TNA 7/5/16

The Final Deletion (Act I)

The show starts off with an older Hispanic gentleman reading a disclaimer. Okay… Then the camera pans over the ranch in North Carolina. You know this has to do with The Final Deletion. Matt and Reby are throwing a lucha libre inspired birthday party for their one year old son Maxel. The same Hispanic man from the opening scene pulls Reby aside and asks her about Matt. They’re speaking in Spanish and there are subtitles. The man asks, “Is he sick?” Reby replies also in Spanish, “He’s not sick, he’s motivated, but today is not about Matt or Jeff. Today is about Maxel.” We see Matt sitting at the table with Maxel looking at gifts. Matt gets excited about a xylophone for some reason. Weird. Reby asks him what he got for Maxel and Matt says in that Matt Hardy way that his gift will be expunging Jeff Hardy from the family name. He asks Reby to ritualistically light Maxel’s birthday candle and tells the Hispanic man now identified as an assistant (Señor Benjamin) to prepare the ring for the match later. End Scene.


The First 30 Minutes

Maria and Mike sure know how to start a show off right. They come down Mike with X Division title in hand, and make it very clear that they want to cash in, right now, before Mike has to defend it again. Mike calls for whomever he has to talk in order to trade in the title for his match and out comes someone…


It looks like Dixie Carter is back from her little hiatus and she looks good! Some time off has done her well and she’s here to maybe give The Miracle what he wants? Not exactly. She wasn’t a fan of the way Mike’s match with Braxton Sutter went down last week and she wants to do justice to the X Division title. The only way she feels she can honor the prestige of this title is to have an Ultimate X match right here, right now. If Mike wins and retains, he’s free to cash in as he pleases next week.


Ultimate X (X Division Championship Match)


The competitors come out and it’s the usual faces. All the guys from last week. The one odd spot involved Braxton Sutter and Rockstar Spud. Spud took a boot to the face and dropped. He held his face and ran off to the back with one of the referees. He did not return to the match.


Of course there were flips and kicks and climbing, but what made this match interesting was Mike Bennett’s lack of well…..everything! He played the sidelines as much as he could, he attempted no high risk moves, and he only tried to shimmy his way to the championship maybe twice. When he failed to stay on the wires he decided to look under the ring and try using a ladder. Just 10 minutes ago he was proclaiming himself the greatest X Division Champion ever and NOW he can’t even climb a rope. After Trevor Lee, Braxton Sutter, and DJZ jump on everyone, and Mandrews hits a backflip off of the scaffolding.


Things get amped. There’s an all out war that ends with Eddie Edwards and Mike Bennett as the last two standing. Eddie is working his way across the X in a more traditional manner, as The Miracle climbs a ladder. Eddie kicks the ladder over and grabs the title. New champion! After the match, Eddie Edwards is asked in an interview if he wants to exercise Option C at Destination X. He’s still high on getting the title back. He says he has to give it some thought.



Galloway Vs. Ec3?

In footage from last week, we see EC3 and Drew Galloway arguing over the past month’s events. EC3 thinks Galloway is an undeserving crybaby and Galloway sees EC3 as an unwanted pest that keeps interfering in his title matches. The two duke it out in the parking lot until a bunch of wrestlers come break it up. Both Superstars ended up being suspended this week to get some time to cool off.


James Storm Vs. Eli Drake (King of the Hill Championship Match)

James Storm and Eli Drake bring last week’s energy into this week’s programming. Drake brings his belt and James brings his beer. The veteran is tossing Drake around and in full control of the match. Drake grabs his title and asks the ref to disqualify him. He wants nothing to do with The Cowboy. The ref manages to wrestle the belt away from Drake and the fight continues. Storm eventually hits the Last Call but Eli Drake falls outside the ring. Storm at first waits and when he realizes Drake may be counted out, he slides out the ring and tries to drag Eli back inside the ring. The ref gets to 8 and Storm has to roll back in the ring and out to break the count. While Storm is doing this, Drake is grabbing the King of the Mountain championship. When Storm comes back to pick up Drake’s pieces he’s in for a rude awakening. Eli Drake attacks him with the title disqualifying himself. Drake loses the match but retains his title. He throws James Storm in the ring and hits him with BFT (Blunt Force Trauma) before gloating and leaving the ring.


Jade Vs. Marti Belle (Street Fight)

Marti brings with her to the ring a familiar friend — the baton she’s been using to attack Jade every week. There are trash cans full of weapons everywhere. The two Knockouts go at it with everything from kendo sticks to trash can lids to baking sheets!


After Marti receives the, “I’m-in-a-trash can-getting-the-stuffing-kicked-out-of-me” treatment, Jade goes for a Package Piledriver on top of the trash can. Marti flips Jade onto the trash can instead and goes for her baton. Just when Marti feels like she has the upper hand, Jade pulls out nunchucks.


The nunchuck proves mightier than the baton. Jade places a chair in the middle of the ring and plants Marti Belle on top of the chair with a Package Piledriver. Jade wins.


The Final Deletion (Act II)


Jeff Hardy walks into a house and picks up a guitar. He spots a drone floating outside the window. He opens the door and lets it in. Matt Hardy computerized voice yells Brother Nero a bunch of times until Jeff swings at it with the guitar. A hologram of Matt Hardy emerges. Hologram Matt tells Jeff to prepare for Final Deletion is soon. Jeff chases the drone out of the house and off the property.


