is this mystery caller? This is like nWo 2016 over here. Maybe it’s one of his ROH buddies. Will The Miracle succeed in destroying tonight’s Main Event? He’s already FAILed at ruining the night as a whole.

Galloway & EC3


THIS is how you build a rivalry. Galloway comes out in street clothes and calls out EC3. Ethan at least hopes they can be friends again somewhere down the road, but for now he’s ready to fight! It gets on and poppin’ before anyone in the back can say otherwise. No ref because this is not a match. Chair shots, stiff clotheslines, and steel posts are all fair game. These two throw everything at each other and the brawl moves to the back. Superstars and officials are on hand to break up the fight. This is not the end people. The war has just begun.

The Wolves Are Ready


Davey and Eddie are having a conversation while Davey tapes up Eddie’s hands for him. Davey asks Eddie if he wants his tape submission style or knockout style. He asks for knockout style. Davey tells Eddie that he’s still not 100% but he’s ready to get back in the ring. He calls Eddie family and tells him he’ll be there for him at ringside.

Eddie Edwards (w/Davey Richards) Vs. Lashley


This is a great match! Two savvy vets going at it for all the gold. Power vs. Finesse, Flyer vs. Slammer. It gets to a point where both guys are visibly worn down. Lashley hoist Edwards up on his shoulder and the ref gets knocked down. Lashley lands a Powerslam and goes for the cover but there’s no ref! He decides to really punish Edwards. He leaves the ring and looks at both titles on display.


He grabs his Heavyweight title and brings it in the ring. Before he can even think to swing it, Richards is there to stop it. The Wolves hit that Super Kick Brainbuster combination and Richards runs out the ring. The ref rolls over and counts. Only two! Lashley is able to get a shoulder up at the last minute. I guess the match is over?Mike Bennett appears out of nowhere and takes out the referee. He grins at Eddie before pointing towards the stage. A familiar song blares out of the sound system. Is it REALLY him?


It is! It’s Moose! This guy was a BEAST in ROH! As a former NFL football player, he’s just now coming into his own as a wrestler and his contract with ROH is up.

Moose makes quick work of both Wolves and goes toe to toe with Lashley. Bennett low blows Lashley from behind and Moose spins him around and lands a HUGE clothesline. The Miracle by way of Moose has destroyed the Main Event.


Dixie Is NOT Amused


In a backstage interview immediately following the assault, Dixie is beyond upset. She says the fans deserve an end to this match and they will get it next week. A rematch without all of these outside interferences and shenanigans. Six Sides of Steel.


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