Impact Wrestling 6/28/16

The First 30 Minutes…..

Maria Kanellis-Bennett, Mike Bennett, Ethan Carter III and Lashley walk into a ring. This isn’t the set up for a joke, it’s actually how Impact Wrestling started. The latter two names will be back in the ring later tonight when Lashley defends his TNA World Heavyweight Championship in a Triple Threat Match. How does ‘The Miracle’ fit into this equation? Well last week, he defeated Eddie Edwards for the X Division Championship and he wants in on the Heavyweight title picture. Like Austin Aries or Rockstar Spudd, Bennett plans on trading in the X Division title for a shot at the winner of tonight’s main event.


The guys actually IN tonight’s match have grown tired of Bennett’s claims and false sense of entitlement, especially EC3. All of the finger pointing and raucous in the ring brings Billy Corgan out from the back. He quickly settles things down by booking an X Division Battle Royale. The winner of that match (held tonight), will take on Mike Bennett for the X Division title.


Bennett is clearly upset and decides to take it out on EC3. He blindsides him and unloads a flurry of punches. EC3 gets the upper hand and returns some shots only to be laid out by Lashley. Bennett takes his X Division title, says a few words to EC3, and he and Maria bail. Out comes Drew Galloway. He manages to drop Lashley and sets up for a Claymore kick. Lashley moves and EC3 ends up catching a boot to the face. Lashley leaves and Drew will have some explaining to do when Ethan comes to.


Gail Kim Vs. Sienna (TNA Knockouts Championship Match)

The next TNA Hall of Famer Gail Kim would have a chance to add to her legacy with yet another title reign if she could knock off Sienna in the first match of the night. Maria didn’t come down to show support but Allie sure did. Gail had a pretty firm grasp on the pulse of the match until Allie got involved. The outsider is always a distraction. Jade had seen enough and decided that she would come out and even the odds. She pulled Allie off the apron and went for that Package Piledriver on the outside. Luckily for Allie, Marti Belle showed up to attack Jade again.


Allie used it as her chance to take a swing at Gail. She missed but Sienna didn’t miss when she threw all of her weight into Kim at full force with a new move called ‘The Silencer’. Three count. Match.


Eli Drake Hosts Fact of Life w/Guest James Storm


King of the Hill Champion Eli Drake has a pretty nice setup. He has his belt and he has his show. He has a button which he uses to call people dumb. This week he talks about how great he is (as usual) and invites Cowboy James Storm to the ring.


Drake first praises Storm for his tenure with the company, and then things get sour. He asks him where his gold is, what he’s doing with the rest of his career, and why he’s such a loser now. James Storm takes it all in stride and drinks it off. He challenges Eli Drake to a drinking game and gets the crowd to use his own words against him. Now everyone is calling Eli Drake a dummy and every time Drake hits his button, Storm is drinking. It got rather amusing. Eli eventually loses his cool, crosses a line, burns a bridge, and tells Storm to leave. Storm obliges but before he goes, he promises Drake a future ass whoopin’ and hits him with a Last Call.




Unfortunately we didn’t get to see Decay in action this week but we DID get to see some footage from BEFORE the show started and an interaction with former King of the Hill Champion, Bram. It seems that Rosemary and Decay have taken a liking to Bram. Will he fight the trio off or eventually….decay?


The Brother Nero Chronicles


The last time we saw Matt Hardy, Brother Nero was putting him through a couple tables. Hey Reby! Just saying hi.Well Matt has his lovely wife Reby Sky wheel him down to ringside in a wheelchair. Dramatic much? The crowd chants, “We want Jeff!” Matt says, “Of course you creatures want my brother Nero!” Matt yells about being responsible for all the success of the Hardy name and calls for ‘Brother Nero’ to come out. Out comes Jeff. Jeff has just about had it with his brother. He’s beaten him time and time again and all Matt does is ask for a rematch. So what do you think Matt asks Jeff for? Yep. Another rematch. He wants 6 weeks to heal before the match. Jeff accepts and Reby loses it. She grabs a mic and pretty much tells Jeff to stop encouraging this behavior by accepting matches with his crazy brother. Matt suddenly jumps out of the wheelchair and blindsides Jeff. He rolls him in the ring and brutalizes him, even hitting him with a Twist of Hate through a steel chair. He declares their match, “The Final Deletion,” and says it will take place in Cameron, North Carolina next week. Which Hardy will come out on top?


X Division Battle Royale & Title Match


You’d honestly think there were more X Division Superstars in TNA but apparently, no! There’s about 7 guys in the ring and it just goes to show how awesome these guys are. The Miracle and Maria are sitting with Josh Matthews and Pope in commentary to get a birds eye view of what’s going down. The winner of this match will face Bennett tonight for the X Division title. Eddie Edwards is looking like a favorite to win and DJZ is igniting the crowd. Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett are a team and that gives them an advantage. These are the key players along with Braxton Sutter. Rockstar Spud is the first eliminated, followed by Mandrews and DJZ. Eddie, Sutter, and The Helms Dynasty are all that’s left. At this point, Bennett is talking mad reckless on the mic. Eddie is flying but finds himself in a compromising situation. That’s when The Miracle gets involved. He grabs Eddie’s leg and is just enough of a distraction for Trevor Lee to eliminate him. The Helms Dynasty and Sutter remain.


Things are looking good for The Helms Dynasty. The numbers are in their favor, but Braxton Sutter is a fighter. He finds an opening and somehow manages to pull off the upset! Gregory Shane Helms is livid and orders his crew to dismantle Sutter, leaving him in a pile for The Miracle to pick apart.


The match started quickly and was over just as quickly. Sutter DID try to quickly roll up Bennett and steal a victory, but a fresh Mike Bennett hit the MIP and that was that. The Miracle weasels his way out of another true match and is now free to cash in that title for a World Heavyweight title match at Destination X.


The Tribunal Vs. Grado, Shera, and ???

Al Snow and his cronies are back for their weekly bullying of Grado and Shera, but this time Al will be in the ring as well. Before Grado and Shera can announce their third partner, The Tribunal attack them. So we’re still waiting as Shera and Grado get demolished. The one thing Grado mentioned to say before the clubbing was that he has a lot of faith in this guy and he’s real strong dude.


I guess it’s safe to say that he was telling the truth. Tyrus is a one man wrecking crew. He easily and convincingly takes out the entire Tribunal by himself for an easy W.

The Main Event: EC3 Vs. Drew Galloway Vs. Lashley (TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match)


Finally. The moment we’ve somewhat been waiting for. Who will win this match and defend the TNA World Heavyweight title against The Miracle at Destination X? We have arguably the top 3 guys in the company throwing haymakers at each other. EC3 was bleeding from his chest and the crowd was seemingly on his side the entire match. At one point he gave Galloway the finger. The match broke down when Ethan landed a TK3 on Lashley and set him up for The One Percenter. Drew Galloway ran in and hit EC3 with a Claymore which allowed Lashley to escape his clutches, roll out the way, and hit Galloway with a Spear. Instead of going for a pin, he waited until Ethan stood up and nailed him with a Spear too. Covered Ethan, 1,2,3. Lashley retains. Looks like we’ll be seeing The Miracle take on Lashley at Destination X.





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