SmackDown 7/7/16

Yes!! We are starting to see the change already. WWE brass had a great idea promoting the lead writer from NXT to SmackDown. You can see his influence in the show already. I’d say that last week’s SmackDown was better than this week’s RAW. Let’s see what SmackDown has to offer us this week.

I love how the show starts. We see The Club goofing around in the back, Jericho getting mentally prepared for battle later tonight while looking for his blue scarf, Seth Rollins entering the arena and exchanging words with Jey Uso and Sami Zayn telling the world he’s ready for his match against Chris Jericho tonight. The hype machine is on and poppin’!


JoJo is in the ring to announce the first match and before she can say too much, Dean Ambrose’s music hits and he comes storming down the ramp. He apologizes to JoJo and says he wants to try his hand at ring announcing. She hands him the mic and he announces the first competitor for the night, Jey Uso.

Jey Uso Vs. Seth Rollins

Dean does a pretty solid job filling in for JoJo. Calling Jey one half of the amazing flying Uso brothers, and announcing Seth as 217 pounds of ego. The match starts and Ambrose takes a seat next to JoJo.


Jey and Seth are really going at it. Sliding and jumping, ducking and dodging. It’s a beautiful sight. Every time it looks like Seth is about to make a match altering move, Dean Ambrose speaks on the mic and distracts him. Dean even calls for a commercial after Jey flies and smashes Seth on the outside of the ring. Seth would eventually shake it off and land a Pedigree. 3 count. Rollins makes eye contact with Ambrose from Pedigree to pin fall.


Ambrose announces Seth as the winner and rushes the ring. Rollins slides out and backs his way up the ramp yelling at Ambrose to keep his distance. Dean replies, “I was only trying to raise your hand.”

Zack Ryder Vs. Sheamus

Zack Ryder has been on top of the world this past week. A win on NXT in tag team competition and pinning Sheamus on RAW has us wondering what’s next? A match with Sheamus. I guess the Celtic Warrior wants revenge.


The match starts and Sheamus is mad. He’s putting a hurting on Ryder. Slamming him and throwing him around like a rag doll. The two end up perched on the top turnbuckle. Sheamus is going for something brutal. Zack manages to fight back. He delivers a few shots to Sheamus who takes a gnarly spill and lands flat on his back in the ring. Zack Ryder sees his opening and lands an ElBrow and in an upset, defeats Sheamus!




After beating Sheamus, Tom Phillips is waiting for Ryder at the top of the ramp. He congratulates Zack on his win and asks him what’s next? Ryder jokes about needing Advil and ice but then gets serious. He wants the US title back. No, not the IC title, the United States championship. He feels that Rusev is a disrespectful person and the belt should be on someone with some decency. He officially challenges Rusev before walking off stage with an angry Sheamus approaching.

Rusev Responds


Rusev is furious. He feels disrespected that someone like Zack Ryder would challenge him and do it from afar. He brings up what he did to Titus O’Neil on RAW and says he’ll do the same to Zack. If Zack is a real man, a real challenger, he’ll challenge Rusev to his face on RAW. Let’s see what comes of this.

Becky Lynch Vs. ???


Cue music. Cue steam. Okay Nattie, go! Yes, Natalya interrupts Becky Lynch’s entrance and blindsides her before she’s even off the ramp. Heel Nattie putting in some good work. The smack talk during the Sharpshooter was a nice touch.

It’s A NEW Woods, Yes It Is….


We get a recap of the New Day/Wyatt feud and how it’s effecting Xavier Woods. We also see a clip from an interview Woods had on talking about the Wyatt Compound and why he has his reservations. Only fools rush in so maybe Xavier has a point. With that being said, he says he will be there with his partners to face the Wyatts.

How You Doin’?



Enzo and Cass are here! Of course they are. They’re here to explain why they helped out John Cena on RAW. Cass feels like if The Club can come out here and just beat up John Cena what’s to stop them from doing that to anyone else? They did it to protect the locker room. In a petty attempt to avenge being interrupted on RAW, The Club come out to interrupt Enzo and Cass. AJ calls out Enzo, leading to a match that will start right after the commercial break of course!


AJ Styles Vs. Enzo Amore


The match starts and Enzo shows AJ that he’s no scrub. Countering AJ and getting the best of him early. AJ gets tossed out the ring. In an attempt to take out the whole Club, Enzo almost kills himself trying to fly over the top rope. The momentum shifts. AJ gets Enzo back in the ring and starts working on him. Enzo gets his second wind and strikes back. He sits on the top turnbuckle when Karl Anderson gets on the apron. Cass pulls him down and he and Gallows take each other out with simultaneous Big Boots. AJ has had time to recover. He pushes the ropes and Enzo falls leaning forward. AJ takes him off the top turnbuckle and has him upside down in a compromising position. He lands Styles Clash and gets the 3 count. No post match shenanigans. Just a smirk from AJ.