You or Me, and Destination X


The Miracle has lost his title and his mind. After the match, he grabbed a microphone and had a few things to say. The audience at home didn’t see this until after the Jade/Marti Belle Street Fight. Maria wants answers and calls out Dixie Carter. Billy Corgan comes out instead. Maria is getting crazier by the minute and wants Dixie’s job. She says, “Dixie Carter, it’s either you or me,” as if Dixie would step down for Maria to be President. The Miracle has had enough too. He demands to be in the Main Event of Destination X, and says that if he isn’t, the couple will quit TNA. Billy Corgan interjects and calls them spoiled children. They’ve been handed opportunities and they haven’t followed through. Billy tells them if they want to quit, he’ll hold the door open for them. The Miracle must’ve had a change of heart because he says they won’t quit and instead, he will ruin Destination X. The entire show. Guess we’ll have to see what that means exactly.


The Final Deletion (Act III)


Señor Benjamin is hard at work. He’s tightening ropes, shoveling, and carrying fireworks. Yes, fireworks. Even Reby stops by and asks Señor Benjamin what he’s doing with all these things. He smiles and simply replies, “Preparing the battlefield for massacre.” Matt comes by with a bottle of gasoline. He asks Señor Benjamin to add that in the mix because it takes a lot to delete a Brother Nero.

The Destroyer Speaks

Lashley congratulates Eddie Edwards on his Ultimate X win and warns him that initiating Option C is not a good idea. Climbing and flipping is not the same as using your hands and fighting.


The Bromans & Raquel Vs. Decay

Jessie Godderz has been toying around with the backstage cameras lately and it looks like he’s caught some good footage that may help him and Robbie in their match against Decay. He tells everyone in the Impact Zone to look up at the screen, including Decay who are still coming down the ramp. Apparently, Rosemary and Bram were making out hot and heavy and Godderz caught it all on camera. The smooching caught Decay off guard and The Bromans were able to find an opening and take advantage. Decay never bounced back from the initial shock of Rosemary’s video and the Bromans were able to pull off the victory pretty easily hitting the Bro Down.



The Decision


Eddie Edwards stands in the middle of the ring ready to make his decision. Just before he tells us what his plan is, Lashley comes down to interrupt. I guess Lashley decided to voice his opinion to Eddie’s face, a bully tactic really. Eddie is not intimidated by Lashley and doesn’t back down. Lashley seems to have an even better idea than Option C. He tells Eddie Edwards not to vacate the X Division title, and to defend it against him in a Title Vs. Title match instead. Eddie accepts. After a cheap shot from Lashley, Edwards gets the best of the champ and hits him with a Boston Knee Party. A furious Lashley walks away and Edwards is left in the ring with both titles. Whoa. Didn’t see that coming.


The Final Deletion (Final Act)

A referee drives up to Matt Hardy’s ring. Matt tells him he saw him in a premonition and asks him if he’s a licensed official. Matt summons Jeff by playing a violin. Matt and Jeff go to their respective corners and the ref starts the fight.


Jeff comes out guns blazing and hits a superplex almost immediately. Jeff looks under the ring and finds what looks like a piece of fence. He throws Matt into it and goes for a pin. After a two count, Matt reverses an Irish whip and hits a Twist of Fate. Matt goes for a pin and Jeff kicks out at two. An enraged Matt Hardy grabs a Kendo stick and lays waste to Brother Nero. If that wasn’t enough, he takes a ladder and bashes his brain in. Matt starts choking his brother with the ladder screaming, “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!”


He throws the ladder and begins to bite Jeff, first on his fingers and then on his side. He goes for the Side Effect and Jeff counters and lands a Twist of Fate of his own. Jeff goes up top and lands a Swanton Bomb. Matt kicks out at two. Jeff sets up a ladder horizontally in the corner and plants Matt with a Twist of Hate. He puts Matt on the ladder and climbs a tree in the background. He gets mad high and crashes down onto Matt and through the ladder. Still only a two count. Both men are hurt but Matt may have moved just enough for Jeff to get mostly ladder. Matt slips out of the ring  under the bottom rope. Jeff walks to the ropes and Matt strikes him with a chair. Matt drops the chair for a better weapon.


Fireworks are now on display and Jeff is in running. When Matt runs out of ammo, it’s Jeff’s turn. Jeff chases Matt to a lake where Matt hides under a boat. Matt emerges and the two brawl. Matt gets Jeff in a sleeper hold and the two drop into the lake. Matt comes up and declares Jeff deleted. Suddenly, Nero (not Jeff) pops up out the water and strangles Matt with a parasol umbrella while laughing maniacally.


Just when it looks like Nero has Matt down for the count, Señor Benjamin runs to the rescue and uses a taser on a wet Nero. Brother Nero disappears. Matt grabs a flashlight. He finds Nero on the ground and calls over the ref. He pins Nero one, two, three. When he takes off his mask, it’s Señor Benjamin!


Matt looks all over for Brother Nero when suddenly Jeff attacks him in the dirt. He chokes him out and climbs this big sign hoping to end it all. Matt is starting to come to. He’s having flashbacks of all of his recent encounters with Jeff. Reby appears and hands Matt Maxel’s birthday candle. Matt uses it to light the sign his brother is standing on on fire. Jeff falls down and Matt capitalizes on this moment. He throws his brother in the sand and pins him, one, two, three. Brother Nero has been deleted.



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