NXT 7/6/16

Bayley Vs. Alexa Bliss


What a way to kick off a show? Immediately, the crowd is in it. My guess is the winner of this match will be the number one contender. Bayley has always been a fan favorite and Alexa Bliss is coming into her own after ditching Blake & Murphy. Who ya got?


So the match starts off quick and Bayley has the advantage. One quick reversal and it’s all Bliss for the next five minutes. She’s throwing everything at Bayley. Stepping on her, taunting her, and slapping her around. Bayley would use the energy from the crowd to mount a comeback until Bliss hit her with a wicked forearm. The shot was so loud and hard, the referee had to momentarily stop the match to make sure she was okay.


Once the match was okay to start again, Alexa still in control, gave Bayley everything she could handle. She hit Bayley with a Chokeslam and for good measure landed Insult To Injury. She was setting up for a move from the middle rope when Bayley countered and took the match into her own hands. They would engage in a sequence of pinning combinations until Bayley would eventually catch Alexa slipping and nail her with a Bayley to Belly for the victory.



After the match, Bayley got on the mic and had a moment with the crowd. She voiced her frustration with losing the title, being injured, and losing to Nia Jax. Before she could speak more on Nia Jax, Jax decided to come to the ring so whatever Bayley had to say she could say it to her face. There was a bit of a stare down and words were exchanged. Bayley told Nia they should go again in a rubber match and Nia agreed. Looks like we’ll be seeing Bayley/Jax III in the near future.




This spot is reserved for a few clips of TM61 doing their thing. There’s a bit of legitimate hype here and I can’t wait to see exactly what these guys are capable of. For now, we watch the highlights from their few matches in NXT and say thank you I guess.

The Revival Interview


In an interview before the big 2 out of 3 Falls match, they’re asked if they’re afraid they’ll lose the titles as quickly as they regained them. Of course they’re not. Nothing but confidence and bravado from the champs.

The Hype Bros Vs. Blake & Murphy

It looks like Blake & Murphy are committed to making this tag team thing work because their out here trying it again against Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley. Blake and Mojo would start the match off as the legal men. Mojo would get the better of Blake when he hits him with a shoulder thrust flipping Blake and sending him into his corner. Murphy would aggressively slap Blake and tag himself in. Blake took exception to the tag and the two started arguing, totally disregarding the match at this point. Mojo Rawley tried to get their attention and they both told him to shut up.


There was a fraction of hope that this match would go on until an unforeseen force would interject itself….


GORE!!! Rhyno is back in NXT and he destroys everyone except Murphy. He somehow managed to get away. Why did Rhyno interfere and what are his intentions? Because he hit Mojo first, The Hype Bros technically win so Zack Ryder FINALLY has a check in the win column.


Balor Vs. Nakamura PROMO


As if we need any more reason to watch this match, they decided it would be swell to show us old pictures of a young blonde Balor and a scruffy headed Nakamura eating and hanging out. There are family photos, group photos, and a few wrestling photos sprinkled in. One more week you guys. One more week.


American Alpha Interview


When asked how they plan on winning, they admit that last time they were caught up letting The Revival dictate the pace and tempo. A longer match favors their endurance and stamina. They come Ready, Willing, and Gable.

Rhyno Questioned


A cameraman catches Rhyno out back and asks him why he’s back in NXT. Rhyno looks at the man with disgust and walks away.

American Alpha Vs. The Revival (NXT Tag Team Championship Match – 2 Out of 3 Falls)


These are two of the best tag teams in NXT history and it’s great to see them get this platform to shine. The Revival believe in good old fashioned wrasslin’. No Flips, Just Fists. American Alpha came up in traditional olympic style wrestling. This match will showcase awesome teamwork and storytelling. If you’re not a fan of technical wrestling I feel sorry for you.


Fall #1

They say we only use 10% of our brains. The Revival must always function at at least 15%. The plan is clearly to isolate and dominate. The target for the first fall was to pound on Jason Jordan and utilize quick tags to do so. Every time he tries to mount a comeback, they tag and take control. When Gable is finally able to get in the ring, Jordan’s left leg has already taken a great deal of damage. The sneaky tactics of The Revival are able to quell the fire that is Chad Gable and retake control of the match. Just when you think American Alpha is down and out, Jason Jordan finally gets tagged in! He explodes in the ring throwing The Revival around like the word lit. Both teams are in the ring now and Gable suplexes Dawson. Wilder hits Jordan with a cross body from the top rope but Jordan rolls through it and traps Wilder in an ankle lock. Dawson reaches for Wilder but Gable slides through the ropes and puts HIM in an ankle lock. Both members of The Revival are tapping out. One in the ring, one out. Fall #1 goes to American Alpha.


Fall #2

The teams reset and Jordan and Dawson are the legal men. They go back and forth trying for a quick pin. Dawson catches Jordan with a DDT while Wilder grabs Gable off the apron. Dawson is able to hook Jordan with an inverted Figure Four leg lock and Gable isn’t there to save him. The Revival have been working Jordan’s left leg and it pays off when Jordan taps out. The Revival get Fall #2.


Fall #3

We’re all tied up and on the verge of the end. Jordan manages to tag in Gable and now both Gable and Dawson are trying to end things. Roll ups and Schoolboys galore. Gable gets Dawson into his corner and Jordan gets tagged in. They go for Grand Amplitude and Wilder pushes Gable and catches Dawson. Then The Revival go for the Shatter Machine but Gable pushes Wilder and Jordan rolls it into a pin. Dawson kicked out at two and a half. Jordan locks in an ankle lock but Dawson flips him out of it. Dawson goes for the inverted figure four again and it has it in deep. Seeing his partner needing help, Gable climbs to the top rope and flies halfway across the ring to break the hold. Wilder runs in and Gable jumps at him causing both men to go over the top rope. Jordan and Dawson both struggle to regroup in the middle of the ring. Jordan tags in Gable and Dawson rushes him. Jordan is spent outside of the ring.

Gable tries to give Dawson a German suplex from the apron to the floor but Wilder is there to stop it.


Wilder climbs up on the apron and The Revival hit the Shatter Machine. On the apron though? Ouch!


Wilder pushes Gable’s motionless body into the ring and quickly jumps on Jordan while Dawson gets the pin for the third and final fall of the match. The Revival retains. Great show.



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