The Blue Scarf


Jericho has been all over the arena looking for his blue scarf. He’s finally found it! Kevin Owens is just sitting in a random hallway smiling with the scarf wrapped tightly around his neck. He tells Jericho he was looking for a gift for his wife so he decided to try out the scarf. He’s made a mess of it and Jericho is enraged. He demands that KO pay him back for his $750 piece of fabric. KO reaches in his pocket and pulls out a handful of change and drops it in Jericho’s hand. Coins everywhere. Jericho demands one more quarter because dry cleaning is expensive. Owens gives him a green Jolly Rancher and says that’s all he has left. He wishes Chris well in his match against Sami later and tells him to enjoy the Jolly Rancher. Owens will be watching the match from ringside.


Who Threw The Potato Salad?

Miz gathers a bunch of Superstars and he’s furious. It’s about the food fight on RAW. He wants to know who hit Maryse with potato salad. Apparently she’s allergic to mayonnaise and he needs justice. The guys all laugh and Kalisto ends up challenging him to a match.


The Miz Vs. Kalisto

The Miz has had a lot of good matches since winning the IC title the day after WrestleMania. Are we being set up for another Miz WrestleMania main event? I doubt it, but he’s doing some of his best work right now.

Miz is bigger than Kalisto but who isn’t? This should be good. Kalisto as the flyer and Miz as the savvy vet that relies on his instincts. Kalisto sets the pace for the match. He’s flying around kicking and flipping and Miz can’t catch up. Kalisto makes one mistake and misses badly on a flying Corkscrew. Miz capitalizes and hits the Skull Crushing Finale. Miz is still awesome.


Sasha Banks Interview


Sasha still has words for Charlotte and Dana Brooke, and apparently the feeling is mutual! They step into her interview (share this post if that sounds familiar) with Legit style. Charlotte is literally dressed like Sasha, mocking her and shining up her title. She uses some pretty dicey language calling Sasha a Taco Bell Chihuahua and saying she gets her gear from the Nicki Minaj knock off Dollar store. Them is fighting words. Dana challenges Sasha to a match on RAW. Sasha wants to go now, but Charlotte makes her wait. Banks Vs. Brooke on RAW this Monday.


Make Darren young Great Again


This is big. Bob Backlund gave Darren Young his submission hold. This is awesome. A legacy. A torch has been passed.

Brock Lesnar’s SummerSlam Opponent will be…


Randy Orton. You probably knew that by now and I don’t know why it’s such a big deal. Amazing talents yes, but they haven’t been around. Orton has been injured and Lesnar is focused on UFC 200. This is the kind of thing that CM Punk was talking about. Not so much on Orton or Brock but on the WWE. This would have been even greater if it were a surprise.

The Golden Truth Is That We All Have Bills


In today’s bill paying segment, we see the Golden Truth, a ladder, and a $5 Sonic Boom Box. Even I’m saying it now. Wow. Anywho, R-Truth is looking at this meal that sits above him on the top of a ladder. Goldust asks him what he’s doing and why there’s food on top of the ladder. R-Truth tells him that he’s trying to conquer his fear of heights in order to win MITB. Goldust informs him that MITB was two weeks ago. Truth changes his whole stance and asks Goldust to get his food for him. Goldust obliges and asks Truth to save him a tater tot.

Sami Zayn Vs. Chris Jericho

Besides a wicked Moonsault from Sami Zayn, this match is just a formality.


It’s really all about Kevin Owens Vs. Sami Zayn at Battleground. KO does an excellent job on commentary and doesn’t even get involved with the match.


After Sami Zayn hits his patented flip over the top ropes on Jericho, he pounds on the announce table. Owens takes exception to this and throws water (maybe?) on him.


Zayn retaliates by throwing Jericho at him (which is a common thing these days) before climbing in the ring. Jericho and Zayn have another heated exchange which ends when Zayn lands an Exploder Suplex in the corner. Zayn sets up for the Helluva kick and Owens jumps up on the apron. Zayn decides to boot him instead. Jericho tries to capitalize and go for The Walls but Sami rolls through and pins Jericho for the win. Two Superstars, one stone.


Fight Owens Fight


After the match Sami celebrates in the ring. Chris Jericho doesn’t like that. He nails Zayn with a Code Breaker and leaves. Owens takes this as an opportunity to exact some revenge. He pounds away at Zayn and then hits him with a Pop Up Powerbomb. He stands over him and the show ends.


I LOVE the direction SmackDown is heading in. It’s officially a New Era but the draft hasn’t even started yet!


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